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Chapter 34: This Pei Zheng, Is He Even Human

September 30, 2022Merchie

“Pei, Pei-gege, it hurts…”

Qi Changyi was pressed against the hard stone wall; the rough, bumpy bricks against his back made his eyes redden with pain.

The blood on his palm was still wet and sticky; before, he could endure the pain, but with the addition of Pei Zheng violently pinching his chin, he really couldn’t bear it.

“Do you know how many people are still searching for you in the city And here you are, having the time of your life!”

Pei Zheng’s eyes were hateful and stern.

He hated the feeling of not being in control the most; this little fool had once been obedient and followed his every command.

Now, he was making trouble for him at every turn; it really made it difficult for him to repress the cruel urges in his heart.

Although the little fool’s fate was firmly in his grasp, he couldn’t help but want to completely dominate him.

Step by step, he would achieve every goal and quench every desire.

A strong, muscular leg positioned itself between Qi Changyi’s slender thighs; it shifted upward slightly, causing the little man’s feet to be lifted off the ground.

Qi Changyi had no choice but to wrap his arms around Pei Zheng’s neck to stabilize himself.

“Pei-gege, don’t be angry…It was A’mu Le and my fourth brother who told me that you would come pick me up, I waited for a really long time.”

Pei Zheng’s heart suddenly jolted.

Qi Changfeng, he was there as well Why didn’t he come out Could it be that he was avoiding him on purpose

Good, very good1.

Pei Zheng’s eyes narrowed, and he stared at the little man’s crying face in silence.

Outside the dark alley, a crowd of people were passing by, laughing and bantering as they strolled through the street.

However, the alley was shadowy and damp, completely devoid of light.

Everything that was bright and beautiful was instantly swallowed by the darkness.

Only a single wall separated these two worlds.

Their surroundings reminded Pei Zheng of a night that was etched into his memory, a night that had been lingering in his mind for the past ten years.

“You waited for a long time The way I see it, you hoped that I wouldn’t come find you, so you could continue to have fun with that barbarian.”

Pei Zheng stretched out two fingers and squeezed Qi Changyi’s chin.

“Is that it”

“N-no…That’s not it…”

Qi Changyi was unable to move, and he could no longer hold back his tears.

They dripped from the corners of his eyes like beads slipping off a string.

As water droplets cascaded down his jade-white chin, Pei Zheng’s eyes narrowed, and his grip tightened.

“Barbarians, barbarians, all the friends you make behind my back are barbarians…Looks like I was right all along…”

Qi Changyi couldn’t understand what Pei Zheng was saying.

He only felt those slender, cold fingers that were like pliers crushing his chin.

His arms were sore and limp, and his bleeding hand had long since become numb.

But he remained obedient and still didn’t move, his legs drooping over Pei Zheng’s.

“Pei, Pei-gege, what can I do to make you not be angry anymore”

Qi Changyi endured the pain and asked.

“What do you think”

The fingers on his chin finally loosened, and Pei Zheng stepped back and looked down at the little man.

Moonlight spilled over his head, and his tall figure obscured Qi Changyi’s view.

Qi Changyi’s body trembled, and he thought for a little while.

He then leaned forward to try and touch Pei Zheng’s lips, but he still fell a bit short.

He was so anxious that his eyes reddened and two lines of hot tears streamed down his face.

Pei Zheng’s eyelids fluttered.

He leaned in slightly, his lips brushing Qi Changyi’s, before he gently kissed the other’s soft, warm mouth.

They kissed for a long time.

The little man raised his wet eyes, and whispered hoarsely, “Do you feel better now”

Pei Zheng’s sleeves were covered in blood; the warm, wet feeling made his brows crease.

Under the moonlight, he could see the pool of blood that had formed at his feet.

He suddenly remembered that the little man’s hand had been injured earlier.

“Let me see your hand.”

Qi Changyi raised his arms with effort; they were so numb that he couldn’t find the strength to lift them.

Pei Zheng grabbed his hand to examine his palm.

Blood and water flowed over skin, mixed with several small bits of wood.

Qi Changyi’s wound was suddenly pulled open, and his forehead began to sweat profusely.

“Endure it.”

Pei Zheng stretched out his fingers and carefully picked at the wound.

He removed the splinters and tossed them to the ground.

During the whole ordeal, Qi Changyi had been biting his lower lip until it turned white.

However, he remained silent.

Pei Zheng squeezed his chin again, forcing him to unclench his lips, before he leaned in to kiss him once more.

Qi Changyi’s thin, cool lips parted slightly, and Pei Zheng’s tongue slid inside.

He traced the little man’s row of white teeth, before he began to suck gently on the other’s tongue.

This kiss was completely different from the first.

After a long while, they finally parted, and Pei Zheng noticed that those white lips had turned a luscious shade of red.

He removed his thigh from in between the little man’s legs.

Qi Changyi’s legs were so numb that he immediately fell to his knees.

He lowered his head with an aggrieved expression and did not speak.

Just as Pei Zheng was about to help him up, there was a sound at the entrance of the alleyway.

It was the leader of the guard patrol that was sent to search for Qi Changyi.

When he saw the prince sitting on the ground, his worried expression melted into relief.

“My Lord, since the prince has already been found, we should return to the palace as soon as possible.

There are many barbarians staying in the city tonight; though they’re here for peace talks, we’d best be careful.”

Pei Zheng nodded slightly.

“Send the prince back to the palace, and take him to Imperial Physician Jiang to treat his wounds.

Order the rest of the guards to withdraw, I have something else to deal with.”

After Pei Zheng gave his command, he strode out of the dark alleyway.

Qi Changyi watched his receding figure, and he bit his lip again.

Pei-gege still seemed to be angry at him.

If he had known that he wasn’t supposed to play with A’mu Le and his fourth brother, he would’ve just gone and searched for his Pei-gege instead.

The leader of the guards sent someone to bring a sedan chair, and hurriedly sent Qi Changyi directly to the Imperial Hospital, before summoning Jiang Yubai.

Jiang Yubai had just finished treating Cheng Feng, and he was a little angry.

When he arrived in the lobby and saw Qi Changyi’s bloodstained hands, he yelped in fright.

“Your Highness, what happened to your hand Don’t tell me this is another one of Pei Zheng’s masterpieces!”

The lead guard’s mouth twitched in embarrassment.

He awkwardly stepped outside.

Jiang Yubai quickly ordered a few servants to prepare the hot water and medicine needed for Qi Changyi’s injury.

“Your Highness, if it hurts, you can scream.

There’s no one else here, so you don’t have to hold it in.”

Qi Changyi’s face was ashen with pain, but he still tried his best to smile at Jiang Yubai.

“Imperial Physician Jiang, I’m okay.

Thank you for your consideration.”

Jiang Yubai’s movements were gentle, but he couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“This Pei Zheng, is he even human Has Your Highness ever had an injury that wasn’t caused by him”



Sorry I completely butchered the kiss but tbf it was already a little messed up to begin with

Jiang Yubai is the only person with at least half a brain at this point in the novel

I feel a little bit slightly disturbed just like the four parts worried-four parts sad grammarly face

Thanks for reading~

1: People say this when they’re mad as hell


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