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Wind Flame made use of Nether Swap to escape the calamity.

Just as he was about to release his Invisibility and hide in the army, he felt his heart skip a beat!

An even stronger sense of danger enveloped him!

Su Zimos voice sounded right behind him!

Wind Flames eyes widened in fear and his scalp felt like it was about to explode.

He felt a chill run down his spine and his limbs went cold.

Although he still had immense strength, he could not release it at all.

He had just released Nether Swap—how could Su Zimo arrive behind him in an instant

Wind Flame no longer had the chance to figure out the reason as a sharp pain surged through his mind.

In fact, he could even hear the sound of his skull cracking!

A tremendous power surged into his consciousness and shattered his Essence Spirit!

The next moment, Wind Flame lost consciousness.

There was a momentary pause on the battlefield.

Although Wind Flame did not understand what happened, the bystanders were clear about it.

Under countless gazes, Su Zimos figure flashed twice in succession and smashed the top of Wind Flames head, killing him!

The First Boss of the Evil Wolf Army, a peak Grade 8 Black Immortal, had dominated the Dragon Abyss Star for many years and experienced countless bloodshed.

In the end, he managed to escape death and survive till now.

However, he could not escape against the terrifying movement technique of the True Dragon Nine Flashes.

Even the paragons and monster incarnates among the natives of the upper world might not be able to avoid Su Zimos pursuit, let alone Wind Flame!

In just a few breaths, the two bosses of the Evil Wolf Army were dead.

The tens of thousands of Evil Wolf Army cultivators were stunned on the spot and could not react in time.

Their two bosses who were Grade 8 Black Immortals were dead just like that

Kou Yong laughed as he fought against Ding Ye.

“Good kills!”

Cang Ya had a grim expression and suddenly shouted, “Everyone, watch out! This person isnt at the Level 6 Black Essence realm.

Hes a Grade 7 Black Immortal!”

“How is that possible He was only a Grade 6 Black Immortal 30 years ago!”

“What sort of innate physique does that person possess What cultivation technique did he cultivate such that his cultivation speed is so terrifying”

The cultivators were moved.

As for Duan Tianliang, Xia Qingying and the others who were the first to come into contact with Su Zimo in Snow Wind Ridge, they were even more shocked!

When Su Zimo first descended on the Dragon Abyss Star, he was only a Grade 4 Black Immortal.

Now, it had only been slightly more than a hundred years and Su Zimo was already a Grade 7 Black Immortal!

This cultivation speed was something that even some top-tier experts and successors of powerful sects with countless cultivation resources and cultivation techniques could not achieve!

“Could this lad be the reincarnation of an immortal”

In the upper world, there were some legends that said that once ones cultivation reached a certain realm, as long as they could ensure that a wisp of their soul did not dissipate and entered reincarnation, they could be reborn.

When immortals were reborn and cultivated to a certain realm, they could recover their memories of their previous lives.

Some immortals would be reborn and even have seniors, Dao companions or kin of their previous lives to welcome them back to the immortal sects.

“Even the reincarnation of an immortal cant cultivate so quickly, right”

The leaders of the Scorpion Gang, Thunder Shock Hall and the others were shocked.

“Goshawk Gang, heed my orders!”

Cang Ya said in a deep voice, “Continue rising into the air and distance yourself from that lad before attacking!”

That was his greatest reliance.

Hundreds of cultivators rode on goshawks and circled in the skies, looking down from above.

They were almost invincible and no one could threaten them.

The hundreds of Goshawk Gang cultivators did not dare to be careless and rose into the air hurriedly.

Su Zimo looked up and sneered, “Cang Ya, do you think that the pair of golden wings behind me are just for show”

The moment he said that, Su Zimo flapped his golden wings and took off!

A golden light surged into the skies and in the blink of an eye, Su Zimo was dozens of feet above the ground, even higher than the hundreds of goshawks!

Those were the wings of the Golden Roc.

Among birds, the Golden Roc was the absolute king!

Cang Yas expression changed starkly as he shouted.

Su Zimo descended from the skies and charged into the Goshawk Gang.

He was almost unstoppable!

The massacre had already begun.

Many of the Goshawk Gang cultivators howled and fled in all directions.

However, no matter how fast the goshawk was, it could not match the speed of the Golden Roc.

Before long, Su Zimo would catch up and kill them on the spot!

Su Zimo channeled his Essence Spirit and conjured hand seals.

Suddenly, two pure white flames appeared in his palm.

They were demonic and terrifying, emitting frightening air currents!

This time round, he did not fuse the Southern Mingli Fire with the three Dao Fires.

After all, the Southern Mingli Fire was a secret skill recorded on the Bronze Square Tripod and he wanted to test its power.

Su Zimos spirit consciousness moved and two balls of flames floated out, scattering in midair and forming a gigantic firewall that blocked the hundreds of Goshawk Gang cultivators!

Many of the Goshawk Gang cultivators released their divine powers, channeled secret skills, summoned Dharmic treasures, tore talismans and released many trump cards, wanting to break through the obstruction of the fire wall.

Unfortunately, be it divine powers or Dharmic treasures, they were incinerated upon entering the Southern Mingli Fire!

Some of the goshawks that collided with it were burned to ashes before long!

Even a single spark would ignite a raging fire in the body of the Goshawk Gang cultivators and eventually engulf them!

It was like a flame cage that trapped hundreds of the Goshawk Gang cultivators within and no one could escape!

Even the Vice Gang Leader of Goshawk Gang, a Grade 8 Black Immortal, could not withstand the heat of the Southern Mingli Fire and fell from midair, turning into ashes before he even landed on the ground.

“Ive long heard that Su Zimo specializes in fire Dao techniques.

To think that that flame would be so terrifying!”

“The power of that flame shouldnt be at its limits yet.

Under Dragon Abyss City, Su Zimo once released a secret skill of fire that fused flames of different colors and increased its might by several times!”

“That single flame is already so powerful.

If its fused with a few more flames…”

The leaders of many factions no longer dared to think about it.

Those flames could definitely kill them with ease!

Under the illumination of the flames, Cang Yas face was pale and his eyes were filled with shock, fear and regret…

“Fellow Daoist Su, I admit defeat,”

Cang Ya took a deep breath and grit his teeth.

“Exalted Immortal, I wonder if you can give me a chance.

Im willing to serve you and follow you!”

Not only did Cang Ya change the way he addressed Su Zimo, he even knelt down.

“Exalted Immortal, the tens of thousands of troops under my lead will also obey your orders!”

Cang Yas heart was clear as a mirror and he had long understood.

The two bosses of the Evil Wolf Army and the Vice Gang Leader of the Goshawk Gang were dead.

He was the only one left and it was difficult for him to survive alone.

If he could follow Su Zimo, not only would he be able to survive, he might even obtain some benefits.

Although it was humiliating, it was nothing compared to his life.

Just as Cang Ya was plotting his plan, Su Zimos voice sounded.

Although it was only three words, it caused his heart to sink instantly!

Cang Ya raised his head and was about to speak.

Su Zimo had already arrived beside him and closed his fingers.

The surrounding Southern Mingli Fire gathered and returned to his palm instantly.

Su Zimo threw it casually.

The ball of Southern Mingli Fire landed on Cang Yas head…

With a tragic cry, the flames engulfed Cang Ya!

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