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Yun Ting was a rare paragon in the Divine Firmament Immortal Domain.

When he saw the Bloodline phenomenon behind him dissipate, he realized Su Zimos motive.

On the surface, Su Zimo released three Essence Spirit secret skills in succession to target his Essence Spirit, but in reality, it was to destroy his Bloodline phenomenon!

Naturally, Yun Ting had other trump cards.

However, he could not use Dharmic treasures in the Emperors Tomb and those powerful methods could not be used.

Now that his Bloodline phenomenon was dispelled, it meant that he could no longer threaten Su Zimo.

Of course, both of them had expended a lot of energy up till this point of the battle and Su Zimo released three Essence Spirit secret skills in succession.

Yun Ting believed that Su Zimo was already at the end of the road and could not threaten him with his trump cards used.

“Somethings not right!”

Right then, an image flashed through Yun Tings mind and he was shocked!

Suddenly, he recalled that after Su Zimo released the three Essence Spirit secret skills, his fingers were still changing continuously as he conjured a Dharmic art!

Yun Ting focused his gaze hurriedly and felt that the light before him was a little blinding.

The temperature in the hall rose suddenly.

Four balls of flames of different colors rose beside Su Zimo.

Golden, black, milky-white and scarlet.

Although the four balls of flames were only the size of a fist, they emitted a violent heat that burned away the surrounding Heaven and Earth Essence Qi!

“You can still…”

Yun Ting clenched his fists and looked at everything in disbelief.

Initially, he thought that releasing three Essence Spirit secret skills in succession was Su Zimos limit.

To think that Su Zimos Essence Spirit could even channel spirit consciousness and gather Essence Qi to condense such a powerful immortal art secret skill!

The auras released by each of the four balls of flames were completely different.

The golden flame Dharma Characteristic was dignified and there seemed to be an ancient Buddha sitting cross-legged within.

However, the black flame was sinister and filled with fiend qi.

As for the milky-white flame, it was even stranger—there seemed to be the faint sound of phoenixes!

Even with Yun Tings experience, he had never heard of such an immortal art or secret skill.

Su Zimo stood in midair with two balls of flames burning in his eyes.

The heatwave surged as though it wanted to devour Yun Ting and burn him to ashes!

At that moment, Su Zimos aura had already overwhelmed Yun Ting completely!

On the other side, the middle-aged Daoist and the others were shocked as well.

Even they had not expected the battle between the two monster incarnates to reach such an extent.

Furthermore, it was an immortal from the lower worlds who had the upper hand!

Yun Ting felt suffocated and uncomfortable against Su Zimos aura.

However, he still straightened his back and raised his head.

There was no fear in his eyes as he shouted, “Su Zimo, you cant defeat me with your methods!”

Yun Ting had the Ice Soul Inner Armor to protect his Essence Spirit and outer armor to protect his body.

Indeed, ordinary methods could not hurt him.

Even if he could not win today, he would definitely not lose!

“Is that so”

Su Zimo did not argue and merely said indifferently, “Thats good as well.

Ill teach you a lesson today!”

Before his sentence was finished, Su Zimos hand seals changed once more.

The immortal Dao Fire, Buddhist Dao Fire, fiend Dao Fire and the milky-white Southern Mingli Fire transformed into four flames that sped towards Yun Ting.

When they were still in midair, the four balls of flames fused together as though they were drawn in by some power, forming a gigantic fireball!

Each of the four balls of flames released individually could not threaten Yun Ting.

However, after the four balls of flames fused, the secret skill transformed completely and its power increased exponentially!

Yun Ting had a grim expression as he glared at the gigantic fireball that was speeding over.

He began to activate his Ice Soul Silver Armor and his body was covered in a layer of frost.

Although the fireball was powerful, the power of the Ice Soul Silver Armor could definitely defend against it.

Right then, another flame burst forth from Su Zimos glabella.

Essence Spirit Dao Fire!

Su Zimos Essence Spirit was already extremely weak.

When released, the Essence Spirit Fire did not have much power.

However, when it landed in the fireball, the secret skill underwent another transformation and turned into the Pancadhi Dao Fire!

The flames of the fireball intensified and expanded once more, devouring towards Yun Ting like a red sun!

Yun Ting was shocked!

He had not expected that the power of the fireball would increase to another level the moment it was about to descend!

He could even sense the aura of death!


The Pancadhi Dao Fire howled and devoured Yun Ting in the blink of an eye!

The temperature in the hall had already climbed to a terrifying level.

The middle-aged Daoist Daoist and the others who were fighting at the side were drenched in sweat as well.

The three of them exchanged shocked glances.

If that Dao Fire was released towards them, they would be burned to ashes instantly even if they had ten lives!

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