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When Su Zimo returned to the space in the abyss, he was momentarily stunned.

He looked at the scene before him in shock and remained silent for a long time.

The gigantic Horned Dragon corpse that was initially in this space was undergoing a huge change.

Golden scales fell off and shattered as its flesh withered rapidly and began to rot!

Before long, the Horned Dragons corpse was riddled with holes and no longer possessed the same grandeur in the battle against the three Perfected Immortals earlier on.

Su Zimo sighed gently and vaguely understood what had happened.

Even someone as strong as the Horned Dragon before him could not match the passage of time.

This Horned Dragon was initially sealed beneath the mountain rocks in this space without seeing the light of day.

Without any external disturbances, its corpse could still remain intact.

There were many ancient corpses in the abyss.

Although they looked intact on the surface, a gentle touch from an external force would turn the corpses into dust without even a storage bag left.

It was already incredible that this Horned Dragon could fight against the three Perfected Immortals with its final bit of energy after leaving this place.

About two hours later, the Horned Dragon was left with nothing but a faint golden skeleton that extended thousands of kilometers across the world.

Su Zimo bowed towards the corpse of the Horned Dragon.

If not for the Horned Dragon, he would not have been able to defeat the three Perfected Immortals and the injuries on his Dao Heart would not have healed in a short period of time.

If not for this space, he might not even be alive right now.

After a moment of silence, Su Zimo suddenly recalled something.

Given how strong this Horned Dragon was, there should be many treasures left behind!

The space before him should have been created by this Horned Dragon.

In other words, there was a high chance that any treasures left behind by the Horned Dragon were in this space!

At that thought, Su Zimo was invigorated and explored the depths of the space.

After traveling for almost half a day, a large number of golden palace structures appeared before him, majestic and ancient.

The palace structures could not defeat the power of time either and were dilapidated, leaving nothing but ruins.

However, just as Su Zimo was about to enter the area to check, he felt a tremendous resistance ahead.

No matter what methods he used, he could not advance any further!

He could not even use his spirit consciousness to scan.

Su Zimo murmured thoughtfully, “Could there be a cultivation restriction in this space”

He tried many more times to no avail before giving up temporarily.

In his consciousness, the Bronze Square Tripod was still refining and absorbing the power of the Godfiend Soul Summoning Banner.

After devouring the many spirit treasures scattered in the abyss, the second tripod wall was already half repaired.

According to this trend, there was a high chance that the second wall of the tripod would recover after absorbing the entire Godfiend Soul Summoning Banner!

At the same time, a trace of life appeared on the second tripod wall.

The situation was similar to the awakening of the Azure Dragon on the first tripod wall.

However, the auras of the two living beings were completely different!

To be precise, the lifeforce on the second tripod wall carried an unusual heat!

Su Zimo was in no hurry to leave.

This space also contained Heaven and Earth Essence Qi that was not weaker than the Dragon Abyss Star.

Furthermore, there was no danger cultivating here.

Even the three Perfected Immortals did not discover the existence of this space.

This was a perfect place for seclusion!

Without hesitation, Su Zimo looked for a green stone and assumed a lotus position.

He began to consume Essence Condensation Pills and cultivated while waiting for the Bronze Square Tripod.

In his consciousness, the Bronze Square Tripod vibrated gently and Su Zimo woke up from his seclusion.

Opening his eyes, he took out the Bronze Square Tripod and focused his gaze.

The second wall of the Bronze Square Tripod was completely repaired!

Indeed, there were mysterious Sanskrit words recorded on the inner walls that were perfectly connected to the previous section of the Prajna Nirvana Sutra.

Su Zimo looked at the words on the inner wall.

The Sanskrit words turned into golden lights and entered his glabella.

Every single Sanskrit word of the Prajna Nirvana Sutra contained endless logic and wisdom.

Unknowingly, Su Zimo was immersed in his comprehension.

When he woke up once more, another year had passed!

Su Zimo let out a long breath and lamented.

He had once absorbed and refined a Sal Tree Leaf and was extremely perceptive with deep attainments in Buddhism.

Even so, he had only comprehended a small half of the Sanskrit of the Prajna Nirvana Sutra in a year.

He did not know the background of this Buddhist sutra.

Su Zimo shifted his gaze towards the outer wall of the Bronze Square Tripod.

Indeed, there was a pattern etched on the repaired outer wall.

The pattern depicted a fiery red bird that burned with flames.

Although it resembled a divine phoenix, the aura it emitted was even more terrifying!

If one of the four sacred beasts, the Azure Dragon, was etched on the first wall, the fiery red bird on the second wall should be another one of the four sacred beasts, the Vermilion Bird!

The Vermilion Bird on the wall of the tripod opened its eyes and two flames shot into Su Zimos eyes.

Instantly, a secret skill appeared in Su Zimos mind and he chanted instinctively, “Southern Mingli Fire…”

The flames of the Vermilion Bird were even stronger than the flames of the divine phoenixes and even Taboo Feng Huang!

Although Su Zimo inherited the Dragon Phoenix Essence Spirit, he lost his Dragon Phoenix True Body and his Dragon Phoenix bloodline—that meant that he lost the Dragon Phoenix Flames.

But now, he had obtained the Southern Mingli Fire that was even more terrifying than the Dragon Phoenix Flames!

He continued to cultivate in seclusion and consumed Essence Condensation Pills to cultivate the Prajna Nirvana Sutra and the Southern Mingli Fire secret skill.

Unknowingly, he had already cultivated for a full 20 years in this abyss!

What was worth celebrating was that he had already comprehended more than half of the Prajna Nirvana Sutra in the past 20 years and had successfully cultivated the Southern Mingli Fire secret skill.

However, Su Zimos cultivation realm advanced slowly.

Although the Green Lotus True Body was strong, the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi required for its growth far surpassed the need of other cultivators.

In 20 years, Su Zimo had consumed close to 2 million Essence Condensation Pills.

However, his cultivation did not increase much, as though he had encountered a bottleneck.

“Im still only at the Level 6 Black Essence realm.

There are still three minor realms to break through to the Earth Essence realm, but they seem far from reach,”

Su Zimo sighed internally.

The joy of repairing the Bronze Square Tripod and obtaining the ancient sutra and secret skill had faded significantly over the years.

The Green Lotus True Body had brought too many benefits to Su Zimo.

However, at the same time, it restricted his growth.

The conditions for the Creation Green Lotus to grow were way too stringent and the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi required was far beyond what ordinary people could imagine!

Of course, if he continued cultivating and consuming Essence Condensation Pills, Su Zimo still had a chance of breaking through to the Level 7 Black Essence realm.

However, that might take hundreds or even thousands of years!

To the cultivators of the Dragon Abyss Star, it was already extremely fast if they could break through a minor realm in a thousand years.

However, it was difficult for Su Zimo to accept that.

He wanted to raise his cultivation as soon as possible so that he could leave the Dragon Abyss Star and meet Die Yue in the shortest possible time!

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