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Chapter 1012: Youre A Beautiful Woman, But Youre So ViciousTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


A loud roar followed.

A stream of light bolted over at an extreme speed, slicing through the thick lava and producing a harsh sonic boom.

It didnt just stop there.

The surrounding lava even rolled up as if there was a force stirring it.

The scene was terrifying.

The expression of the man in the black gown changed.

Without thinking, he swung his battleax and slashed with a monstrous blue flame.


The two clashed violently and gave off a loud explosion.

Force exploded and surged towards the surroundings, sweeping the nearby lava away.

The man in the black gown retreated a dozen meters away in the aftermath before he could stop himself.

However, the hand which held the ax was trembling a little.

Wang Teng and An Lan had arrived.

The transformed Thousand Armaments Vessel was suspended in front of An Lan, waiting for an opportunity to fire.

“Heaven stage! Youre not Cao Hongtu!” An Lan stared coldly at the man in the black gown.

“Hmph!” The man in the black robe snorted and didnt respond immediately.

He looked at Wang Teng and said, “I didnt expect you to find a heaven-stage martial warrior! We have underestimated you.”

“Sinclamon!” Wang Teng scoffed.

“Oh” The man in the black gown was surprised.

He took off his hood and revealed his iconic bald head.

“How did you know”

“Your flames have exposed your identity.” Wang Teng sneered.

“All of you really think highly of me.

Two heaven-stage martial warriors Shameless.”

“Oh, youre wrong.

Cao Hongtu is enough to deal with you.

Im not here for you, but…” Sinclamon chuckled softly.

He didnt conceal his disdain and revealed the greed in his eyes as he stared at the green flame on Wang Tengs body.

“But now, the other things are not important anymore.

Its unbelievable for a planetary-stage martial warrior like you to possess a divine flame.

This is fate.

Fate of the heavens.

Now its mine.”

“Delusional,” Wang Teng said.

“What did you say” Sinclamons face stiffened, and he couldnt control the rage in his heart.

“Even if the divine flame is in front of you, you wouldnt be able to subdue it.

You are dreaming,” Wang Teng said disdainfully.

Sinclamons face was gloomy and cold.

He had to admit that Wang Teng was right.

Even if the divine flame was right in front of his eyes, he might not be able to lay his hands on it.

He was helpless.

He felt a little jealous when he thought about this.

Why couldnt he subdue a divine flame when a planetary-stage martial warrior like Wang Teng could


You dont have to worry about this.

Wait till I obtain a divine flame.

There will be ways to subdue it.” Sinclamon scoffed.

“Humorous!” Wang Teng mocked him as he turned and said to An Lan, “Ill leave him to you.”

“No problem.

He hurt my men and wanted them to be his slaves.

Ill see what hes capable of.

If I dont kill him, Im not An Lan.” An Lan was enraged as he glared at Sinclamon with killing intent.

The weapons transformed from the Thousand Armaments Vessel circled around him and were ready to strike anytime.

“I havent killed a mecha heaven-stage martial warrior before.

I shall try it today.” Sinclamon grinned.

An Lans eyes narrowed.

There wasnt any movement, but the Thousand Armaments Vessel had already vanished.

He wasnt idle either as he dashed out and attacked with a sword in his hand.

Sinclamon moved his ax with a solemn expression.

The blue flame in his body erupted and enveloped the ax as he condensed them into a powerful attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two sides clashed and kept rising in the sky.

Soon after, they rushed out of the swamp and fought in the sky.

“Cao Jiaojiao, keep an eye on Wang Teng.

Dont let him escape.”

At the same time, Sinclamons voice resounded from above.

Cao Jiaojiao looked at Wang Teng in the distance, and a charming smile appeared on her face.

“I didnt expect to meet again in a situation like this.

I have to thank you.

Because of you, I have to marry that bastard Andrais.”


Wang Teng was emotionless as he looked at Little White and the metal armor flaming scorpion.

He then heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that their lives werent in danger.

His cold gaze landed on Cao Jiaojiao.

Cao Jiaojiaos face darkened, her smile gradually disappearing.

“You shouldnt have offended us, let alone the Parkers family.

You have no way to survive now.”

She didnt do anything and just looked at Wang Teng calmly, like she was looking at a dead person.

“Its too early for you to be happy.

Do you think Sinclamon can fight against An Lan” Wang Teng sneered.

An Lan was not only a cosmos-stage divine spirit master, but he was also a heaven-stage martial warrior.

Could someone of his abilities not be able to defeat Sinclamon

Cao Jiaojiaos expression changed slightly.

She didnt know where Wang Tengs confidence came from.

The Parkers were generally powerful in combat and possessed special flames.

Ordinary warriors wouldnt be able to defeat them.

That mecha martial warrior was stronger than Sinclamon

How was this possible

However, Cao Jiaojiao wasnt intending to watch anymore and sneered.

“You should worry about yourself.

I couldnt do anything to you in Great Qian City, but here, a planetary-stage martial warrior like you wouldnt have the opportunity to jump around in front of me.

“Hand over the flaming river crystals and I might leave you an intact corpse.”

“You are a beautiful woman, but youre so vicious.” Wang Teng shook his head and sighed.

“You have a sharp tongue.” Cao Jiaojiaos face blackened as she pulled out a sword from behind and disappeared from her spot.


The next moment, she appeared in front of Wang Teng.

Golden Force burst out as she slashed her sword downward.

Cao Jiaojiao was a metal-element martial warrior.

Although she was a woman, her attacks were ruthless.

Her swordsmanship was excellent as well.

She couldnt be compared with an ordinary martial warrior.

Wang Teng was just a planetary-stage martial warrior.

Naturally, he wouldnt be stupid enough to confront her head-on.

A battle armor appeared on his body and wrapped him in an instant.

The Wings Of Wind And Lightning unfolded, and with a gentle flap, a thunderous roar reverberated.

He retreated for dozens of meters.

“Hmm” Cao Jiaojiao frowned.

She didnt expect Wang Teng to have such a burst of speed.

Her attack had missed.

“Those wings”

In an instant, she saw Wang Tengs reliance on those wings.

“Youre too naive to think that you can fight with cosmos-stage martial warriors by relying on a pair of wings.”

Cao Jiaojiaos speed rose drastically.

She wasnt much slower than Wang Teng and caught up.

Wang Teng wanted to get away from her and rushed out of the swamp and into the sky.

At the same time, the Golden Crescent Blade flew downwards with a point of his finger.

It slashed downward as the sound of metal echoed.

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