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Chapter 114: Trump Card

The reason why Su Zimo wanted to stop refining elixirs was because he no longer needed it.

Similar to weapon refinement, Su Zimo no longer had to waste time on it now that he could refine inferior-grade spirit weapons.

There were two months left to the year end face-off.

At the moment, Su Zimos cultivation was at Level 7 Qi Condensation.

Coupled with the perfect elixirs he had refined previously, it was not going to be an issue for him to reach Level 9 Qi Condensation by the end of the year.

However, Perfected Qi Condensation was impossible for him.

At Perfected Qi Condensation, the dantian would open up like a vast sea of qi and one would be much stronger than at Level 9.

That was something that required elixirs, spirit stones and a long period of cultivation.

Even cultivators with heaven spirit roots were no exception to that rule.

During this period of time, little crane had consumed quite a bit of Su Zimos elixirs.

Even though it was still trapped in the Smoke Gathering Formation, its relationship with Su Zimo had improved.

Despite that, Su Zimo did not dare to let little crane out.

This day, little fatty arrived at Su Zimos cave abode once more.

When he saw that Su Zimos cultivation had risen, he felt relieved and thought that Su Zimo had finally picked himself up.

At the moment, little fattys cultivation realm was at the peak of Level 8 Qi Condensation.

By the end of the year, he was definitely going to hit Level 9 Qi Condensation.

Even though his progress was already very fast, it was still slightly inferior compared to Feng Haoyu and Leng Rou.

In theory, the cultivation speed of heaven spirit roots should not lose out to variant spirit roots.

Su Zimo had vaguely sensed that little fattys physique was different.

Even though it could not be compared to his, it was definitely much stronger than most other Qi Refinement Warriors.

There was a possibility that little fatty had used a portion of his spirit qi on tempering his body.

That might be why he was not on the same level as Feng Haoyu and Leng Rou.

The reason for little fattys arrival was naturally to impart to Su Zimo the various methods of sword wielding and fighting between cultivators.

As Xuan Yi had mentioned, the fights between Qi Refinement Warriors were relatively simple and there werent many things to mention – most of it had to be learned through practical experience.

For that month, little fatty stayed in Su Zimos cave abode.

As the both of them sparred daily, Su Zimos sword wielding skills were becoming more and more proficient.

Initially, Su Zimo was at a complete disadvantage.

Each time little fatty summoned his flying sword, he could suppress Su Zimo in less than three moves.

However, as time went on, Su Zimo was gradually able to match little fatty evenly.

Subsequently, the spirit tiger even joined the fights and attacked Su Zimo together with little fatty.

At the beginning, Su Zimo was not used to being attacked by little fatty and the spirit tiger together.

However, as his sword wielding skills improved, he was able to hold his ground without losing out.

During this period of time, what puzzled little fatty at the most was that despite being at Level 7 Qi Condensation, Su Zimo was completely able to match him who was at Level 8.

That implied that the quality of Su Zimos spirit qi was far superior compared to little fattys.

But, that didnt make any sense.

Both of them had heaven spirit roots, so why would there be a level of difference between their spirit qi

Little fatty had asked about it before as well but Su Zimo merely shook his head, indicating that he was unclear too.

In truth, Su Zimo had a theory.

It was because a change in quality would occur after spirit qi enters his body through his right hand, causing it to be even purer within his body!

Vaguely, Su Zimo had the feeling that his right hand might have something else that Die Yue left for him.

That was the reason why he could produce the Level 3 Spirit Fire too.

However, everything was so strange that Su Zimo would naturally not mention it to anyone else.

This day, little fatty had plans to leave.

He had already taught Su Zimo most of what he had learned in Spirit Peak – it was meaningless to stay any longer.

Before he left, little fatty suddenly declared mysteriously, “Bro, I know it seems like were rather evenly matched recently.

But, actually, I have a trump card!”

“Oh” Su Zimo raised his brow.

A smug look flashed through little fattys eyes as he chuckled.

“Bro, Ive actually been cultivating a body tempering technique that takes up quite a bit of spirit qi.

If not for that, I would be able to hit Perfected Qi Condensation by the end of the year.”

Indeed, Su Zimo had guessed correctly.

When he saw that Su Zimo did not have a stark reaction, little fatty thought that it was because he did not understand the benefits of body tempering.

Because of that, he rushed forward excitedly.

“Bro, you havent fought with cultivators who had tempered bodies before.

If I make use of my trump card, youll definitely lose for sure!”

“Is that so”

Su Zimo chuckled and asked.

When he heard that, little fatty glared at him and harrumphed gently, “Bro, if you still dont believe me, we can have another spar so that I can show you my technique!”

“Very well.”

Su Zimo nodded in agreement.

Little fatty summoned a fatty – it was a pseudo spirit weapon.

Among the five peaks, there were not many trial disciples who had an inferior-grade spirit weapon.

Because little fatty had just joined for less than a year, he naturally did not have one too.

During their normal spars, Su Zimo naturally did not use the inferior-grade flying swords that he had created.

Instead, he would also use a pseudo spirit weapon.


A stream of spirit qi shot out from both their fingertips into their flying swords.

Shuttling through the cave abode, both flying swords clashed against one another.

Cling! Clang!

The sounds of metal clashing echoed as sparks flew.

In terms of sword wielding, both of them were evenly matched and neither partys flying sword could break the others defense.

Right then, little fatty hollered and slapped on his storage bag, summoning a gigantic axe!

The gigantic axe looked to be the same size as little fatty and it appeared extremely strange when he wielded it.

While their flying swords were fighting in mid-air, little fatty took advantage of the chance and tunneled forth.

A golden light shone on the surface of his body as he suddenly arrived before Su Zimo, swifter than ever.


The gigantic axe tore through the voids and descended from the skies menacingly.

Before it got close, Su Zimos hair was already pushed backwards.

“Haha, bro! You lost!”

Little fatty burst out in laughter.

As the gigantic axe was about to strike Su Zimos head, little fatty hurriedly held back.

Right then, with an unchanged expression, Su Zimo suddenly reached out and grabbed the incoming axe!


Even though the gigantic axe had met with flesh, the sound that echoed felt like it was defeated!

The gigantic axe could not advance anymore!

Little fattys face turned pale with fight as he rushed over and asked in panic, “B-Bro! Are you a-alright! Why did y-you grab my weapon!”

Su Zimo had already tossed the axe onto the ground and retracted his nails discreetly.

Holding up Su Zimos hand, little fatty checked it back and forth… there was no damage done at all!

He was alright

Completely unharmed

Little fattys gaze towards Su Zimo changed gradually.

No matter how strong his body was, there was no way he would dare to receive a weapon with his bare hands – that was akin to courting death.

However, little fatty had witnessed the scene unfold right before his eyes!

Before little fatty managed to retract his momentum, Su Zimo had already stopped the axe! The feeling was no different from chopping an unshakable mountain!

“Bro, you…!” Little fattys eyes were filled with astonishment.

Su Zimo chuckled casually.

“Ive also cultivated body tempering techniques before.

Youve got to help me hide it.”

“F-For sure! Definitely!” Little fatty nodded instinctively.






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