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Chapter 1021: Dao Heart Fiend Seed

Su Zimo did a rough count – there were 32 inheritance stone statues here.

He did not have much time.

Solitary Cloud had consumed a Life Preservation Elixir and could only last for a month at most.

He had to leave this place before a month was up!

In other words, although there were many inheritances here, he had to find one that was suitable for him and could raise his combat strength in a short period of time!

Solitary Cloud was severely injured with only a single breath left.

He had to kill his way out and make all the titular disciples outside pay with their lives!

He paced around the stone statues and read the words they had left behind.

Arriving before a stone statue, Su Zimo paused in his tracks and frowned.


The flow of time here was abnormal!

Anyone else might not have been able to sense it.

However, Su Zimo had cultivated the demonic art, Barren, before.

To a certain extent, Barren was a form of control over time.

Therefore, he was extremely sensitive to the flow of time!

Sweeping his gaze, Su Zimo landed on a green stone beneath his feet.

Wiping away the dust on it, he revealed a few lines of words.

“My Dao title is Instant and I was a half-step into the Mahayana realm.

I was at the initial stages of learning divine powers but my Essence Spirit was injured after a huge battle and I fell as a Half-Martial Ancestor!”

“With my divine powers, I altered the time within five feet of this place.

A year here is equivalent to a day outside!”

Su Zimo was startled at that statement.

In other words, a single day outside was equivalent to a year of cultivation within five feet of this place!

If he could stay here for 20 days…

It would mean that he could cultivate for a full 20 years within the space of these five feet!

That was way too important for Su Zimo.

He had just advanced to the perfected Nascent Soul realm.

No matter how he cultivated or what inheritance he obtained, it was impossible for him to step into the Void Reversion realm within 20 days.

However, if he could cultivate here for 20 years, he could turn the impossible possible!

Su Zimos eyes shone brightly as he gradually retreated from the region, continuing to observe the inheritance stone statues here.

Arriving before a stone statue of a Mighty Figure of the fiend sects, he paused and looked at the words below.

“I am Half-Martial Ancestor Imperial Sky.

I once roamed through Tianhuang Mainland and was invincible beneath the Mahayana realm!”

Another Half-Martial Ancestor expert!

A Half-Martial Ancestor expert was only half a step away from reaching the Mahayana realm and becoming a patriarch.

Every single one of them had countless dazzling achievements and fame back then!

“Ive left behind a supreme secret manual of the fiend sects, the Dao Heart Fiend Seed Sutra.

The stronger a cultivators Dao heart is, the more powerful this cultivation technique will be.

Those with weak Dao hearts are forbidden from cultivating it!”

At that point, Su Zimos heart skipped a beat.

This cultivation technique was extremely suitable for his current situation.

Firstly, after he entered the Nascent Soul realm, he had the top-tier cultivation techniques of the immortal and Buddhist sects.

However, he did not have any cultivation techniques of the fiend sects.

If he could add in the fiend sects cultivation techniques, his Essence Spirit would be even more condensed and stronger!

The Creation Green Lotus would also grow faster!

Second, and most importantly, according to what Half-Martial Ancestor Imperial Sky said, the stronger the Dao heart, the greater the benefits!

Su Zimo believed that nobodys Dao heart could be stronger than his!

If he cultivated this cultivation technique, his Dao heart would definitely not be shaken even if some sinister fiend were to invade!

Right then, the eyes of the stone statue shone with a strange glint.

Su Zimo turned around instinctively.

Their gazes met and Su Zimo shuddered!

Those eyes were pitch-black and cold, emitting a mysterious power that resembled a deep vortex that could suck his soul in!

A sinister power surged into his mind through his eyes!

“Is this what it means to accept an inheritance”

“This resembles how enlightenment is described in legends.”

Many thoughts flashed through Su Zimos mind.

Before long, streams of black qi appeared on his black hair and Essence Spirit.

More and more of it gathered in his consciousness!

Suddenly, Su Zimo felt that something was amiss.

Although he had never received the inheritance of a Mighty Figure in this place, the situation before him clearly had nothing to do with inheriting a Dharmic Dao!

Right from the beginning, he had not obtained any information about the Dao Heart Fiend Seed Sutra.

Instead, his spirit consciousness was filled with a sinister and vile fiendish aura!

Most importantly, his spirit perception was constantly warning him!

Su Zimo wanted to retreat and sever his connection with the stone statue.

However, he realized that his body was no longer under his control!

“What a perfect Dao heart!”

Right then, a sigh sounded in his consciousness with endless vicissitudes!

“Oh This body is so perfect as well!”

The aged voice sounded once more with joy and laughter.

“The heavens are really helping me, hahaha!”

An inexplicable sense of fear rose in Su Zimos heart and his body turned cold!

He finally realized what he was experiencing.


Dao Lord Extreme Fire had once warned him to be careful of being assimilated.

After all, his body was way too terrifying and powerful that anyone would be tempted.

At that time, Su Zimo did not take it to heart.

To think that he would truly encounter such a situation!

Furthermore, he was completely unprepared in the Dao Inheritance Ground!

But, how was that possible

The inheritances here had been passed down for countless years and even Mahayana Patriarchs would have passed away a long time ago – how could anyone still be alive

Seemingly sensing the confusion in Su Zimos heart, the voice sounded once more with a faint chuckle.

“Im Imperial Sky and Ive died a long time ago! However, my Dao technique has yet to dissipate and remains here!”

“Right now, Im merely borrowing your Dao heart to be reborn and live another life!”

Su Zimo was shocked.

Living another life with the help of his Dao heart!

In the Dao Heart Fiend Seed Sutra, the seed of the fiend planted was not referring to something else, but the expert of the fiend sects who had fallen, Half-Martial Ancestor Imperial Sky!

“Theres no need for you to doubt it.

The Dao Heart Fiend Seed Sutra does indeed exist.”

Within Su Zimos consciousness, black qi surged endlessly and a human figure was gradually formed.

However, its appearance was still unclear.

Half-Martial Ancestor Imperial Sky continued, “Unfortunately, you wont have the chance to cultivate anymore.

However, dont worry, Ill help you complete your cultivation path after devouring your Essence Spirit!”

In that short period of time, the Essence Spirit of the Half-Martial Ancestor Imperial Sky had already fully condensed.

His features were clear and his eyes were pitch-black, emitting a strange glow as he smiled at Su Zimo.

That smile was like a demon that had just walked out of hell and it was chilling!

The Essence Spirit of the Half-Martial Ancestor Imperial Sky strode towards Su Zimo.

Su Zimo suppressed the fear in his heart and calmed down quickly.

“Your rebirth through the use of the Dao Heart Fiend Seed Sutra is shocking indeed.

However, its not without flaws!”

Su Zimo said coldly, “Dao Heart Fiend Seed… my cultivation is only at the Nascent Soul realm.

Since you implanted a fiend seed using my Dao heart to regrow your Essence Spirit, the cultivation realm of your Essence Spirit is definitely also at the Nascent Soul realm!”

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