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Chapter 126: Three Flying Swords

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For the past two days, Su Zimo had not appeared at all.

He was in seclusion attempting to reach Level 9 Qi Condensation.

On the night after Spirit Peaks face-off, Su Zimo consumed the second Spirit Gathering Elixir.

His body seemed to have transformed into a whirlpool as a steady stream of spirit qi flowed through his right hand into his body, wildly surging towards his dantian.

The spirit qi within Su Zimos dantian expanded rapidly, vast as the seas.

After a long time, his body shuddered as his eyes jerked wide open.

In the darkness, two rays of divine light shone and rapidly disappeared.

Level 9 Qi Condensation!

In less than a year after he joined the sect, Su Zimo had finally reached Level 9 Qi Condensation.

His cultivation speed was definitely not slow even in the entire cultivation world.

At the moment, Su Zimo carefully sensed the changes in his dantian with confused eyes.

Based on the Qi Condensation manual, the spirit qi within ones dantian would experience a change upon reaching Perfected Qi Condensation.

In other words, the dantian would form a vast sea of qi.

That was also the reason why it would take more time, resources and difficulty to attain a breakthrough from Level 9 to Perfected Qi Condensation.

But right now, Su Zimos dantian had already formed a vast sea of qi despite having just attained Level 9 Qi Condensation.

This was completely different from what the Qi Condensation manual had described!

This also meant that in terms of spirit qi, Su Zimos Level 9 Qi Condensation might not be weaker than Feng Haoyus Perfected Qi Condensation!

Su Zimo smiled to himself.

Suddenly, he was filled with anticipation and confidence towards tomorrows battle.

The next morning.

When Su Zimo walked out of his cave abode, there were already many cultivators waiting for him to come out of seclusion.

Little fatty, Xue Yi and many other Weapon Peak disciples awaited him.

“Bro, youre finally out of seclusion! Eh Youre already at Level 9 Qi Condensation” Little fattys eyes lit up.

Su Zimo smiled and nodded.

“Was Feng Haoyu the number one of Spirit Peak” Su Zimo asked.

Everyone nodded.

When they recalled Feng Haoyus performance yesterday, everyones expressions turned solemn.

They looked at Su Zimo with a hint of worry in their eyes.

To everyone, even at Level 9 Qi Condensation, the gap between Su Zimo and Feng Haoyu was way too great.

Little fatty said in a low voice, “Feng Haoyu obtained number one yesterday without even using the sects secret skill.

Clearly, he did not use his full strength.

Bro, youve got to be careful today.”

“Oh, so powerful” Su Zimo laughed.

Xue Yi smiled as well.

“Junior Brother Su, dont be too stressed in this battle.

Just give it all youve got.

If you lose, let it be.

Youre already the number one of two peaks anyways.”

“Thats right.

Even if Feng Haoyu wins you, so what Weapon Peak disciples are not good at fighting to begin with so its nothing embarrassing if he wins.”

Su Zimo smiled and asked, “Wheres the venue of todays battle”

“Array Peaks spirit arena!” Little fatty replied.

“Array Peak” Su Zimo muttered softly with a strange look flashing through his eyes.

Ever since he left Array Peak three months ago, he had not returned.

Sensing that Su Zimos expression was odd, little fatty was worried and asked hurriedly, “Whats wrong, bro Is there anything wrong with Array Peak”

“Nothings wrong.”

Su Zimo shook his head and did not explain.

He waved his hand and said, “Lets go.

Time to try out the skills of Spirit Peaks number one.”

In just one day, Array Peak was once again filled with many disciples.

Other than the trial disciples of the five peaks, some of the inner sect disciples also rushed over to watch the bustle.

Chen Yu of the Disciplinary Hall who had a grudge against Su Zimo was among them.

The five peak masters were all present.

Array Peaks spirit arena was right beside the Ten Formations Pagoda and was close to the Ten Formations Stele too.

Feng Haoyu arrived bright and early.

He stood on the spirit arena with hands behind his back, looking proud and haughty.

Before long, Su Zimo and the others arrived on their flying swords and descended in front of the spirit arena.

Su Zimos appearance instantly attracted countless stares.

“Fufu, I was wondering why he hasnt appeared for the past two days.

So, hes been cultivating in seclusion and has actually reached Level 9 Qi Condensation.”

The tone of the disciple who spoke did not sound surprised.

Instead, it was filled with obvious mockery.

“So what if hes at Level 9 Qi Condensation Hes still asking to be humiliated!”

“Im betting that Su Zimos going to lose within three moves!”

“Forget it.

If Senior Brother Feng goes all out, Su Zimo wont be able to withstand even a single move.”

There was a flurry of discussion in the crowd.

Even though Su Zimo attained number one of Weapon and Elixir Peak, it did not mean that he was strong.

No one thought highly of him for this battle.

Many of the Spirit Peak disciples were just waiting to see Su Zimo make a fool of himself.

Under countless scrutinizing gazes, Su Zimo entered the spirit arena.

Right from the beginning, Su Zimos expression was extremely calm.

His eyes were peaceful and clear as if they were unmoved entirely.

“Hey, Su Zimo! If you kneel and beg for mercy now, Senior Brother Feng might let you off out of kindness!

Among the crowd, Sun Tao shouted and caused a burst of laughter.

He was the Spirit Peak disciple who was knocked out by Su Zimo with a single slap.

Su Zimo cast a sideways glance at Sun Tao indifferently and said, “Why Do you think you havent embarrassed yourself enough last time”

That incident had always been a disgrace for Sun Tao.

Now that Su Zimo was mentioning it in front of everyone, Sun Taos face turned green and red.

He gritted his teeth and spoke coldly, “Su Zimo! I havent settled things with you for what happened back then! You ambushed me first but yet you dare to shamelessly flaunt it here


Su Zimo laughed and shook his head.

“Whats there to flaunt about beating someone like you”

Anyone could tell of the casual and contemptuous tone in Su Zimos voice.

Instantly, Sun Taos eyes were bloodshot as he hollered, “Su Zimo, fight me fair and square if youve got the guts! Ill let you witness what I can do!”

Right then, little fatty sneered, “You want to fight Sure, Ill fight you.”

Sun Tao immediately wilted.

During the Spirit Peak face-off, little fattys strength was obvious to all – Sun Tao was no match for him.

“Alright, thats enough! Feng Haoyu, Su Zimo! You guys can begin.”

Right then, Wen Xuan shouted softly and suppressed the crowd.

In the spirit arena.

Feng Haoyu looked at Su Zimo disdainfully and scoffed, “Su Zimo, Junior Brother Sun is right.

If you beg me now, I can consider sparing you.

If we really fight, you cant blame me for not showing mercy since a sword has no eyes.”

When he heard that, the disheveled old man frowned and could not help but declare, “When fellow disciples spar, one must not go overboard and threaten the other partys life!”

Feng Haoyu laughed.

“Dont worry, peak master.

Im just going to teach Junior Brother Su a proper lesson about what it means to be a cultivator!”

Right as he said that, Feng Haoyu slapped his storage bag gently and summoned an inferior-grade flying sword.

Without revealing how he controlled it, the flying sword revolved around his body and danced in the air, revealing an extremely precise mastery of sword kinesis.

At the same time, Su Zimo summoned a flying sword from his storage bag.

Everyone focused their attention.

It was an inferior-grade flying sword as well!

“He must have gotten that as a reward from being Weapon Peaks number one.”

“Yes, the number one can pick an inferior-grade spirit weapon of his choosing in the Spirit Weapon Chamber.

This must have been his choice.”

“Junior Brother Su is not behaving rationally.

If I were him, I would have definitely chosen a defensive spirit weapon!”

Pointing at Su Zimos flying sword, Feng Haoyu chuckled.

“Do you really think youre qualified to fight me just because you have a single inferior-grade flying sword”

“Youre mistaken.”

Su Zimo replied indifferently, “Its not just one.”

Right as he said that, two more flying swords appeared in Su Zimos palm!


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