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 The Emperor asked, "What does Dear Official Pei thinks about this matter"


 Pei Zheng cupped his hands in greeting and said directly, "Reporting to the Emperor.

The barbarian soldiers are all brave and good at fighting.

General Zhao has guarded the border for many years and fought with them countless times.

Although he can kill the enemy troops every time, our officers and soldiers are also suffering heavy losses."


 The Emperor nodded, "That's right, General Zhao get up quickly.

I'm afraid we still need to discuss the matter of the army advancing."


 Zhao Litang got up and stood side by side with Pei Zheng.


 "Your Majesty, since Lord Pei does not agree with This Official's proposal, why not let Lord Pei talk about what to do."


 The officials of the Imperial Court shouldn't meddle with battle at the border.

But since Pei Zheng put him in an awkward situation, naturally Zhao Litang will not give up. 


 Who would have thought that Pei Zheng actually smiled when he heard this, as if he had a plan prepared earlier.


 "Your Majesty, This Minister does have a way to end the war (1) with the barbarians."


 As soon as these words came out, not only the Emperor and Zhao Litang were surprised, but all the Ministers in the hall began to whisper.


 The Emperor hurriedly asked, "Oh What method Dear Official Pei wants to use There's no harm in saying what you think.



 Pei Zheng turned around, glanced at Zhao Litang and the ministers below, and replied in a hurry, "Marriage." (2)


 The voices of the whispers gradually became louder, and most of them shook their heads repeatedly .

The barbarians were cruel, rude and arrogant, their folk customs were harsh, and there was also a language barrier.

In order to arrange a marriage it would be necessary to choose a suitable princess from the royal family.


 Not to mention that the Emperor is reluctant to let his daughter marry and suffer; It is impossible for the barbarian leader to accept the marriage, and then submit to the Imperial Court logically.


 Prime Minister Pei relies on the favor to do as he please and confuse and throw into disorder the laws and discipline of the Imperial Court. 


 Seeing the objections of the ministers coming one after another, the Emperor said with some displeasure, "Today's banquet is for General Zhao and all the soldiers to wash away the dust (3).

We will discuss this matter later."


 Only then did the ministers calmed down.

And Pei Zheng and Zhao Litang also took their seats one after another.


 Next, the dancers came on stage one after another.

For a while in the hall, the clothes fluttered and the fragrance was pleasant.

Talking and laughing, everyone was drinking and gambling together.



 The banquet lasted until late at night.

After the Emperor left the feast, everyone in the hall also left in twos and threes.


 The fourth prince Qi Changfeng and Zhao Litang walked towards the door together.

Pei Zheng stared at the two figures by the door disappearing, clenching the wine glass in his hand.


 He stood up and straightened his robes.

Without looking back at the people behind him, he strode out of the hall.


 The entire hall was almost empty.

The eunuchs and palace maids who were in charge came in and started picking up the leftovers.


 There was a small figure in the corner.

Qi Changyi kept kneeling there with his head lowered, until the little eunuch Li Yu patted him lightly and said, "Your Highness"


 Qi Changyi seemed to have just come to his spirits.


 "Your Highness, the banquet is over, I will take you back to the palace."


 Qi Changyi glanced at Pei Zheng's empty seat.

He was unable to hide the feeling of the loss in his eyes, so he agreed obediently.


 Li Yu helped him up, and the knee that Qi Changyi had just injured started to hurt again.

He leaned on Li Yu and limped out of the hall.

They turned into a long road without people, and walked towards his Living Quarters. 


 A figure suddenly appeared in the moonlight not far away, startling Qi Changyi.

He exclaimed, and the figure looked over at him from a distance.




 The familiar voice made Qi Changyi stunned for a moment.

He called out the address from his lips directly, "Tang-Gege."


 Zhao Litang came over and glanced at Li Yu.

After receiving an extremely meaningful glance, Li Yu withdrew .


 This General Zhao and His Royal Highness have an extraordinary friendship.

The two grew up together since childhood. Li Yu knew that it was very inappropriate for him to stay here, so he went back to the Living Quarters alone.


 The whole road was quiet and there was no one there.

Zhao Litang couldn't hold back his longing, and hugged Qi Changyi tightly in his arms.


 "Little Changyi, I'm back."










-marriage as an attempt to pacify minority ethnic groups in the border areas, by marrying princesses to rulers of those minority states


(3)接風洗塵 (idiom) 

-welcome and help wash off the dust -- to treat sb.

to a dinner on arriving


-refers to hosting a banquet for guests from afar to show condolences and welcome them


(4)觥籌交錯 (idiom) 

• wine goblets and gambling chips lie intertwined

• to drink and gamble together in a large group 

• a big (drinking) party


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