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Chapter 1090: Reverse Scale of a Dragon!

In a corner not far away from the Dragon Blood Battlefield, five blurry figures stood, watching the battle silently as though they were in another dimension.

Even if the dragons passed by this place, they would not be able to see them.

The five figures were elders from the five lineages of the Dragon race.

From the Illumination Dragon, Elder Four was the one who came to watch the battle.

“Does the Illumination Dragon lineage really intend to let this child be the young master”

The Horned Dragon elder frowned slightly and sounded doubtful.

The Winged Dragon elder shook his head as well.

“That lads combat strength is not weak.

However, his bloodline is impure and his potential is limited.

Hes not worth nurturing.”

Regarding the matter of elders of the Illumination Dragon lineage sending Su Zimo and Solitary Cloud into the primordial divine spring to recuperate, the other elders of the Dragon race were still somewhat displeased.

Elder Four of the Illumination Dragon lineage merely smiled.

“Continue watching.”

As time passed, the elders gradually revealed a hint of surprise.

“To think that this lads combat strength would reach such a level.

This is somewhat beyond my expectations.”

“His bloodline is impure and he cant transform into a complete dragon body.

Thats not a big problem.

Once he cultivates to the perfected Void Reversion realm and receives the baptism of the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar, he should be able to transform.”

The elders of the five lineages commented and chatted.

As the battle progressed, the elders attitude towards Su Zimo changed as well.

After two breaths of Barren, the Hornless Dragon elder smiled.


This lad actually possesses the power to weaken ones lifespan.”

“500 years in a single breath is enough to deal with lesser races.

However, its useless against us dragons.” The elder of the Blue Dragon lineage had a relaxed expression and did not seem to mind.

After seven breaths, Illumination Dragon Elder Four said with a grim expression, “Somethings wrong!”

The other four elders exchanged glances and noticed something amiss as well!

The Horned Dragon elder narrowed his eyes and said sternly, “The power of this Dharmic art to reduce ones lifespan is irreversible!”

Although Dharmic arts that targeted longevity were extremely rare and precious, they were not completely non-existent.

However, the power of those Dharmic arts could be recovered.

Simply put, while the shaving of 500 years of lifespan would be present while the Dharmic art was released, the lifespan would recover upon the end of the Dharmic art.

However, Barren was different.

Shaving 500 years of lifespan was equivalent to losing 500 years – it was irreversible and irrecoverable!

That was way too terrifying!

Nobody would complain about having a long life.

Imagine how terrifying it was for a high-spirited and elegant youth to have his lifespan cut by 70 years to become an old man on the brink of death!

Even dragons with long lifespans could not remain indifferent after their lifespans were cut by thousands of years!

As elders, they should not interfere in a life and death battle between the younger generation of the Dragon race.

However, Long Yang was the number one of the Hidden Dragon Ranking.

Furthermore, Su Zimo was an outsider with an impure bloodline who had joined the Dragon race for less than half a year – they would naturally be biased towards the latter emotionally.

The Blue Dragon elder frowned and his figure flashed as he walked out of the void.

The other four followed hurriedly.

“Old Shu, its not good for you to interfere in the fight between juniors, right The Dragon race has never broken this rule before,” Elder Four of the Illumination Dragon lineage frowned.

The Blue Dragon elder was hesitant as well.

Right then, the expressions of the five dragon elders changed at the same time!

They were initially in the void and could not sense it.

It was only when they arrived outside that they could clearly sense the terror of Barren!

“The power of this Dharmic art ignores ones cultivation realm”

The Hornless Dragon elder widened his eyes in disbelief.

“I think so,”

The Horned Dragon elders expression changed gradually as he nodded.

This meant that if the Dharmic art descended on them, their lifespans would decrease at a rate of 500 years a breath as well!

Of course, given their combat strength, they could kill Su Zimo within a single breath.

Even so, that Dharmic art was enough to shock the world!

The Winged Dragon elder said meaningfully, “Long Mo has truly given us too many surprises!”

At that moment, ten breaths had passed since Su Zimo released the Barren Dharmic art.

A resolute look flashed through the eyes of the Blue Dragon elder as he prepared to strike.

If this continued, even if Long Yang did not die, the Blue Dragon lineage would still lose a paragon if too much of the latters lifespan was depleted!

Suddenly, a change happened on the battlefield.

Su Zimo, who initially had the upper hand, leaped down from Long Yangs body.

He dispersed the gray fog with both hands and stood at the other end of the battlefield with a calm expression.

He had stopped!

Su Zimo, who initially had the upper hand, did not force a kill – he chose to stop at the right time.

Although losing 5,000 years of lifespan was a significant loss for Long Yang, it was not fatal.

This was a lesson and a warning.

After Su Zimo stopped, the Blue Dragon elder who had just stepped out retraced his step as well and heaved a sigh of relief.

In the Dragon Blood Battlefield.

Su Zimo looked at Long Yang with a calm gaze.

The outcome of this battle was decided.

Or rather, life and death were decided!

If he continued to cast Barren, Long Yang would have no other choice but to die with his lifespan exhausted!

He was not a bloodthirsty person to begin with and had no deep feud with Long Yang – there was no reason for him to kill the latter.

Losing 5,000 years of lifespan was enough as a lesson.

Long Yang hovered in midair motionlessly and glared at Su Zimo with a complicated expression.

His eyes no longer carried the anger they had initially.

He could naturally sense that Su Zimo had shown mercy.

However, he would not admit defeat!

He was more prideful than anyone in his bones!

“Long Mo, dont think that you can make me bow down and acknowledge defeat just because you stopped!”

Long Yang pursed his lips with a stubborn expression.

Gritting his teeth, he said, “I still have one more move.

I havent lost yet!”

The dragons were shocked and could sense Long Yangs determination to die!

He was truly willing to fight to the death!

“Long Yang, stop!”

Long Xi could not help but shout.

Long Yang shook his head and looked at Su Zimo, saying slowly, “Long Mo, take this! Essence Spirit secret skill – Blue Dragons Fury!”

Before Long Yang could finish his sentence, green light burst forth from his glabella.

A towering green divine dragon with a single horn broke out of his body.

Opening its bloody mouth, it charged towards Su Zimo with a ferocious expression!

The dragons felt their hearts clench!

Essence Spirit fight!

Success or failure depended on this move!

To the dragons, Su Zimo had joined the Dragon Bone Valley for less than a year and had yet to cultivate the Dragon races Essence Spirit secret skills.

Against that move, Su Zimo was most likely doomed!

However, on the battlefield, Su Zimos expression was calm as he looked at the incoming green dragon.

His glabella shone and his massive spirit consciousness compressed continuously!

A palm-sized scarlet scale slowly floated out from his glabella.

It looked very ordinary.

Compared to Long Yangs Blue Dragons Fury, it was nothing special.

It was only a dragon scale.

It was the Reverse Scale of a dragon!

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