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Chapter 132: Its Him, Number One of Four Peaks!

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In the spirit arena.

No one could understand Feng Haoyus feelings at the moment.

When he saw Su Zimo charging at him, Feng Haoyu felt that he was not facing a human, but a savage and brutal demon!

He could clearly see a red glint in the depths of Su Zimos eyes.

Thick, dense veins also popped up on Su Zimos face – it was a shocking and horrifying sight!


Losing his composure, Feng Haoyu subconsciously summoned his silver shield to block in front of him.

When Su Zimo arrived before Feng Haoyu, he took a last step and landed with a loud thud, causing the entire spirit arena to shake!


Su Zimos blood rumbled and a shocking sound of waves could be heard by all the cultivators present.


Su Zimo raised his arm in midair; the clothes on his arm were all tattered and torn into pieces.

What appeared before everyone was a muscular arm as thick as a python with green veins popping out and intertwining with the flesh.

It was as though water was gushing forth with an explosive amount of power!

When his fist was thrown out, his flesh expanded once more and it looked like a gigantic stamp was falling to the ground with a shocking aura!

At that moment, everyone had an illusion.

Even though Feng Haoyu was a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, he was insignificant as an ant against Su Zimos fist!


The fist met with the silver shield and let out a deafening, earth-shattering explosion.

The disciples felt their hearts pounding alongside the explosion as they could not help but gulp.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A strange sound rang out.

First, a gigantic crack appeared on the silver shield in Feng Haoyus hands.

It then slowly spread out and covered the entire shield.


An inferior-grade spirit weapon was shattered by Su Zimo with his bare hands!

The crowd was dead silent.

Everyone watched this horrifying scene with widened eyes and even forgot to breathe.

Falling far away from the spirit arena, Feng Haoyu rolled a couple of times on the ground and coughed out blood.

Closing his eyes, his face was pale and it was unknown if he was alive or dead.

Things had ended just like that

Everything had changed so quickly that it caught everyone off guard.

This was initially Feng Haoyus victory after he had advanced to Foundation Establishment realm.

However, the tides were suddenly turned as he was sent flying out of the spirit arena with just a punch from Su Zimo!

Everyones first reaction was that Su Zimo had cultivated some extremely powerful body tempering technique.

However, why did that tempering technique seem like it was some demonic technique

By now, the blood on Su Zimos face had faded away gradually.

However, all the cultivators had witnessed the scene just now.

In the spirit arena.

Su Zimo lowered his head and calmed his blood repeatedly.

Even though he had deliberately suppressed himself for that strike, the new blood cultivated from the Marrow Cleansing section had already been swapped into his marrows and it was difficult to distinguish or even control it properly.

Thankfully, Su Zimo did not let out any obvious signs of demonification.

Even then, that scene attracted the attention of the five peak masters.

At that moment, all five peak masters stood up with a solemn expression as they glared at Su Zimo with suspicion and scrutiny.

Suddenly, on the other end of the spirit arena, a bright bedazzling light burst forth and diverted everyones attention.

The light came from the Ten Formations Stele.

Suddenly, a change happened on the first row of the Ten Formations Stele.

In place of the blank space, a name appeared – Su Zimo!

“Su Zimo, Cleared Level 10, 7 days 18 hours!”

That row of words caused an uproar.

“Su Zimo Why is it Su Zimo”

“T-This doesnt make any sense Is something wrong with the Ten Formations Stele”

“Su Zimo was the mysterious challenger”

Disciples of the five peaks were so shocked that they couldnt speak properly.

Suddenly, a disciple yelled, “Guys, look! Thats Su Zimos sect badge!”

Everyone looked down.

At the feet of the Ten Formations Stele was an inferior-grade flying sword and a sect badge.

That flying sword belonged to Feng Haoyu.

As for the sect badge, it was Su Zimos.

“Ive got it!”

Someone suddenly shouted, “When Senior Brother Feng and Junior Brother Su exchanged blows earlier on, Senior Brother Fengs flying sword knocked Junior Brother Sus sect badge off and it struck the Ten Formations Stele by coincidence!”

At that, everyone finally understood.

But then, everyone was shocked by an even more unacceptable fact!

Su Zimo was the mysterious challenger.

That meant that he should have been the number one of Array Peak this year.

Since Spirit Peaks master had previously forbidden Su Zimo from entering Spirit Peak, he was unable to take part in the face-off.

However, Su Zimo had defeated the number one of Spirit Peak today.

That was akin to him being this years number one of Spirit Peak!

Coupled with Elixir and Weapon Peaks, Su Zimo had achieved the unprecedented number one of four peaks!

The way everyone looked at Su Zimo gradually changed.

They could no longer use the term genius for someone like that.

He was a monster!

Little fatty was completely stumped.

He could not help but recall Su Zimo once mentioning casually in his cave abode that it was nothing to clear the formations.

Back then, he was displeased and even told Su Zimo earnestly to be humble and to keep a low profile…

“Bro, this is being way too humble!” Little fatty cried.

However, he knew that this was not Su Zimos fault.

Su Zimo had mentioned that he was the mysterious challenger as well.

However, little fatty was the one who did not believe him, thinking that it was a casual remark…

Zhong Wen of Array Peak chuckled bitterly and murmured to himself, “Ive made countless guesses as to who you are.

Yet, I would have never imagined that you were a disciple of another peak; someone who had joined the sect for less than a year to boot.


A strange glint appeared in Leng Rous eyes as she could not help but wonder internally,Given more time, would you take away my position as number one of Talisman Peak too

The many disciples aside, even the four peak masters were stunned.

Because Xuan Yi already knew about it, he was not taken aback.

However, the other four peak masters were filled with disbelief.

Wen Xuan looked towards Xuan Yi apologetically.

At first, he misunderstood that Xuan Yi had broken the sect rules by imparting the Hexagonal Sword Formation to Su Zimo without permission.

Now, Wen Xuan finally understood that Xuan Yi had done it because Su Zimo had earned the right to learn it!

Suddenly, Wen Xuan recalled something even more important.

With a swift motion, he appeared beside Feng Haoyu and checked the latter before heaving a sigh of relief.

Feng Haoyu had merely fainted over and his life was not in danger.

Wen Xuan dug out an elixir from his storage bag and popped it into Feng Haoyus mouth.

He then raised his head and looked at Su Zimo in the spirit arena with burning eyes.

Right now, Su Zimo had already calmed his blood and returned to normal.

Even though the five peak masters said nothing, they required an explanation from Su Zimo.

Otherwise, even if he was the number one of four peaks and an unprecedented monstrous genius, they would absolutely not retain him!



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