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Chapter 1103: Location of the Witch Race

The green-robed young man had no idea that Xiaoning had obtained the inheritance of the ancient Elixir Pool Sect in the elementary ancient battlefield.

While other sects could not refine the Seven Treasures Blood Transformation Pill, Xiaoning could!

An ancient Elixir Furnace suddenly flew out from Xiaonings glabella.

It was an ancient treasure left behind by Elixir Pool Sect!

Nobody knew what Xiaoning was up to.

She took out a few spirit herbs from her storage bag and tossed them into the Elixir Furnace.

Thereafter, she conjured a series of flames and began refining the spirit herbs in the furnace.

Before long, a medicinal fragrance wafted out from the Elixir Furnace.

Xiaoning waved her hand gently and the mist drifted towards the direction of the Emperor of Great Shang and the others.

In the blink of an eye, the mist enveloped more than 20 Void Reversions!

The Emperor of Great Shang and the others frowned.

For some reason, after smelling the medicinal fragrance, they could clearly feel the Gu worms in their bodies itching.

However, the green-robed young mans expression changed starkly!

He suddenly realized that the female cultivator had refined a Barrier Breaking Incense that targeted Gu worms!

The weaker the Gu worm, the weaker its reaction to the Barrier Breaking Incense.

The stronger the Gu worm, the more intense the reaction!

Black lines as thick as blood vessels appeared on the green-robed young mans face.

He looked menacing and terrifying!

“Its him!”

Xiaoning pointed at the green-robed young man in the crowd and said in a deep voice, “Hes the Gu Master!”

This was how there was a counter to everything in the world.

The green-robed young man was extremely well-hidden and even Su Zimo could not find him.

However, he could not escape Xiaonings methods.

“Hand over your life!”

In a flash, Su Zimo charged towards the green-robed youth with a murderous aura.

The Emperor of Great Xia and the others retreated.

The green-robed young man was not afraid at all.

His eyes shone with a sinister green light as he took out a white bone staff!

With the help of his Gu worms, his strength surged!

The green-robed young man extended his white bone staff and drew a dark green circle in front of him.

Suddenly, a ferocious head flew out and bit towards Su Zimo!


Su Zimo raised his brow.

This Dharmic art gave him a sense of déjà vu!

Without much thought, he conjured a scarlet flame with his backhand and enveloped the head in front of him!

Immortal Dao Fire!

Given Su Zimos cultivation, he could mobilize Dharmic powers and release the immortal Dao fire with immense lethality that could incinerate many Dharmic arts!

However, the head was not burned to ashes by the immortal Dao fire.

Instead, it let out a series of furious roars!

The head was lifelike with flesh and blood.

Under the envelopment of the immortal Dao fire, his flesh was burned to the point where his skin and flesh were torn apart and blood oozed out with a foul stench.

On the contrary, the immortal Dao fires flames were reduced significantly!

When he saw that, the green-robed young man was excited.

He bit his tongue gently and spat out a stream of blood essence into the dark green circle.


The aura of the head expanded and evil blood splattered everywhere.

Even the immortal Dao fire was showing signs of extinguishing!

“You still want to fight me in Dharmic techniques”

Sneering coldly, Su Zimo conjured hand seals and Sanskrit rumbled in his consciousness.

Another ball of flames appeared with a golden luster and fused into the immortal Dao fire instantly.

Buddhist Dao fire!

The fusion of the two Dao fires completely transformed into another Dharmic art.

The power of the Dviadhi Dao Fire was more than double!

Initially, the green-robed young man thought that he could kill Su Zimo with that Dharmic art.

However, he did not expect that a single breath of the Dviadhi Dao Fire would incinerate the head in midair into ashes!

Instantly, Su Zimo arrived before him!

“You… ”

The green-robed young man was scared out of his wits and released his Essence Spirit secret skill without thinking!

In his glabella, his spirit consciousness condensed into a lifelike Gu worm that charged towards Su Zimos glabella.

If the Gu worm could enter the other partys consciousness, it would be able to devour his Essence Spirit!


Su Zimo hollered with a cold expression.

He did not even use his Essence Spirit secret skill and merely condensed his spirit consciousness to release a spirit consciousness attack!

His Essence Spirit was tempered by the top-notch cultivation techniques of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects and his spirit consciousness was incomparably strong.

Even the simplest spirit consciousness attack was enough to destroy the green-robed young mans Essence Spirit secret skill!

The moment the Gu worm appeared, it was shattered by Su Zimos spirit consciousness!

The green-robed young man grunted and his Essence Spirit was shaken.

The blood drained from his face as his body swayed and he fell from midair.

The reason why Su Zimo did not kill him directly was because he suddenly recalled where he had seen this familiar Dharmic art before.

The former Palace Lord of Blood Crow Palace!

The remnant beast of the Witch race whose body was destroyed by the Asura Yan Beichen and whose Essence Spirit escaped!

The green glow in the green-robed young mans eyes was a phenomenon that would only appear when he cultivated the cultivation techniques of the Witch race!

Su Zimo wanted to keep the green-robed young man alive so that he could search the latters soul!

Uneasy thoughts bubbled in Su Zimos mind.

This crisis was most likely not targeted at Great Zhou!

He wanted to confirm something!

The green-robed young mans Essence Spirit was shaken and could not escape for the time being.

He could only watch helplessly as Su Zimo walked over.

Right then, a voice sounded.

“Fellow Daoist Desolate Martial, you must not go overboard when killing.

You should know when to stop.”

A white-haired old man appeared on the battlefield and shielded the green-robed young man behind him, exuding the might of a Dharma Characteristic!

Elder Sun had no choice but to step forward.

He could even endure the death of a disciple of Dragon Tiger Sect.

However, this green-robed young man had an even stronger faction backing him and he must not die!

If anything were to happen to the green-robed young man, not only him, Dragon Tiger Sect might face a catastrophe as well!

Everyones expressions changed when Elder Sun appeared!

Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord!

At that cultivation realm, he could dominate the four dynasties.

Furthermore, there were no more Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords in the capital of Great Zhou.

Here, Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were invincible existences!

Su Zimo sneered, “After waiting for so long, youre finally willing to show yourself”

Elder Sun frowned.

The reactions of the other cultivators were filled with shock, fear and respect – he was extremely satisfied.

However, Su Zimo was the only one who looked normal, making him feel uncomfortable.

Elder Sun took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “Desolate Martial, I can leave the rest to you to deal with.

However, I have to take this person away.”


Su Zimo said indifferently, “Im sorry, anyone can leave but this person!”

Elder Sun narrowed his eyes with a flash of killing intent.

He had given Su Zimo enough face by using that tone and attitude.

Unexpectedly, Su Zimo did not appreciate his kindness and was aggressive, pushing his luck!

“Desolate Martial, you have to think carefully.”

Elder Suns tone turned cold as well.

“I did not attack you merely out of respect for that senior in the Dragon Burial Valley.

Right now, Im going to take this person away.

If you dare to stop me, dont blame me for being merciless!”

Elder Suns meaning was simple – he would not take the initiative to attack Su Zimo.

However, if he were to leave and Su Zimo wanted to stop and attack him, he could not be blamed for killing the latter despite the major cultivation realm difference between them!

“I think… theres something that you might not have understood,”

Su Zimo shrugged his shoulders and said in a serious manner, “Lets not talk about him.

Even you will have to seek my permission if you want to leave this place alive today!”

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