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Chapter 2408: Are You Wearing It the Wrong Way

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Gina walked downstairs with the little baby in her arms.

Tears were twinkling in her large round eyes like an upset kitten.

When she saw Irina, her eyes lit up straight away.

She reached her arms out and made cooing sounds.

Irinas gaze softened and she reached her hands out to take Little Yayi from Gina.

Mag made eye contact with her.

Irina paused for a while and stroked Yayis head instead, saying with a smile, “Is this the child you brought back yesterday Shes rather cute.”

“Yes, Lady Boss, youre back.” Gina nodded with a smile.

“Shes Yayi and still cannot talk.

But it seems like she likes you a lot.”


“Are you making her food Ill carry her for a while then.” Irina smiled and reached out to take Yayi from Gina.

“Ill have to trouble you, then.” Gina walked towards the kitchen to prepare Yayis breakfast.

“Yiyayiya…” Yayi acted cute in Irinas embrace, as though she had temporarily forgotten about her hunger.

Taking care of a baby is a skill and not many people can do it well.

Firis, for example, could not.

She was a young lady at her prime but after a single night, not only did Firis have two additional dark circles around her eyes, but she was also looking sapped out of energy, as though she had been through a lot.

“Boss, Lady Boss.” Firis greeted them as she stared blankly at Yayi, who was in Irinas embrace.

“Bean… Firis, whats wrong” Irina looked at Firis in shock.

How did she become like this after just a night

“Yes, did you get scared yesterday” Mag asked with concern.

“N… no.

I just havent slept as I have to take care of her.” Firis shook her head.

After that, Firis even reminded her, “You have to be very careful when holding her.

Her body is very soft and she will get hurt easily.”

“Does Yayi kick up a ruckus when she sleeps at night” Mag asked in shock.

There were certain children who were quite a chore to take care of at night.

“No, she woke up once last night and after drinking the goats milk prepared by Big Sister Gina, she fell back asleep immediately and only woke up in the morning.

She slept very well.” Firis shook her head.

“Why were you keeping watch over her all night, then” Irina laughed.

“I… I was worried she would flip over and fall to the ground.

Her Highness told me to take good care of her…” Firis said embarrassedly with a blush.

“Firis must have been too nervous since it was her first time taking care of a child.

Ive actually set up a protective spell formation around her cot so even if Yayi woke up in the middle of the night, she would not roll off the bed.” Gina walked out of the kitchen with a milk bottle in her hand and passed it to Yayi.

The little one hugged the milk bottle and started sucking on it, enjoying her meal.

“Firis is very responsible.” Gina looked at Firis with a smile and said apologetically, “But its too hard on you to take care of a baby like that.

you should still sleep.

The little ones sleep very well so as long as their stomachs are filled, you dont have to worry about them.”


Ill take note next time.” Firis nodded embarrassedly.

“Firis, go have something to eat first then go back upstairs to catch some sleep.

Ill do the ingredients preparations for the morning.” Mag scooped up a bowl of tofu pudding for Firis.

“Youll be more energized after a rest.”

“Its… its alright, Boss.

I can finish my work.” Firis looked at Yayi and said, “Besides, I still have to take care of Little Yayi.”

“Alright, you should go and get some sleep.

I have nothing to do in the morning anyway.

You can leave the child to me.

She seems to like me a lot too,” Irina told Firis.

“You cant take good care of anyone in this state.”

Firis felt some sort of familiarity with the Lady Boss and nodded obediently.

After having her breakfast, Firis went upstairs to catch up on her lost sleep.

Yayi placed her milk bottle down with satisfaction after finishing two bottles of goats milk and lazed comfortably in Irinas arms.

“There is so much good food.

Cant she eat any of them” Irina asked Gina.

Goats milk might be good but it could never compare to Mags delicacies.

“Yayi is still very young.

Shes just a three to five-month-old infant and she only has three baby teeth.

There is a lot of food she cannot digest very well yet.

Therefore, its better that she sticks with goats milk for now,” Gina explained to Irina.

“When she grows up a little more, we can give her some food but not the kind that we eat.

They are too flavorful, so we have to make the food especially for her.”

Irina nodded thoughtfully and looked at Gina with respect.

“Gina, youre so knowledgeable.”

It was actually so difficult to raise a child.

She could not help but look at Mag with a gentle gaze.

Mag smiled.

Actually, he did not know much about raising a child either.

“Wheres Kiddo Isnt she awake yet” Mag asked Gina.

“She should be waking up soon.

But she has now learned how to dress and wash herself on her own, so she can come down by herself,” Gina said.

“Mummy, my throat feels uncomfortable…” Kiddo ran downstairs as she told Gina.

“Are you ill” Gina put her hand on Kiddos forehead anxiously.

She then made Kiddo open her mouth for her to take a look.

Kiddos throat did not look swollen or red.

“Should I try using my healing magic” Irina asked.

“I think shes wearing her shirt the wrong way around,” Mag said calmly after observing for a while.

The restaurant fell silent before laughter erupted.

Kiddo was wearing a flowery sweater today and its front and back looked similar.

However, upon closer inspection, one could tell that she had indeed worn it the wrong way around.

That was why she felt her throat was uncomfortable.

“Look at you, I told you to make sure you differentiate the front from the back.

How can you just put it over your head without making sure,” Gina said with a smile as she helped Kiddo wear the sweater correctly.

Kiddo pushed her head out from the neck hole after some effort and stuck her tongue out at Mag.

She even said with grievance, “Why must we differentiate the front and back on a shirt The neck hole is round.”

That did make some sense.

“Yayi, Yayi come play with me.” The little one set her eyes on Yayi after wearing her sweater correctly.

Yayi looked at Kiddo for a while and did not move.

She did not seem too willing.

“Come down, We can ride on the big cat together.” Kiddo grabbed Ugly Duckling, who was passing by, and swung her leg over to sit on top of Ugly Duckling.

Ugly Duckling paused.

It turned to look at Kiddo but did not dare to refute.

Yayis eyes lit up immediately upon seeing Ugly Duckling.

She waved her little hands and cooed, looking as though she wanted to get down immediately.

“Alright, go on down if you want to play.” Irina placed Yayi on the floor.

Elf babies were not as fragile as human babies.

Their bodies might be soft but they had no issue crawling around.

The restaurant had not opened yet and the floor was cleaned with magic last night so it is currently the cleanest playground for the children.

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