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Chapter 60: Even if You Disappear to the Ends of the Earth, I’ll Snatch You Back

October 25, 2022Merchie

“Saving me…”

Qi Changyi murmured to himself.

It was true that he had wanted to escape from Pei Zheng.

But that would have been an impossible task for anyone.

It was hardly difficult for Pei Zheng to shackle Qi Changyi to his side: if he wanted him to live, he would live; if he wanted him to die, he would die.

Qi Changyi never had the strength to oppose him.

But this time, would he actually be able to get away from Pei Zheng

A few of the black-clad men stepped aside, revealing the shadowy figure standing behind them.

“Brother Tang! What are you doing here” Qi Changyi was slightly shocked at the sight of Zhao Litang, “These people, were they all sent by you”

Zhao Litang walked up to him.

The sight of the small man hugging a tattered lantern made the longing in his heart surge painfully upwards.

“They were.” He bent down to the little prince’s level, and spoke softly, “I’m here to take you away.”

He stretched out his hand, his warm, broad palm spread out in front of Qi Changyi.

“Are you willing to come with me”

Everybody’s eyes were on Qi Changyi, awaiting his response.

Qi Changyi looked at that outstretched hand and lifted his own trembling palm.

Just as he reached out, Pei Zheng’s threatening words thundered in his ears.

“Don’t even think about running away, or you’ll pay dearly for it.”

His small hand immediately shrank back.

Qi Changyi frantically shook his head and repeated, “No, no, I can’t leave, I can’t leave…”

“Changyi, Changyi! Don’t panic, just listen to me first!”

Zhao Litang grabbed him by his thin, weak shoulders, but used too much strength; he shuddered, and let out a low, pained whimper.


Upon seeing his pained expression, Zhao Litang quickly let go of him and asked, “What’s wrong Did I hurt you Or is your shoulder injured Let me take a look.”

As he spoke, he moved to pull open Changyi’s robe to check.

Qi Changyi’s eyes reddened in an instant.

Before he met Pei Zheng, Zhao Litang hadn’t yet departed to fight in the borderlands.

Whenever he was hurt, Zhao Litang was the only one who cared for him and protected him.

Now, Zhao Litang’s voice carried the same anxious, gentle tone that it had in the past.

He had not heard it in so long; it didn’t feel real.

He stared at Zhao Litang, pea-sized tears swimming in his wide eyes.

He was afraid that everything would disappear in an instant; that he would find himself back in that deep, dark cell, and that all this was but a terribly sweet dream.

It wasn’t until he felt Zhao Litang’s fingers brush his neck that Qi Changyi’s tears suddenly rained down.

His hands were so warm, not at all like Pei Zheng’s, which were always cold.

Qi Changyi quickly pulled his collar closed; he didn’t want Zhao Litang to see any of his injuries.

“Brother Tang, I’m fine.

Don’t worry anymore, I’m really fine…”

Unfortunately, when he raised his hand to his collar, the wide sleeve revealed a small patch of fair skin.

It was covered in shocking red marks, as though his flesh had been ripped apart, before it healed, soft and pink.

Zhao Litang saw it.

He grabbed the frail man’s arm and pulled up his sleeve.

Even more red marks were revealed, mottled and densely packed together, hidden beneath his layered robes.

Zhao Litang’s grip on his arm immediately became gentle, “How did this happen! It was Pei Zheng, wasn’t it, he actually had the balls to beat you”

Qi Changyi pulled himself away, before pulling his sleeves back down and tightly wrapping his arms with them.

He took a deep breath and didn’t say a word.

His pitiful appearance made Zhao Litang’s heart wrench with pain.

Actually, the Emperor had already ordered him to return to the borderlands to defend the border as soon as possible.

But Qi Changyi was always on his mind, so he didn’t leave for a long time.

It wasn’t until the Emperor issued an imperial decree that Zhao Litang had no choice but to gather his troops and prepare to return to the borderlands.

He had heard a few whisperings that Pei Zheng had taken Qi Changyi back to the Prime Minister’s manor.

After the marriage alliance incident, Zhao Litang’s opinion of Pei Zheng had actually improved somewhat.

Since Pei Zheng would let himself be injured for the sake of protecting Qi Changyi, he would surely cherish the little prince.

With this in mind, Zhao Litang could have returned to the borderlands with confidence.

He was reluctant to part with Qi Changyi, but as long as he was happy, Zhao Litang would have no choice but to let him go.

He was an important general who was destined to be killed in battle.

There was a possibility that he would fight until his last breath in some foreign nation, and never be able to return.

If this sweet little fool could have someone to protect and treasure him, Zhao Litang would be the happiest person in the world.

But who would have guessed that the night before he was going to leave, the prince’s faithful eunuch, Li Yu, showed up at his manor covered in blood.

“General Zhao!” Li Yu knelt on the ground and kowtowed frantically.

“I’m begging you, please save His Highness! I don’t know what happened between the two of them, but Lord Pei locked him up in his secret dungeon, and I don’t even know if he’s dead or alive! His Highness’s body is already weak to begin with; he won’t be able to endure it!”

But Zhao Litang could not delay his departure any longer.

Although he was burning with impatience and rage, he could only set off with his troops the next morning.

Later, along with a few of his trusted subordinates, he quietly returned to the Imperial City.

“Changyi, what happened between you and Pei Zheng Why is he treating you like this” Zhao Litang didn’t try to check the rest of the wounds on Qi Changyi’s body.

He already knew in his heart that they would be a terrifying sight.

“I had thought that, even though Pei Zheng first approached you because you looked like the fourth prince, it would be impossible for him not to have some feelings for you after all this time.

It looks like I was completely wrong.

If he had even a speck of love for you, he would never torture you like this! His heart will always be cold; no matter how hot his blood runs, it will never change!”

Zhao Litang clenched his fists, “Don’t worry, I’ve already snatched you away from Pei Zheng.

No matter what happens, I won’t let you go, unless… unless you want to leave…”

Zhao Litang gazed at Qi Changyi, his expression filled with earnest sincerity, “So Changyi, you don’t need to worry about anything else.

You just need to tell me one thing; right now, at this moment in time, are you willing to come with me”

Qi Changyi shrank into a ball and stuffed his head between his arms.

He didn’t move, and he seemed to ponder the question for a long while.

He desperately wiped his tears away with his sleeve and looked up.

“Brother Tang, I want to… come with you.”

Zhao Litang exhaled in relief and revealed a gentle smile.

However, his subordinates behind him looked slightly anxious.

“General, it isn’t suitable for us to stay here for too long.

A large group of imperial guards passed by just now; I don’t know how, but they’ve mobilized the entire city’s troops, and every street and alleyway is being searched carefully.

We need to leave the city as soon as possible.”

Zhao Litang nodded, “Changyi, we’re leaving.”

Qi Changyi was still holding that tattered lantern in his arms; the flame inside had long since gone out, but he refused to leave it behind.

“That lantern’s ruined, throw it out.

I’ll buy you a new one later.”

As he spoke, Zhao Litang reached out to grab the lantern, but Qi Changyi hugged it even tighter and dodged his hand, before shrinking away, his eyes filled with vigilance and panicked helplessness.

Zhao Litang didn’t know what to say or do, “All right, all right, you don’t have to throw it away, just keep it if you like it.

Here, I’ll help you up.”

Only then did Qi Changyi allow Zhao Litang to clasp his arm and pull him up.

But as soon as he tried to stand, Qi Changyi suddenly swayed, and he fell limply back onto the straw mat.

A layer of cold sweat covered his forehead, and his face lost all its color.

His lips were devoid of blood; it looked as though all the life had been sucked out of him.

Zhao Litang quickly supported his body, which he could wrap with one arm.

It had only been a few days since they had last seen each other, yet he was only getting thinner and weaker to the point that it was a little bit ridiculous.

“Wu Quan!” Zhao Litang yelled.

A black-clad man stepped forward.

“Hurry and take a look at him!”

Wu Quan was one of the soldiers under Zhao Litang’s command, and knew a little about medicine.

He rushed over to take Qi Changyi’s pulse.

It was extremely weak, as though his condition had been triggered by something.

His consciousness was fading as well, his vitality slowly being eaten up, as though it was quietly disappearing through the ends of his hair.

It was freezing tonight; even when he was dressed in so many layers, it didn’t prevent him from catching a cold.

He had exhausted all his strength trying to hold himself up until now, and he really couldn’t anymore.

Wu Quan whispered something in Zhao Litang’s ear.

Zhao Litang’s eyes narrowed, and he interrupted, “What are you saying! That’s ludicrous! If you keep talking nonsense, I’ll have you decommissioned!”

Qi Changyi’s breaths were weak.

With a stark white face, he asked, “Brother Tang, what’s wrong with me”

Zhao Litang comforted him, “You’re fine, Changyi, you will definitely be okay, don’t be scared.

The world is so vast, and there are many miraculous doctors.

The Imperial Physicians at the palace aren’t the only ones who can cure illnesses.

You’ll definitely be fine.”

Qi Changyi nodded lightly.

He was so sweet and obedient that it made one’s heart hurt.

Zhao Litang supported him as they walked out of the abandoned temple.

Everything outside was swathed in darkness, and there were several large, black horses waiting for them.

A few of his subordinates spoke, “General, you only need to take His Highness and head north, and ride all the way to the city wall.

Someone will be there to receive you.

Once you leave the city, continue north, and in a few days you will be able to catch up with our army.

At that point, you needn’t worry anymore.”

Zhao Litang nodded, “You all, be careful.

All of you have to report back to me, safe and sound.”

“Yes, sir!”

The soldiers all bowed, before they mounted their horses and rode on towards the southern part of the city.

Zhao Litang placed Qi Changyi on his horse, before flipping his body to sit behind the small man.

He lashed his crop, and they immediately set off toward the northern city wall.


When Pei Zheng arrived at the southern side of the city, the soldiers in charge of guarding the area had already been tied up into bundles and thrown aside.

Pei Zheng stepped forward and tore out the wad of cotton stuffed into one of the guard’s mouth.

His fingers closed around the soldier’s throat, his eyes were burning red, and his face was gloomy and terrifying.

“Where is he.”

The guard shrank backward, “R-replying to my Lord, when we all arrived here, we saw two men wearing black robes.

They were extremely skilled in martial arts; no matter how much we tried, we were no match for them…”

Pei Zheng clenched his hand.

“Get to the point.”

“They… escaped… but, we only saw those two black-clad men… we… we didn’t see anyone else…”

Pei Zheng’s grip was ruthless; in no time, he had choked the guard to death.

He withdrew his hand and stood up.

At this moment, the imperial troops behind him also arrived.


Very good.

An excellent diversion tactic.”

The corners of Pei Zheng’s mouth twitched upward, and he gave an order, “Head towards the north of the city immediately.

This time, kill every black-clad man on sight, don’t leave a single one alive.”

“Yes, sir!”

The imperial guards rushed off toward the north of the city, brandishing their blazing torches.

Pei Zheng also mounted his horse.

His ice-cold fingers clutched the reins tightly.

“You actually ran away.

Even if you disappear to the ends of the earth, I’ll find you and snatch you back.”


60th chapter wowieeee

I’m so anxious for everybody LMAO, and that poor guard who got killed after like three sentences…

Thanks for reading~


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