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Chapter 1086: Suppression!

“Sister Xi, Sister Xi!”

A Hornless Dragon ran in front of Long Xi and panted slightly.

“Long Yang went to look for Long Mo and the two of them are going to fight to the death in the Dragon Blood Battlefield!”


Long Xis expression changed slightly as she frowned deeply in deep thought.

“Sister Xi, this can be considered a good thing.

Its Long Mos fault for bullying you previously!” The Hornless Dragon said in a testing manner.

“What do you know!”

Long Xi stomped her feet and turned to run over.

The news of Long Yang and Long Mo entering the Dragon Blood Battlefield spread rapidly throughout the entire Dragon Bone Valley.

Almost all the dragons that were not in seclusion ran over to watch the battle.

“Who do you guys think will win this battle”

“That goes without saying.

Long Yang is number one on the Hidden Dragon Ranking while Long Mo is number five.

Furthermore, I heard that he only just entered the Void Reversion realm.”

“Thats right.

Rather than asking who will win, its better to ask how long Long Mo can last.”

“I heard that Long Mo was the one who had a death wish and triggered Long Yangs taboo!”

Before Long Yang and Long Mo arrived, many dragons were already gathered around the battlefield in a clamor.

Before long, the dragons dispersed.

Long Yang walked over slowly with a dark expression and ascended the bloodstained Dragon Blood Battlefield!

Su Zimo followed behind indifferently.

The battlefield was vast and reeked of blood.

The two of them were in a face-off.

“Long Yang, get down! I dont need you to stand up for me!”

Suddenly, a loud roar sounded from beneath the battlefield.

Long Xi appeared and shouted at Long Yang.

Long Yang glanced sideways and shook his head.

“Sister Long Xi, this has nothing to do with you.

Long Mo is the one who has a death wish!”

“Long Yang, you…”

Long Xi was speechless.

Under normal circumstances, in theory, she should be happy that Long Yang was standing out to help her teach Long Mo a lesson.

Even if Long Mo died, it would have nothing to do with her.

However, for some reason, she did not wish for a life and death battle between the two of them.

More and more dragons were gathering here.

Long Yang said indifferently, “If you have any last wishes, you can say them.

Ill complete them for you.”

Su Zimo burst into laughter and shook his head.

“I dont have any last wishes.

Its fine as long as you dont disappoint me.

I havent had a chance to stretch my muscles properly since coming here.”


Those words sounded extremely arrogant to the dragons!

A series of boos sounded from the dragons.

Many dragons sneered.

However, Long Yang did not laugh.

He suddenly realized that Long Mo was way too calm!

Long Yang retracted his contempt and narrowed his eyes.

Suddenly, he exerted strength with both feet and transformed into a green beam of light, charging towards Su Zimo in the blink of an eye!

Clang! Clang!

Long Yang extended his palm and bent his fingers slightly, flicking out sharp fingernails that shone with a cold glint.

A powerful suction force burst forth from the palm and enveloped Su Zimo entirely!


Su Zimo was surprised.

Long Yangs move was an extremely brilliant melee combat technique!

Most dragons relied on their physical bodies to fight in close combat.

But now, not only did Long Yang reveal his powerful physique and terrifying burst power, he even released this brilliant melee combat technique – instantly, he took the advantage!

Unhurriedly, Su Zimo twisted his palm into a saber and slashed towards the void not far away!


“Whats that Long Mo is already flustered.”

The dragons below burst into laughter when they saw Su Zimos move.

However, the laughter of the dragons stopped right after!

As Su Zimos palm descended, a gigantic ocean vortex appeared on the battlefield and a series of terrifying explosions sounded, as though it could engulf all living beings within and drown them completely!

Vortex stance!

Using his palm as a saber, he released the saber intent of the Sea Calming Manual!

Long Yangs expression changed slightly.

The suction force that burst forth from his palm dissipated instantly against the terrifying vortex and his body swayed unsteadily!


Long Yang roared and released his blood qi, causing the sound of a tsunami to echo from his body!

Tsunami blood!

It was as though a tsunami had formed within Long Yangs body as well, matching the vortex that surrounded him!

Instantly, his figure stabilized!


Long Yangs palm continued grabbing towards Su Zimos face!

Su Zimo lamented internally.

Up till this point of his cultivation, he had only encountered two cultivators in the cultivation world who had cultivated to the realm of tsunami blood.

To think that the two dragons he had encountered in less than a year after arriving in the Dragon race would have reached this realm!

Without hesitation, Su Zimo released his blood qi as well!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The sound of a tsunami could be heard!

Su Zimo strode forward and punched Long Yangs palm fiercely!


Suddenly, the two immense forces collided and their blood qi corroded.

It was as though two gigantic tsunamis had crashed, causing a loud bang!

Long Yangs expression changed slightly as he retreated!

Su Zimo took a step back as well.

This was the first dragon that could force him to take a step back in the Dragon Bone Valley!


Su Zimo burst into laughter and strode forward once more, charging towards Long Yang.

Long Yang frowned.

This collision caused his aura to pause and he could not advance any further.

However, Long Mo did not seem to be affected at all!

In reality, Su Zimo cultivated the Tidal Manual and his blood qi surged endlessly like a tsunami wave after wave; there was almost no pause at all.

With the help of Tidal Might, his strength continued to rise!

Su Zimo punched out once more with a ferocious might!

Long Yang did not evade or dodge.

His blood qi burst forth as he countered with a punch!


The two fists collided.

Su Zimo took another step back.

However, Long Yang staggered three steps back!

Before he could catch his breath, a figure flashed before him and Su Zimo charged forward once more with another punch!


Long Yang retreated once more after receiving the blow!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Su Zimo advanced continuously and rained down punches one after another.

His strength rose continuously like a peerless war god with a torrential aura!

His attacks were as dense as rain but they were extremely ferocious and did not give Long Yang any chance to catch his breath!

Long Yang could only retreat repeatedly in the face of the attack.

His expression turned ugly.

He did not even have the strength to retaliate against such an attack!

It was impossible for him to retreat, let alone retaliate!

Right now, he was completely caught up in Su Zimos attacks.

He could not push forward.

However, he could not retreat either!

He could only defend continuously until his energy was depleted!

This was a vicious cycle!

Or rather, he would not be able to last till then.

A faint taste of blood had already appeared in Long Yangs mouth after the series of head-on collisions.

His teeth had already loosened from the shock!

The surroundings of the battlefield were dead silent.

The dragons were dumbfounded.

The scene before them had completely exceeded their expectations!

The number one of the Hidden Dragon Ranking, Long Yang from the Blue Dragon lineage, was suppressed by an outsider with an impure bloodline!

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