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Dianxia Qingcheng - Chapter 19

 Qi Changyi was startled, his body shook a little, and the top of his head hit desk, making a "bang" sound.


 He was so in pain that tears came out, and he covered the top of his head pitifully.


 Why is the Fourth Brother still here Fortunately, he didn't go out directly, otherwise he would be caught.


 Pei Zheng lifted his eyelids and looked at Qi Changfeng.

His slender body was full of righteousness, and he looked cold and inviolable.


 Although Qi Changfeng and Qi Changyi look similar, their temperaments are certainly different.

If Qi Changfeng is a high mountain snow lotus, then Qi Changyi is a pretty and flirtatious red lotus.


 "It's nothing, it's just a little rabbit raised by Wei Chen.

Recently, he has been sick and has made a lot of trouble, so This Minister put him under the desk."


 When Pei Zheng said that, he panicked, but his face was not red nor his heart was jumping, "If the Fourth Prince doesn't believe it, just come and have a look."


 The man under him froze with obvious nervousness, and shook his head repeatedly while pulling on Pei Zheng's robe.


 You must not, what if the Fourth Brother really came over and see him, kneeling between a man's legs in a disheveled manner What a scandal! 


 Pei Zheng was sure that Qi Changfeng would ignore his proposal, how could the proud and noble Fourth Prince be interested in a rabbit.


 Sure enough, Qi Changfeng didn't move, just snorted coldly, "Lord Pei, who has always regarded human life as a grass, actually cares so much about a sick rabbit, which is really surprising."


 Qi Changyi was relieved to hear this. It's okay, the Fourth Brother believed it.


 Pei Zheng felt that Qi Changyi's body was slowly relaxing, and he couldn't help but smile.

He was really a naive and innocent little person, did he really think he was so safe


 While looking at Qi Changfeng, he moved his fingers under the desk, and after groping for the little man's slightly opened lips, he put his fingers in.


 "People should always have a preference, right"


 Pei Zheng said with a smile on the corner of his mouth, his fingers fiddling with the soft tongue.


 Qi Changyi held Pei Zheng's slender fingers in his mouth, and he didn't dare to make a swallowing sound, so he could only let a few silver strands slowly drip from the corner of his mouth.


 "Could it be that the Fourth Prince has to take care of the personal preferences of This Minister"


 The fingers that were entangled with the little tongue were moving relentlessly, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, with the sound of gurgling water.


 Qi Changyi couldn't resist being teased, and after his tongue was suddenly caught between two fingers, he couldn't help sobbing.


 It seems that Pei Zheng made him make a sound on purpose.


 The sudden sound and soft whimper from under the desk deeply hurt Qi Changfeng's ears.


 He knew that there must be no rabbit under the table.

But he also didn't believe that Pei Zheng, in the broad daylight really dared to do some illicit things in the study.


 "Pei Zheng!"


 Qi Changfeng shouted sternly, "Even if you are used to being daring, you should see the situation clearly.

This is not your Prime Minister's residence.

You dare to do excessive things in the Palace during the day, but you will be punished for a serious crime!"


 Who knew that Pei Zheng had no fear at all, "Fourth Prince, is this a serious crime of This Minister"


 He retracted his fingers, stood up and walked to Qi Changfeng.


 "By the way, what did the Fourth Prince call a minister just now Since he(Fourth Prince) knew that he was in the Palace, he didn't call him Lord Pei, but instead called him by his name." Pei Zheng suddenly whispered, "Isn't Your Highness the Fourth Prince secretly in love with This Minister"


 Qi Changfeng was so incited that his breath trembled, "You! You are beyond redemption!" (1)


 Then he walked away angrily.


 The study is really quiet now.


 Pei Zheng stood silently for a long time before he remembered that there was a little person under the desk. 


 He walked to the desk and pulled Qi Changyi out.


 After kneeling for a long time, Qi Changyi's legs were numb.

Pei Zheng just pulled him up and he couldn't stand still and sat down.

After falling on his bottom part, he frowned and rubbed his round little buttocks. 


 Pei Zheng looked at him from above, and suddenly said, "Your Highness is still up, do you want me to knead it for you"







• no antidote is possible

- incurable

• incorrigible

• beyond redemption


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