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Chapter 50: I Don’t Want to Get Married

October 15, 2022Merchie

“Are you still uncomfortable”

Qi Changyi shook his head, “No, not anymore.”

He racked his brains and tried to recall, but he still couldn’t remember exactly what had happened last night, “Brother Pei, did we scare those bad guys away Did we escape”


“L-last night, I only remember that I heard your voice, but I couldn’t see your face clearly.

I don’t remember anything else after that.”


“Brother Pei, you’re so pale, are you okay”

His small hand was about to touch Pei Zheng’s forehead but suddenly froze in mid-air.

He seemed to have been overcome with a bad memory.

Qi Changyi slowly retracted his hand, and the light in his eyes dimmed.

“Brother Pei, you should have Imperial Physician Jiang take a look at you.”

Pei Zheng knew exactly what he was thinking.

“So now you’re going to act all innocent You weren’t like this last night.”

Pei Zheng leaned in and whispered.

“We’ve done such intimate things together.

If Your Highness has forgotten, I can help you remember.”

A hand slowly slipped under the thick quilt.

Qi Changyi’s body suddenly froze.

He shifted slightly, and the sudden pain in his lower half made him groan softly.

Why did his butt hurt so much…

Qi Changyi didn’t dare to move anymore.

His eyes were slightly red as he spoke, “Brother Pei, I think I’m injured.”

Pei Zheng opened his robe and examined the small man.

He frowned and asked, “Where are you injured”

“I-I…” Qi Changyi whispered in embarrassment, “My butthole1 really hurts…”

Pei Zheng was relieved, and he patted Qi Changyi from under the quilt, “You’re fine.”

Qi Changyi was fidgeting from worry, so Pei Zheng leaned down and whispered something into his ear.

The small man understood a little bit, and his face suddenly flushed with wild red.

“Ah We really, we really did those things together I-I…”

He had seen ‘those things’ before with his own eyes, and the momos in the palace had also taught him about them.

Qi Changyi blinked, and fat tears immediately rolled down his cheeks.

He looked heartbroken as he struggled through the pain and sat up.

Pei Zheng wiped the tears away with his finger.

“I haven’t even met my husband yet, how could I do something like this with Brother Pei Am I even allowed to get married now I already, already…”

The small man’s tears rushed out of his eyes like a waterfall.

He had been terrified in the cave, but even then, he hadn’t cried like this.

Pei Zheng gently took him into his arms, and consoled him in a soft voice, “Don’t cry anymore, no one will be able to do anything to you while I’m here.”

Qi Changyi raised his head, and spoke resolutely, “Brother Pei, I-I don’t want to get married.”

Pei Zheng paused and didn’t speak.

Qi Changyi choked out, “I never wanted to, I don’t want to leave Royal Father, I don’t want to go to the barbarian tribe.

I don’t know anyone there, I don’t even know their clan leader.

I don’t want to marry him.”

Qi Changyi wrapped his arms around Pei Zheng’s waist and buried his face in the other’s chest.

“Brother Pei, I also, don’t want to leave you.

Please take me back, I’m begging you, take me back home, I don’t want to get married, I don’t want to…”

He had squashed these thoughts into the back of his mind for so long; only in front of this gentle, caring Pei Zheng did Qi Changyi have the courage to say these words.

But Pei Zheng, who had just been comforting him, was now silent.

He merely stroked the small man’s hair, letting his robe be soaked by Qi Changyi’s tears.

Qi Changyi was exhausted from crying and finally began to calm down.

His arms were still tightly wrapped around Pei Zheng, refusing to let go.

Seeing that the small man had quieted down, Pei Zheng lowered his voice and said, “I’ll definitely take you back, but not now.

Be good; I’ll stay with you, okay”

Qi Changyi looked up.

His little face was still covered in tears, “Really You have to promise me.”

Pei Zheng nodded.

“I promise.”

“Then pinky swear.”

A small little hand pulled at Pei Zheng’s slender finger, and their pinkies hooked together.

Qi Changyi saw the white gauze peeking out from under Pei Zheng’s wide sleeve.

He asked nervously, “Brother Pei, what happened to your arm, did you get hurt Let me see.”

He gently tugged at Pei Zheng’s arm and carefully checked the bandaged wound.

“I’m fine.”

“Nonsense, you bled so much, it must hurt a lot.

I’ll blow on it for you so it doesn’t hurt anymore.”

The small man puckered his lips and lightly blew over the gauze.

The corners of his eyes were still red from crying.

Pei Zheng held up his arm and gazed at the little man’s concerned expression; he looked as though he could feel the pain of Pei Zheng’s wound.

Pei Zheng had sustained countless injuries before, several of them had been life-threatening.

But no one had ever asked him if it hurt, and no one had ever truly cared for him.

Those hypocritical displays of concern and worry in the past, they were all fake.

It seemed that the only person in the world who cared for him wholeheartedly was this silly little fool.

It didn’t matter what his purpose had been in approaching the small man, Pei Zheng only knew that he couldn’t give him up now.

His original plan had been to return to the palace alone.

But now, Pei Zheng was adamant on bringing the little fool back with him.

The convoy traveled for over a month before they finally reached barbarian territory.

It was a vast expanse of desert; there was only a small patch of grassland that was actually habitable.

Although the population of the barbarian tribe was far less than that of the Celestial Dynasty, everybody was strong, brave, and adept at combat, specializing in horsemanship and archery.

In the past few years, the tribe had repeatedly trespassed the Celestial Dynasty’s borders, which had caused numerous violent conflicts.

The clan leader was named A’su Ran; he was A’mu Le’s uncle.

But there were rumors that, though their relationship seemed amicable on the surface, they fought with each other behind closed doors.

Once the convoy arrived in the barbarian capital, A’su Ran sent someone to receive them and help them settle in.

Qi Changyi was taken straight to a room next to A’su Ran’s bedchamber; it would only be a temporary arrangement, since he had to prepare for the grand marriage ceremony the next day.

Per Pei Zheng’s orders, Cheng Feng accompanied Qi Changyi.

Pei Zheng, Zhao Litang, and the others all followed several attendants into the main hall, where they waited to meet with A’su Ran.

Qi Changyi put on a fresh, new robe.

After entering barbarian territory, he could finally dress like a man again.

But he was born with such a pure, yet slightly coquettish appearance; it was inevitable that he would still look a bit feminine.

This palace was quite shabby in comparison to Qi Changyi’s residence in the Celestial Dynasty.

However, the decor was fresh and exotic; it was his first time seeing something like this.

The whole time after he had been brought to this room, he sat obediently in a chair, clutching his robes and looking around in fascination.

“Your Highness.” Li Yu, who had followed him here, called out.

“Someone just brought some fresh goat’s milk, would you like to try it”

Qi Changyi nodded.

He held the painted white cup to his lips and took a sip.

His mouth was instantly overcome with a pungent flavor, causing him to frown tightly.

He immediately took several gulps of water to wash away the mutton-tinged taste.

“I don’t want to drink it anymore, you can have it.”

Li Yu hesitated for a second.

He also was unaccustomed to the strange odor, and ended up putting the cup down as well.

“Xiao Yuzi, what do you think Brother Pei and the others are doing right now”

“They should be at a banquet with the clan leader to discuss tomorrow’s marriage ceremony.”

Upon hearing these words, Qi Changyi fell silent, and his head drooped downwards.

Li Yu knew that he was extremely reluctant, but he could only quietly accompany the small man, unable to find the words to comfort him.

The door suddenly opened; it was A’mu Le, along with a few servants.

“Hey kid, are you hungry I brought you something tasty.”

The servants placed the food on the table and shuffled out one by one.

Qi Changyi looked up at A’mu Le, and said glumly, “Thank you, A’mu Le, but I don’t really want to eat right now.”

A’mu Le walked over and sat down.

“You haven’t eaten much these past few days.

What’s wrong, haven’t got an appetite”

Qi Changyi shook his head.

He kept it lowered, as if he didn’t want to continue the conversation.

A’mu Le didn’t press him.

“All right, I’ll leave the food here for you, eat it when you’re hungry.

Rest well tonight, tomorrow’s going to be a busy day for you.”

Li Yu escorted A’mu Le to the door.

It was dark outside, so the banquet in the main hall must have ended already.

The small man sat for a while.

Later, a few servants delivered some hot water and clothing.

Li Yu helped Qi Changyi change his clothes, and tucked him into bed.

As he laid on the huge bed, wrapped in a thick quilt, Qi Changyi’s body felt soft and warm.

But his heart was brimming with uneasiness.

He thought for a long time, tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

In the end, he simply opened his eyes and looked out the window, staring at Cheng Feng’s tall, straight figure standing outside the door.

He had been standing there for a while now, wasn’t he tired

In the past, Pei Zheng always brought Cheng Feng wherever he went.

But now, he had ordered his bodyguard to follow Qi Changyi instead; was it to protect him

Another tall figure suddenly appeared beside Cheng Feng.

The man had his hands behind his back and said something to Cheng Feng, before he walked up to the door of the hall and stood still.

Qi Changyi’s eyes lit up, it was Brother Pei!

He quickly shut his eyes and pretended to be asleep, ready to scare him once he came inside.

But he waited for a while, and the door still hadn’t creaked open.

Qi Changyi opened his eyes.

The tall figure had disappeared.

Qi Changyi threw off the quilt, jumped out of bed, ran barefoot to the door and pushed it open.

He looked left and right, but there was no sign of Pei Zheng.

His hopeful heart slowly sank.

Cheng Feng was startled by Qi Changyi’s sudden movements.

“Your Highness, it’s so late, why haven’t you slept yet”

“A-Feng, just now, was Brother Pei here Why didn’t he come in to see me”

There was undisguised disappointment in his voice.

Cheng Feng glanced at Qi Changyi’s bare feet, and spoke hurriedly, “Your Highness, Master has some urgent matters to attend to tonight.

He couldn’t be delayed, thus he didn’t have time to see you.

Please go back inside.”


Qi Changyi turned around and closed the door behind him.

He walked back to the bed and obediently laid back down.

Brother Pei said that he would bring him home; he just needed to believe in Brother Pei.

Believe in him.

A sudden sadness welled up in Qi Changyi’s heart.

He pulled the quilt over his head, and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Li Yu hurriedly ran in and woke him up.

Qi Changyi was still half-asleep when was suddenly surrounded by a group of people, who began to comb his hair and dress him up.

He was wearing the barbarian tribe’s signature garb; it was unlike anything he had ever worn in the Celestial Dynasty.

His ink-black hair hung loosely over his shoulders.

He wore a satin cap embroidered with rainbow clouds, and a brightly colored robe with horseshoe sleeves2.

The robe’s primary color was red, which made the small man look both elegant and spirited.

Before the clan leader could officially be married, there would be a grand sacrificial ceremony, which would be held inside the palace.

The various leaders of other tribes would all come partake in the event.

Qi Changyi was led to the palace; the decorated hall was already full of people.

The moment he entered, everybody turned to look at him, their eyes filled with curiosity.

Just what did this prince of the Celestial Dynasty look like

Barbarian customs were quite progressive; it wasn’t uncommon for people to take men as their wives and concubines.

But this small man, who looked so charming and lively, instantly attracted the attention of everyone present.

Qi Changyi followed closely behind the attendant, walked into the main hall, and slowly bowed to the clan leader A’su Ran, who was sitting above him.

A’su Ran’s face was quite hairy, so he looked rather fierce.

Qi Changyi only took one glance at it and didn’t dare to look up again.

Instead, he gazed at Pei Zheng, who was sitting beside A’su Ran.

Pei Zheng lifted a cup of wine to his lips.

His hands obscured most of his face; only that pair of cold, narrowed eyes could be seen.



Thanks for reading~

1: It wasn’t actually the word ‘butthole’, our baby Changyi isn’t that vulgar, he said ‘the place from where I go to the bathroom’ but isn’t that basically butthole


馬蹄袖: In the Qing Dynasty, their hunting clothes had these kinds of sleeves: they’re not the flowy long sleeves.

They’re tight, and have a tapering part at the end that resembles a horse’s hoof.





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