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Chapter 23: Is it Really That Good

TW: Attempted r*pe/whipping

Qi Changyi desperately twisted his body, trying to dodge the hand groping his waist.

But it was as though the hand had eyes; it wormed its way along Qi Changyi’s body, tracing the underrobe over his chest.

“Third brother” was amazed by the softness and smoothness of his skin.

He wore a dumbfounded expression1 on his face; he looked as though he had just discovered some rare treasure.

This skin was a few points better than that of the few palace maids he had held before.

It felt like silk and satin, and he couldn’t get enough of touching it.

He eagerly pulled at his pants, and after they were almost off, he began to strip Qi Changyi.

He muttered, “I must ** him, even if it gets me killed.”

“Second brother” stood beside him, looking eager and impatient.

“Is it really that good I’m waiting for my turn too, you know.”

Qi Changyi’s wrists were bloody and raw from struggling, and the ropes were dyed red.

But he acted as though he couldn’t feel the pain, and continued to thrash against the restraints, trying to push away the disgusting person in front of him.

But he was too weak.

He could only shake his head desperately, holding back tears.

“N-no…Go away…Go away…”

He didn’t know what the two were planning to do to him, but he was already drowning in waves of instinctive fear.

Just when Qi Changyi’s pants were about to come down, there was a knock at the door.

“Third brother” froze; who would come to the Office of Careful Punishment to disrupt the torture session

He quickly stuffed the ugly thing2 back into his pants, before he stood rigidly beside the wooden cross.

The door opened to reveal a pretty little palace maid.

She spoke softly, “The third princess has orders, she hopes that the two officers will interrogate him thoroughly, and find the dog’s whereabouts at all costs.

After you are finished, the princess will reward you handsomely.”

The two guards saluted respectfully as the maid left, holding her neck high.

“Scared the ** out of me, second brother, this prince really is an eyesore to the third princess.

She wants us to…”

“Third brother” made a slashing motion with his finger over his neck, and “second brother” nodded in assent.

“Her Royal Highness has personally issued the order, so you’d better put your thing away and hurry up with the interrogation.”

The two guards each picked up a soft whip, moving to stand on either side of Qi Changyi.

“Pa!” The whip made a crisp sound as it slapped delicate skin, leaving bloodstains that bloomed on the white underrobe.

“Your Highness, I advise that you fess up.

The whip doesn’t have eyes; you don’t want to ruin your pretty little face, do you”

Qi Changyi bit his tongue from the pain, and the taste of blood filled his mouth.

He spoke tearfully, “I…no…”

“Pa!” “Pa!” Two more lashes came down on him.

“You’re really a tough idiot3.

If you appease your third sister, this matter will go over smoothly.

She’s your sister, can she really kill you over a dog”

Qi Changyi’s forehead was beaded with cold sweat, and his small body couldn’t stop shaking from the pain, but he still whispered resolutely, “I won’t lie…I really didn’t…”

The two guards exchanged a glance, each grabbing a bowl of salt water from the table and pouring it over Qi Changyi.


Qi Changyi thrashed in pain; the salt water seeping into his wound was so painful that he couldn’t breathe.

It felt as though he was being bitten by thousands of ants.

His vision finally went dark as he fainted.

He had been slapped awake.

Qi Changyi felt a tearing pain at the corner of his mouth, and he opened his eyes.

There was a burning sensation close to his cheek.

“Such a charming little face.

If there are any more marks, it won’t look good.”

The red-hot soldering iron inched closer and closer to his face, followed by laughter.

Qi Changyi gritted his teeth and shut his eyes tightly.

But even when he was scared to death like this, there was only one name on his lips.


Just when the soldering iron was about to touch his skin, the door of the Office of Careful Punishment was kicked open violently, cracking the door frame in the process.



Pei-gege! I don’t actually know lmao I haven’t read this in a while

1: 眼睛都直了: Literally ‘eyes straightening’.

Basically looking dumbfounded/shocked.


醜惡的東西- ‘ugly, gross thing’.

Yes, it is his pp.

“Second brother” also refers to it as “玩意”, which means ‘thing’ but according to my dictionary also means ‘dingus’.


人傻嘴硬: ‘fool with a hard mouth’.


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