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The inner sect assessment was relatively simple.

It merely tested the disciples on their control and insights towards sword kinesis as well as whether their foundations were stable.

When the testing elder saw that it was Su Zimo, he gave the latter an inner sect identity badge without conducting the assessment at all.

Under little fattys lead, the two of them circled the main peak before looking for a suitable cave abode to settle down.

All that trouble took up half a days time.

Before long, news of Su Zimo becoming an inner sect disciple spread out through the inner sect.

Right as Su Zimo was about to return to his cave abode and return to seclusion cultivation of Ethereal Foundation Establishment, a group of people walked over.

They looked unfriendly and were sneering.

Leading the pack was a former disciple of Spirit Peak, Sun Tao, who was knocked unconscious by a single slap of Su Zimo.

After half a year, Sun Tao was already at early-stage Foundation Establishment as well.

The other people were unfamiliar and they had different cultivations; there were even late-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivators.

All of those people surrounded Su Zimo and little fatty before long.

With a smile, little fatty cupped his fists.

“Senior brothers! What do you need”

“Little fatty, make way! This is none of your business!”

Sun Tao snorted coldly and looked at Su Zimo.

Raising his eyebrows, he said, “Su Zimo, you ambushed me while I was unprepared back in Spirit Peak! We havent settled that debt yet! Im not someone to take advantage of you.

Since youre already at early-stage Foundation Establishment now, today is a good time! Well fight it out in the spirit arena!”

In truth, even though they were both at early-stage Foundation Establishment, one had just advanced and the other was at a peak state.

Furthermore, Su Zimo had just become an inner sect disciple and had yet to learn any spirit arts.

As for Sun Tao, he had already been in the inner sect for a few months now with a few spirit arts under his belt.

Everyone could tell whether or not it was fair but no one said anything.

Little fatty had a strange expression as he looked at Sun Tao with a hint of pity in his gaze.

However, he did not say anything as well.

Su Zimo could not be bothered with Sun Tao and merely shook his head.

“Im not interested.”


Sun Taos expression darkened as he yelled, “Su Zimo, thats not up to you!”


Narrowing his gaze, Su Zimo looked at Sun Tao for a moment and suddenly laughed.

“What do you mean”

“Su Zimo, stop pretending!”

A disciple at the side shouted, “You must have been a burden to Senior Brothers Lu and Guan at the spirit mine of Linfeng City since you were just a Qi Refinement Warrior.

How else would they have died”

“What nonsense are you talking about” Hearing that, little fatty could not help but berate them.

He was well aware of what happened at the spirit mine, but no one else knew.

One of them sneered, “Even though the three of you refuse to say anything about that incident, all of us can roughly guess everything.

Su Zimo must have been a burden to our two senior brothers!”

Su Zimo was expressionless as he listened to their accusations.

It was a baseless rumor that came from an illogical conclusion.

Despite being so ridiculous, there were many in the inner sect that bought it.

Repeated rumors turn into facts.

Su Zimo did not believe that it wasnt intentionally spread by someone.

Sun Tao scoffed coldly, “Su Zimo, even if you reject my challenge today, there will be many other senior brothers coming to challenge you from this day forth in the name of our two dead senior brothers! Hmph, you can dream about cultivating in peace from now on!”

With an unchanged expression, Su Zimo nodded.

“Alright, lets head to the spirit arena.”

For some reason, Sun Tao felt uneasy when he heard Su Zimos carefree tone.

After all, Su Zimo had already defeated Feng Haoyu back when he was in Qi Condensation realm.

Now that he was at Foundation Establishment realm, Su Zimo must be even stronger!

However, Sun Tao thought again.

How could Su Zimo be a match for him since the latter had just joined the inner sect and had yet to learn spirit arts.

By the time Sun Taos imagination was done running wild, everyone had arrived at the spirit arena of the main peak.

Su Zimo entered it slowly, looking calm and composed.

Whipping out his flying sword, Sun Tao leapt into the spirit arena.

He conjured hand seals with his left hand and spirit energy reverberated on his fingertips – the spirit art was taking shape.

“Haha, today is where I will reclaim my dignity!” Sun Tao conjured his spirit art and composed himself.

He could not help but burst out in laughter smugly.

Su Zimos expression was unchanged as he said nonchalantly, “Sun Tao, if I can knock you out the first time, I can knock you out a second time.”


Right after he said that, Su Zimo disappeared from sight.

Between the both of them, a flurry of afterimages appeared and in the blink of an eye, Su Zimo arrived before Sun Tao.

He had not made use of spirit weapons nor energy – this was purely a burst of his physical strength.

An intense and ferocious aura gushed out.

For a moment, Sun Tao felt that he was not facing a human, but an ancient beast.

He did not have time to think as he struck with the spirit art in his left hand.

Controlling his flying sword with his right hand, he willed it to stab forward!

He almost did not have to aim at all since they were so close together.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Suddenly, Sun Tao heard a horrifying sound of a tsunami surging in his ears.

Su Zimos eyes lit up – his Power of Blood of bursting forth!

With a casual punch, Su Zimo destroyed Sun Taos spirit art.

Right after, he sidestepped and dodged the incoming sword and with a flip of his hand, he struck Sun Taos face ruthlessly.

This was the exact same move that he had done on Spirit Peak.

Sun Tao was alarmed as he felt his vision turn black.

A torrential force descended upon him and he fell backwards uncontrollably.


A flash of blood appeared as the back of his head landed on the ground.

Sun Tao fainted on the spot.

It was too fast!

The inner sect disciples that were spectating below were not prepared for Sun Tao to collapse on the spirit arena after just a mere moment of contact!

Stunned on the spot, most of them had not registered the fact yet.

Suddenly, Su Zimo turned around and looked at the inner sect disciples.

He said calmly, “Anyone else who is unconvinced can come up together.

Ill take all of you guys at the same time.”

Everyone was in an uproar!

The next moment, inner sect disciples below burned with instant rage and shouted, “Preposterous!”

“How arrogant!”

What did Su Zimo mean by that

He was looking down at everyone as though they were nothing!

All the inner sect disciples present were at the peak of their youth.

How could any of them tolerate such insolence from a disciple who had just entered the inner sect

Little fatty secretly frowned, somewhat confused.

In reality, after what Sun Tao said, Su Zimo realized that this was actually a scheme of the enemy hiding in the depths.

No matter what, he had to accept this challenge.

As Sun Tao said, if he did not resolve it today, he would not be able to cultivate in peace in the future.

The simplest and most effective way of settling it was to shock!

It wasnt just to shock Sun Taos group.

More than that, it was to shock the enemy plotting against him in the dark.

Therefore, Su Zimo was not just going to take down Sun Taos group today.

He was going to reveal his true strength and crush everything completely!


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