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Chapter 161: Inheritance Ground

Three days later, nighttime.

A room appeared dark and quiet, as if it was empty.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Not long after, the sound of swords tearing through the air echoed from outside accompanied by clothes fluttering.

In the blink of an eye, it appeared before the entrance.

Two beams of divine light illuminated momentarily in the darkness.

It was a pair of eyes, bright and clear.

Even though it was pitch black in the room, it was like daylight to Su Zimo.

Before anyone could call for him, Su Zimo opened the door and walked out.

There were six cultivators outside.

Other than the girl in pink whom Su Zimo had seen before, the rest were all foreign to him and they were all males.

Of the five male cultivators, four of them had an extremely obvious sect emblem etched on their sleeves – it was one of the five major sects, Southern Mountains Sect.

The other person seemed to be an itinerant cultivator.

His lips were thin and he had a crooked nose, looking at the girl in pink with a somewhat malicious and fervent gaze.

A thin layer of spirit energy veiled Su Zimos eyes as he channeled the Spirit Peering Art.

“Hmms Five perfected Foundation Establishments”

Su Zimo frowned in silence.

He had previously guessed that the girl in pink would look for other helpers.

However, he had not expected her to look for five perfected Foundation Establishment Cultivators!

This revealed a very important piece of information.

The place they were headed for most likely had a restriction in cultivation realm – any cultivators who had formed a core were unable to enter it!

Su Zimo had read about some of such places through the ancient texts in Ethereal Peak.

In Tianhuang Mainland, some ancestral cave abodes, inheritance grounds, primordial or ancient secret grounds and ruins would contain various restrictions.

Among them, restriction of ones cultivation realm was the most common.

Some of the cave abodes and ruins may even contain multiple restrictions and were filled with traps – any slight misstep could result in ones death!

But of course, huge opportunities often accompanied such grave dangers.

In those secret grounds, unimaginable opportunities awaited.

As long as anyone could obtain one of them, they could soar through the skies and transform from a cocoon into a butterfly!

In addition, even though those five male cultivators were at perfected Foundation Establishment, the Spirit Peering Art could not read how many meridians they had unlocked.

One would only truly know the true strength of their opponents when they truly unleashed their cultivations.

That was because when they channel spirit energy, the unlocked meridians would appear on the surface of the cultivators body.

Crystal clear and flawless, they were extremely prominent.

“Let me introduce you.

This is Su Zimo from Ethereal Peak.”

The girl in pink was still wearing a veil.

Her voice was sweet and tender, making one go limp at the sound of it.

“Here I was, wondering what sort of character this was for us to pay a visit personally.”

A cultivator from Southern Mountains Sect suddenly remarked coldly, “Fufu, so its just an early-stage Foundation Establishment Cultivator.”

Su Zimo raised his brow.

On the surface, that persons cultivation realm was higher than his.

However, they were merely less than five steps away.

For Su Zimo, that distance was almost an instant kill.

If they were to fight, that person would definitely die!

Even though Southern Mountains Sect was known for their body tempering techniques, Su Zimo had yet to meet a match in terms of melee combat!

“Yaner, its enough for the few of us to accompany you.

Why do you bother bringing a burden along” Another person said confidently without even looking at Su Zimo.

“Thats right.”

Another two cultivators chimed in from the sides, as though they could not wait to make themselves look better in front of the girl in pink.

The itinerant cultivator was the only one who did not speak.

However, the way he looked at Su Zimo was filled with disdain as well.

Disgusted, Su Zimo commented indifferently, “Since Im not welcome, I can leave.”

“Everyone, please stop arguingggg.”

The girl in pink pouted coquettishly and instantly attracted everyones attention.

Every single frown and smile of the girl in pink contained a mystifying power that could stir the hearts of people, or even steal their souls!

Not to mention the five cultivators present, even Su Zimo who had been wary of the girl in pink from the start felt his heart skip a beat upon hearing her coquettish voice.

She continued, “These four fellow daoists are from Southern Mountains Sect.

This fellow daoist is Yan Fei, hes an itinerant cultivator.

Can everyone give me some face and not quarrel tonighttttt”

Even though the girl in pink was wearing a veil, Su Zimo could seemingly see an innocent and beautiful girl pouting her red lips and blinking her big, clear eyes at him while begging – no one could bear to reject her.


Su Zimo nearly blurted out but his heart skipped a beat and he forcefully held back.


“Yaner, dont worry.

We wont hold it against an early-stage Foundation Establishment.”

“Thats right, Yaner.”

The five cultivators were in a daze as they answered in unison.

The girl in pink looked like the weakest in the group, but in fact, she was the one who caused and eased every conflict since she had appeared.

Every single move of hers seemed to be able to affect everyone.

It was an indescribable magic that seemed to be able to charm all beings and control everything!

Just a moment ago, the eyes of the girl in pink swept past the six of them.

However, each of them felt like she was looking and pleading at them personally.

“What sort of a technique is this”

Su Zimo was secretly shocked.

It seemed like a charm, but yet it wasnt entirely one.

She was dressed normally without revealing too much nor did she do any daring and provocative moves.

All in all, she looked like an innocent and romantic girl.

However, the more that was the case, the more it proved how powerful she was.

Su Zimo could vaguely sense that all five Foundation Establishment Cultivators the girl in pink brought along were lost in her charms.

If she wanted to have them dig out their hearts, they would most likely do so without any hesitation!

That was quite a chilling thought!

Su Zimo had nearly lost himself earlier on as well.

Now that he thought about it, he could not help but feel fearful.

“You havent told me what this trip is for Where are we headed for later Is there anything we need to prepare and take note of” Su Zimo frowned and asked.

“Why are you asking so many questions”

“Thats right.

Yaner can have us do anything.”

“If youre afraid, you dont have to go.”

The few Foundation Establishment Cultivators rebutted right away.

Smiling, the girl in pink rolled her eyes at Su Zimo.

“My, my.

Youve got so many questions.”

“The place were going is an inheritance ground of my sect.

Initially, I wanted to head there to receive my inheritance secretly.

But unfortunately, the location of the inheritance ground has been exposed and many fiend sects are attracted to it.


The girl in pink sighed.

“Im weak and no match for those cultivators of the fiend sects! Tonight, I can only rely on some fellow daoists to ensure my safety so that I can obtain the inheritance within.”

“Dont worry, Yaner! With me, Wu Xiangming, around, no one will be able to hurt you!”

“Thats right! I, Shi Yucheng, will definitely accompany you to the end till you obtain your inheritance, Yaner!”

Su Zimo could hear the many loopholes and inconsistencies in the girl in pinks story.

However, the five Foundation Establishment Cultivators bought it completely.


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