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Dianxia Qingcheng - Chapter 13

 Qi Changyi's high fever came up again.

His face was red and his eyes were dizzy, and he could only see the black robes all over his body.


 This is Pei-Gege's robe, Qi Changyi's weak hand grabbed the splendid and beautiful robe under him.


 Pei Zheng's cold voice sounded above his head, "Your Royal Highness really choose a good time.

In General Zhao's presence, you fainted in This Minister's arms.

Do you want to provoke him"


 Qi Changyi was muddle-headed and stuck out his tongue, "Pei-Gege, I didn't faint on purpose, it's my head that was too dizzy.

I'm so hot but also so cold.

It feels like there are little ants crawling on my body.

It's really difficult to bear."


 Pei Zheng grabbed his chaotic little hand, "Your Royal Highness, we still haven't reached the Living Quarters, you better conduct yourself with dignity."


 Qi Changyi looked around in confusion.

Pei Zheng was carrying him back to the Living Quarters.

Although the eunuchs, maids and guards on the way did not dare to stare openly, they were all secretly looking at the two of them.


 He felt ashamed afterwards.

He buried his face in Pei Zheng's chest, and said sullenly, "Others won't recognize me this way."


 Pei Zheng glanced at the gold embroidered robe that only princes could wear on him. Yes, but only if everyone else is as foolish as he is and won't recognize this robes. 


 Suddenly thinking of something, Qi Changyi raised his small face in Pei Zheng's arms.

Afraid of being heard by others he said in a soft voice, "Pei-Gege, you must save Xiao Yuzi, the Empress wants him to be beaten with a plank.

It's because of me, that he quarreled with that sister."


 Pei Zheng made an indifferent "en", and then hooked the corners of his mouth and smiled, "Your Highness, You can't just ask for help like this, you have to pay a price."


 Qi Changyi had a fever, and his whole carried warm body was like a small fireball. 


 He thought about it seriously, and then, like a little rabbit wagging its tail and begging for pity, he said in a pitifully soft voice, "Pei-Gege, you are my good brother, Yi'er begs you, I beg you."


 Hearing this voice, Pei Zheng paused, and the numbness spread throughout his body.


 This little fool is not only physically attractive, but even his voice is first-class and pleasant to the ear.

He is a bit brighter and more attractive than the most beautiful woman in the world.

what a scene.

He wondered what it would be like to listen to his soft voice begging for mercy between the bedsheets.


 Pei Zheng stopped and instructed Cheng Feng, the attendant behind him, "Take this token and go and rescue the little eunuch.

If the Empress wants to blame someone, just push it on me."


 Qi Changyi listened, then said worriedly, "That,...not..."


 Knowing that he was worried that the Empress would punish him, Pei Zheng interrupted him and said directly, "Just do it."


 Then he departed.


 Pei Zheng's footsteps were getting faster and faster.

Anyway, he has asked the Emperor to accept his appointment as the Prince's Tutor.

It is understandable that he would enter and leave his Living Quarters during the day.


 After entering the Living Quarters, Pei Zheng instructed his servants to go summon the imperial doctor in his own name.

He then put the little man in his arms on the bed with golden thread and rolling clouds bedsheets.


 As soon as Qi Changyi lay down on the cold bed, he consciously rolled and wrapped himself in the the quilt and kept trembling. 


 Pei Zheng looked at the curled little figure.

His heart shrank, he simply took off his official uniform, sat on the edge of the bed, and hugged the little man in his arms.


 Qi Changyi squinted his eyes halfway.

After founding the source of warmth, he rubbed against and climbed on Pei Zheng's warm body.


 Pei Zheng endured it, sweat dripping from his forehead, and ordered in a hoarse voice, "Come down."


 Qi Changyi hugged his waist, rubbed his little head around, and mumbled vaguely, "No, Pei-Gege is so hot, please help Yi'er warm up."


 He usually gets a little scared when he sees Pei Zheng, but now he is so confused that he dares to act like a spoiled child.


 Qi Changyi suddenly frowned and moved restlessly.

Then opened his foggy eyes, looked up at Pei Zheng half aggrieved and said, "Pei-Gege, do you have a knife hidden on your body "


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