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Chapter 31: You’re Hot Too

September 27, 2022Merchie

Pei Zheng walked to the side of the bed with dark eyes.

He flipped the little man over and patted his rosy face with the back of his hand.

Qi Changyi mumbled sleepily and his eyes slowly peeled open.

He was shocked when he saw that it was Pei Zheng who was standing before him.

“Pei-gege, why are you here, aren’t you supposed to be with, with…”

His words were cut short when Pei Zheng suddenly leaned down and sniffed at his neck.

The faint milky scent was laced with the pungent aroma of liquor.

He asked angrily, “Who let you drink”

Qi Changyi resembled a scolded child.

He sat up on the bed, his mind still blurry with sleep, and replied obediently, “I, I poured it myself, only a little bit.”

Perhaps it was due to the influence of the alcohol, Qi Changyi’s head was drooping onto his knees, and he was curled up into a little ball.

His eyes were slightly swollen, and they were still swimming with tears, making him look aggrieved and pitiful.

His cheeks were flushed like peach blossoms as he anxiously bit his alluring red mouth.

His personality was sweet and pure, but he was also hypnotizingly beautiful.

It was a perfect combination.

Pei Zheng looked down at him, his eyes were dark and complicated.

“You’re really brave to be drinking wine in a place like this! Do you always have to be this unruly when I’m not around”

Qi Changyi stole a glance at Pei Zheng and immediately lowered his head again.

The sound of footsteps echoed outside the door, followed by the soft moan of a young man.

Accompanying the sound was a pair of tightly entwined silhouettes that looked like they were about to enter the room.

Pei Zheng’s gaze froze.

He scooped Qi Changyi up and shoved him behind the bed.

At the same moment, the door creaked open.

“Aiyo, Young Master Wang, you’re too strong, it hurts!”

That soft voice was laced with vulgarity, and Young Master Wang smirked lightly.

“It hurts A little bitch like you should enjoy the pain.

Does it hurt now Hm”

Qi Changyi was pressed against Pei Zheng’s chest; his mouth was covered by the other’s big hand, so he couldn’t make a sound.

Pei Zheng held him tightly as he leaned carefully against the wall.

The two people on the bed had already begun to fight1 furiously, their clothes scattered in piles on the floor.

Pei Zheng lightly tapped a brick on the wall, and that part of the wall silently caved inward.

He pulled Qi Changyi and dodged inside; the lustful screams were immediately blocked out as the wall closed behind them.

The two were immediately enveloped by the darkness.

Qi Changyi blinked and took a quick breath; the air was a little thin.

He plastered himself to Pei Zheng’s side out of fear.

Pei Zheng felt the warm little man press against himself, he paused before he reached out and tapped another small brick.

The wall in front of them began to shift with a loud rumble.

Qi Changyi was so frightened that he shut his eyes.

They couldn’t be trapped inside, right But then he remembered that Pei-gege was down here with him, and the fear melted away.

He couldn’t help the light happiness that bloomed in his heart.

The rumbling sound finally ceased, and a sliver of light punctured the darkness.

Two small cracks appeared in front of Qi Changyi; they were just big enough for him to catch a glimpse of what was on the other side.

They had reached an extravagant bedroom.

The huge bed had a mahogany frame, and it looked especially comfortable.

Pei Zheng finally removed his hand from Qi Changyi’s mouth.

Earlier, If those two hadn’t barged suddenly into Qi Changyi’s room, they wouldn’t be stuck here right now.

Pei Zheng had his own reasons for coming to the Drunken Spring Pavilion tonight; as long as he achieved his goal, it didn’t matter what methods he used.

The door to the bedroom opened, and a slender figure walked in.

It was Luo Yu.

He looked as though he had just come out of the bath; he was dressed in a thin white robe that exposed a bit of his fair skin, and his youthful face was gorgeous and filled with vitality.

He was indeed worthy of holding the title of the Drunken Spring Pavilion’s top escort.

A burly man with thick eyebrows and big eyes tailed behind him, but he looked nervous and shy.

Luo Yu locked the door behind him, before he pulled the other man to the side of the bed and undressed.

He was confused when his mysterious patron ordered him to serve this stranger instead of himself.

That honored patron had also ordered someone to relay a message to him: tonight, he would be required to utilize eighteen sexual positions, all of which were explained to him in great detail.

Luo Yu held suspicions in his heart, but he did as was told, and dutifully went through all eighteen positions with the burly man.

With red eyes, he carefully explained each one.

“Pay attention here…be careful, don’t move your hips, ah!”

Luo Yu’s delicate voice tore, and the thick-browed man’s forehead exploded with blue veins.

The atmosphere in this room was completely different from the first.

The first room was chaotic and vulgar to the point that it made one nauseous.

This room was filled with an ambiguous gentleness; the sight of the tumbling bedsheets set one’s heart ablaze with lust.

The two standing inside the wall were still pressed against each other, their breaths heavy.

Qi Changyi’s small mouth dropped open as he stared at the overlapping figures on the bed.

Those shameful scenes made him dizzy; he really wanted to look away.

But Pei Zheng grabbed the back of his head and held it in place, forcing him to watch the entire thing.

As the string of sobs and moans continued, Pei Zheng leaned down and whispered into Qi Changyi’s blood-red ear, “Do you know how to do it now”

Qi Changyi licked his lips and asked in a soft voice, “Pei-gege, what are they doing, are they fighting on the bed Why do I feel so hot when I look at them… Huh, Pei-gege, you’re hot too.”

The little man always spoke quietly, but due to the alcohol and visual stimulation, his voice was slightly hoarse.

It was like a cat’s claw grazing Pei Zheng’s heart.

Pei Zheng’s body was indeed burning with an inexplicable feeling.

His eyebrows arched, and his cold fingers fiddled with Qi Changyi’s flushed ears.

“Your Highness will also ‘fight’ with people like this in the future.”

Qi Changyi nodded stupidly; his eyes were closed, and his little face wore a pained expression.

He whispered, “Pei-gege, I don’t feel good, I want to go back.”

It just so happened that the people in the room had gotten dressed and left.

He didn’t know what method Pei Zheng had used, but when he opened his eyes again, they were back in the Drunken Spring Pavilion’s courtyard.

Qi Changyi left with a few servants to clean himself up, and Pei Zheng returned to the carriage to wait for him.

He waited for a while, and there was still no sign of Qi Changyi.

Instead, it was an attendant who had rushed out from the pavilion.

With a panicked expression, he fell to his knees in front of the carriage.

“Young, Young Master Pei, the little, the little lord is nowhere to be found!”



Well isn’t that a misleading title sorry

the plot convenience is just- does Pei Zheng go around pushing bricks wherever he goes to see if its a secret passage I’m cryingg

Also that’s really weird, do you think everybody there just pops up randomly in each other’s rooms while they’re in the middle of doing it hghahahaha

Sorry I thought I was getting the hang of this until the middle, I think I’ll fix it later when my brain comes back to me, please let me know if it’s difficult to understand ;-;

Thanks for reading~

1: Sex is referred to with martial arts terminology; the act itself is considered ‘fighting’, while these funny positions are ‘martial arts moves’.


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