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Dianxia Qingcheng - Chapter 12

 Qi Changyi caught the cold that evening, and the high fever persisted overnight.

Li Yu ordered someone to find an imperial doctor, but the Ninth Prince was not favored, and even the servants dared not take him seriously.


 The imperial physician has been summoned long time ago, but no one has come.

There's nothing that people in the Living Quarters can do. 


 Li Yu could only take a damp cloth and wipe Qi Changyi's body little by little to reduce the heat.


 After struggling all night, Qi Changyi's body temperature gradually returned to normal.


 When he opened his eyes in confusion, the sky was already bright.


 The little man on the bed was haggard and looked like he was just recovering from a serious illness.

His knees and wrists were still red and swollen, and he was very weak and in poor health.


 He struggled to get up, and Li Yu hurried over to help him up.


 "Your Highness, your body is still weak, where are you going now"


 Qi Changyi swayed, "I, I have to pay respects to the Empress Mother."


 The time to greet her has long since passed.

Thinking of the strictness of the Empress, Li Yu couldn't help but sweat for his master.


 Speaking of which, the Fourth and the Ninth Prince's biological mother have long since passed away.

The Empress was kind-hearted and brought up the two small childs from childhood.


 It's just that the Fourth Prince has gradually grown into a dragon and phoenix, and he was outstanding and blessed.


 Bus as a failed Prince he (Qi Changyi) was sent to a corner of the palace and no one was paying attention to him. 


 When Qi Changyi hurried to the Empress' Living Quarters, he was stopped by the eldest maid at the door.


 The eldest maid took advantage of her power to bully others and said arrogantly, "Your Royal Highness, the time for greetings has passed, why did you come here"


 Qi Changyi said softly, "Good sister, please let me go in and meet my Empress Mother ."


 The eldest maid pushed away Qi Changyi, who was about to come forward, "Your Highness, it's not that I don't want to let you in.

The Empress has been feeling unwell recently and has already rested.

It's really inconvenient to see you now."


 Qi Changyi couldn't stand still, and after being pushed back by her like this, he staggered backwards and almost fell over.


 Li Yu on the side couldn't stand it anymore, even a maid in the palace dared to do something to His Highness.

He come over and slapped her with a palm of his hand.


 "You have some nerve! You dare to push the Prince, I think you don't want your hand anymore!"


 The eldest maid usually relied on the Empress' snobbery to scowl fiercely at people in various palaces.

But now she was beaten by a small eunuch with no reputation, and she was unwilling to forgive him. 


 Seeing that the two sides would fight immediately, the door of the hall suddenly opened, and a majestic-looking wet nurse walked out and scolded, "You all stop! You didn't even look at where it is, your impudence will not be tolerated! The Empress has an order, all those who are making noise in front of the hall should be pulled down to be beaten and receive fifty strikes from a big planks.

No mistakes! " 


 Several people suddenly quieted down, and the cry of the eldest maid rang out.


 Fifty large planks.

If light, one will lie down for a few months.

If hard one's life will be threatened.


 The guards pulled a few people to execute an order.

Li Yu walked away without looking away, he only smiled at Qi Changyi's pale face.

He had no brains, but everything what he did was always for His Highness.


 Qi Changyi was so anxious that he wanted to rush into the palace to beg the Empress, begg her to let Li Yu go.

But from behind the closed doors the Empress did not see him and even sent someone to take him out of her Living Quarters. 


 Qi Changyi stood outside the door, clenched his fists, turned and ran away.


 He ran all the way to the hall outside of the Morning Court, where the Emperor and military Officials were attending.


 Qi Changyi ran in a hurry, feeling dizzy for a while and he knelt outside the hall.

The slabs were cold and hard, and the old wound on his knees was aching, but for Li Yu, whose life was on the line, he had no other way.


 Fortunately, the Morning Court just ended, the door to the hall opened, and the officials inside walked out one after another.


 After seeing the Qi Changyi kneeling straight outside the hall, they were all stunned, then pointed at him and whispered.


 The last ones who came out were Zhao Litang and Pei Zheng.


 Just now, the two of them had a big quarrel in the Morning Court hall because of the barbarians in the southwest.

In the end, the Emperor unsurprisingly listened to Pei Zheng's suggestion and asked the barbarians to send envoys to visit the Heavenly Dynasty to discuss the marriage in detail.


 After seeing Pei Zheng, Qi Changyi's eyes flashed with hope, but the one who hurried towards him was Zhao Litang who looked nervous.


 "Your Highness, what happened, why are you kneeling here"


 After Qi Changyi finished emotionally narrating the matters, Zhao Litang looked at his pale face.

Feeling heartache he stepped forward to help him up.


 "Don't worry, Your Highness, I can come forward to intercede on your behalf, and the Emperor will definitely let Eunuch Li Yu go."


 Qi Changyi nodded lightly, he was in a daze, as if his whole body was on fire again.

And soon he saw that he was unable to stand.


 Before he could collapse, he fall into an embrace filled with a smell of sandalwood. 


 Pei Zheng stood behind him, his arms tightly gripped his waist.

In the public, he confined the weak little man in his embrace.


 Zhao Litang's eyes were slightly red.

He didn't dare to be close with Qi Changyi in front of so many people's eyes , but Pei Zheng actually dared to hug him directly!


 Then a cold and indifferent tone of the voice sounded, "General Zhao should pay more attention to the border when he has spare time.

The Emperor ordered me to teach and guide the Prince.

His matters are naturally for This Minister to worry about."




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