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Xiao Hanzheng was very supportive of his wifes suggestion.

“Alright, when we go to the capital, well take the initiative to counter act.”

Even if he had people in the capital, Zheng Tongfeng was still in the prefectural city, so there was no way they could carry it out.

Shi Qingluo nodded.

“Mmm, it just so happens that I want to watch the show as well.”

Without staying for a night, Xiao Hanzheng and a few of them went back to the prefectural city.

On the other hand, Qi Yiyang suddenly broke down a little when he heard that everyone outside was discussing about the womanizer.

He was even more thankful that he had worn a bamboo hat to cover his face.

Otherwise, it would have been too embarrassing.

For the next few days, he was determined not to go out.

Liang Hengyu did not expect that the impact would be so great.

It was fortunate that he did not have any ill-intentions on Xiao Baoli before.

Otherwise, it would have been too miserable for him to be like his cousin.

However, he still went out and befriended many examinees who came to take the countryside examinations.

This was the mission that the second prince had given him.

Liang Hengyu did not have the intention to fight for the position, but he was very supportive of his own brother rising to it.

This way, he could continue to be carefree.

After all, if his other brothers rose to the position instead, it would be good enough if he wasnt being suppressed.

During this period, he also met Xiao Hanzheng once.

When he realized that Xiao Hanzhengs attitude towards him was very cold, he guessed that it might be because of his cousin.

Or maybe Zheng Tongfeng ran off to save the damsel in distress.

His second brother and Xiao Yuanshi were the masterminds, which Xiao Hanzheng discovered.

He cursed Ge Chunru in his heart and was prepared to tell his second brother to stay away from Xiao Yuanshi after he returned so that he would not be tricked in the future.

Soon, the result release day arrived.

Shi Qingluo and her family accompanied Xiao Hanzheng to view the results.

Before the results were posted on the walls, the place was already very crowded.

They did not crowd around but went to the teahouse across the street to sit and wait.

Unlike other examinees anxiously waiting for their results, Xiao Hanzheng was very relaxed.

Shi Qingluo saw that he did not seem to care much and asked with a smile, “Arent you nervous at all”

Xiao Hanzheng replied truthfully with a smile, “Theres nothing to be nervous about.”

He then said confidently, “Other than the fact that Im not sure if I can get first place, theres no problem for me to get the zhongju.

It just that my ranking might vary.”

Shi Qingluo looked at Xiao Hanzheng and joked, “Old Xiao, if those anxious examinees outside hear your words, they will definitely hate you.”

Her young husband was bragging subconsciously.

At this moment, someone shouted from below, “The results have been released, the results have been released!”

Following that, the official came over with the results.

Shi Qingluo asked, “Should we go down and take a look”

Xiao Hanzheng smiled and shook his head.

“No need.

Someone will definitely announce the names of the top three.”

He could not bear to see his little wife go over and squeeze in.

Shi Qingluo laughed dejectedly.

“You became Versailles Xiao.”

Was this an affirmation that he would be able to enter the top three

Xiao Hanzheng did not understand.

“What does Versailles Xiao mean”

His little wife would pop out a few words that he did not understand from time to time.

However, she would only speak like this in front of him.

Shi Qingluo explained, “Its just to show off in a low-key manner.”

“Arent You Versailles Xiao now”

Xiao Hanzheng didnt know whether to laugh or cry.


He only felt that it was something that was within his reach, that was why he wasnt so excited and nervous.

Very soon, the list was out.

Someone shouted, “The first on the list is Xiao Hanzheng, hes top scorer.

“Its really Xiao Hanzheng.

My bet on him is right.”

“Ah, is not Qi Yiyang I even bet that Qi Yiyang is the top scorer.”

“Qi Yiyang came in second.”

“I bet…”

Before the results were released, all the major casinos in the prefecture capital had opened bets on which candidate would be the top scorer.

Although Xiao Hanzhengs cheers was not low, he was not the one who was being pressured the most.

The ones who were being pressured the most were Qi Yiyang from the capital and another young master from an aristocratic family, Tao Xian.

At this moment, Qi Yi Yang and Tao Xian were also in their private rooms, so they naturally heard those shouting below.

Both of their faces did not look too good.

They had always been aiming for the top scorer.

Who would have thought that Xiao Hanzheng from a small county would be able to beat them.

Liang Hengyu looked at his cousin who had a dark expression and could not help but say, “Cousin, go be the next top scorer during the hui exam.”

He was not in a good mood either.

He had gone to the gambling house to bet several thousand taels of silver that his cousin was the top scorer.

Qi Yiyang glanced at him.

“Youre thinking too much.”

He wasnt even the top scorer in Nanguang Prefecture City.

When it came to the hui examinations, all the talented people were gathered here.

No matter how confident he was, he did not have the confidence to be the top scorer.

It was just that he was not too happy about losing to Xiao Hanzheng.

At the mention of Xiao Hanzheng, he could not help but think of how much humiliation Shi Qingluo had caused him.

If not for the fact that everyones attention had been attracted by the release of the results since today, they would probably still be discussing about the womanizer.

His good reputation…

He couldnt help but ask, “Xiao Hanzheng is the top scorer.

I think it wont be long before he goes to the capital to continue with the hui examinations.

Do you think Shi Qingluo will tell Xi Rui and Liang Youxiao about what happened at the back of the mountain that day”

The relationship between the three public administration houses had never been good.

His relationship with Xi Rui and Liang Youxiao was even worse.

He even had a fight with Xi Rui when they were young because they didnt like each other.

That kid could not beat him, so he went to complain.

Then, he was scolded by his father.

He still remembered it.

Hence, they did not get along after that.

He could not imagine what would happen if Xi Rui and Liang Youxiao knew about the womanizer.

Liang Hengyu knew that his cousin cared about his face, so he comforted him, “It shouldnt be that bad.”

Qi Yiyang Sighed.

“Why not I think Shi Qingluo is not an easy person to deal with.

Shes very bad.”

Liang Hengyu shrugged.

“What can we do then If she really wants to talk about this, can you stop her from talking”

Qi Yiyang gritted his teeth.

“I want to.”

“Why dont I go and talk to her”

Liang Hengyu looked at Qi Yiyang as if he really had the courage.

“Talk about what”

Werent they afraid of being pranked again

“Of course were talking about it.

Tell her not to tell Xi Rui and the others about what happened that day.”

Otherwise, he couldnt afford to be humiliated.

Liang Hengyu raised his eyebrows.

“Shell listen to you”


Then she wouldnt be Shi Qingluo.

Qi Yiyang stood up and said, “I can negotiate with her.

After all, she seems to be quite trustworthy.”

She was the one who had promised not to say that he was a womanizer.

that day in the prefecture capital.

As expected, she didnt go and spread the word.

“It just so happens that they are in the private room next door.

Ill go look for Shi Qingluo.”

After saying that, he unhurriedly opened the door of the private room and walked out.

Liang Hengyu was stunned.

Was there a need to go so far just for reputation

He did not know why, but he felt that his cousins choice would be a trap.

In another private room.

When Shi Qingluo heard that top scorer was Xiao Hanzheng, the smile in her eyes deepened.

“Old Xiao, youre too awesome.”

“I went to the gambling house to bet 3,000 taels on you being the top scorer.”

Xiao Hanzheng did not expect his little wife to go and bet on him being first.

“Arent you afraid that Ill lose 3,000 taels if I dont get first place in the exam”

Shi Qingluo chuckled and said, “I believe that you can get first place.”

“Besides, even if you really dont get first place, then Ill just pay up.

It is rare that a thousand taels will make me happy.”

Xiao Hanzheng raised his hand and tapped her forehead.

“As long as youre happy.”

Mother Xiao, Xiao Baili, and Xiao Erlang were all very excited and happy that Xiao Hanzheng clinched the first place.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door of the private room.


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