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When he saw that, Su Zimos heart skipped a beat and he was on guard.

Yun Ting noticed the change in the Ice Soul Silver Armor and seemed to have realized something.

His expression changed as well as he shouted anxiously, “Sister, I havent lost yet.

I dont want to go back!”

Nobody replied.

However, the shards of the Ice Soul Silver Armor collided rapidly and formed a pitch-black tunnel on Yun Tings body.

It was filled with a powerful suction force and wanted to take him away from the Emperors Tomb.

A spatial tunnel!

Yun Ting wanted to struggle but he could not defend against the power of the spatial tunnel behind him.

His body was gradually devoured by the tunnel but he still glared at Su Zimo indignantly.

If he had not expended too much of his Essence Spirit to dispel the formation previously, he would not have been so passive in the Essence Spirit fight earlier on.

The Bloodline phenomenon behind him would not be destroyed by Su Zimo.

Earlier on, he would not have been reduced to such a sorry state.

A single mistake had led to countless more!

“Su Zimo, its difficult for me to unleash my combat strength to its peak in this Emperors Tomb and youve got the upper hand.

However, dont be smug.

You didnt win at all.

If we continue fighting, its still unknown who will win!”

Yun Tings figure almost vanished into the spatial tunnel and only his intermittent voice could be heard.

“Su Zimo, Ill remember you… I hope that you can cultivate as soon as possible.

Dont… fall too far behind me.

In the future, victory between us will be determined…”

The void closed and the spatial tunnel vanished—Yun Ting had already left the Emperors Tomb.

Su Zimo heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that.

Thankfully, Yun Tings sister used some secret skill to bring him back.

If the battle were to continue, Su Zimo would not be able to hide the secret of his Green Lotus True Body any longer.

A look of fatigue appeared on Su Zimos face.

Releasing three Essence Spirit secret skills in succession and the release of the Pancadhi Dao Fire was also a huge drain on his Essence Spirit.

If not for the fact that the Green Lotus and Dragon Phoenix Essence Spirits had fused and he cultivated the Prajna Nirvana Sutra to temper his Essence Spirit, he would not have been able to do it given his previous Essence Spirit condensation level.

With Yun Tings departure, the jade talisman was within Su Zimos reach.

However, he did not choose to take the jade talisman first.

Instead, he turned around and charged towards another battlefield.

On the other side, Tang Ziyi was on the brink of death!

Su Zimo fought against Yun Ting and the three of them attacked Tang Ziyi like a storm without stopping.

Tang Ziyis shoulder was shattered and she had more than ten wounds on her body.

Fresh blood flowed and one of her legs was broken.

She staggered and could die at any moment!

However, Tang Ziyi pursed her lips expressionlessly.

Even though she was in immense pain, she did not make a single sound the entire time.

She knew in her heart that the battle between Su Zimo and Yun Ting was a fight between the top monster incarnates and there was no room for mistakes.

If she cried out in pain, Su Zimo would definitely be distracted and there was a high chance he would be killed by Yun Ting on the spot!

Tang Ziyi felt her head spin and her vision blurred.

She truly could not hold on any longer.


Right then, a furious roar sounded like thunder in her ears, containing a calming power.

She was invigorated and gradually regained clarity; it was as though a spring breeze had blown past her Essence Spirit and her consciousness was filled with warm sunlight.

Su Zimo made use of the power of the Buddhist Dao to roar in a deafening manner.

However, Su Zimos Essence Spirit was weak at the moment and the effect of the roar was extremely limited, only able to wake Tang Ziyi up temporarily.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Su Zimo roared and charged into the battlefield.

Raising his arms and legs, he fought against the three paragons, the bald monk, the iron tower man and the middle-aged Daoist, causing the sound of flesh clashing to echo!

The three paragons were repelled by Su Zimo!

The three of them exchanged glances—all of them could see the fear in the others eyes.

Su Zimo had released all his trump cards in such a tragic battle against Yun Ting but he still had the strength to fight them head-on!

Actually, at that moment, Su Zimo was already at the end of his road.

After ascending, there had never been a cultivator of the same cultivation realm who could force him to such an extent.

Even so, he could suppress most Grade 9 Black Immortals with his Green Lotus True Body!

“His Essence Spirit is weak.

Attack his Essence Spirit!”

The middle-aged Daoists expression changed as he quickly saw through Su Zimos weakness and hollered.

In reality, that was the case as well.

Su Zimos Essence Spirit was extremely weak after activating three Essence Spirit secret skills in succession and releasing the Pancadhi Dao Fire—he could no longer use any Essence Spirit secret skills.


The middle-aged Daoists glabella shone and released a violent spirit consciousness fluctuation.

He was the first to condense an Essence Spirit secret skill and charged towards Su Zimo.

“You must have a death wish!”

Su Zimos expression turned cold.

Although he could not use his Essence Spirit secret skill, he had other killing moves!

In his consciousness, the Creation Lotus Platform spun slowly and the 81 green lotus seeds transformed into rays of light that rapidly formed a sharp sword that tore through his glabella and sped forward!

It was a killing technique targeted at the Essence Spirit, the Green Lotus Sword!


With a flash of green light, the sharpness of the Green Lotus Sword sliced the middle-aged Daoists Essence Spirit secret skill into two before killing him!

The middle-aged Daoists expression changed starkly.

Sensing the sharpness of the Green Lotus Sword, he turned and fled without hesitation.

However, no matter how fast he was, he could not be faster than the Green Lotus Sword.

Before long, the Green Lotus Sword entered the back of the middle-aged Daoists head and penetrated his consciousness.

It flew out from his glabella and scattered into green lotus seeds before returning to Su Zimos consciousness.

The green lotus seeds were dim and their power was exhausted after defending against the blood-colored blade and killing the middle-aged Daoists Essence Spirit.

They required a period of nourishment in the Creation Lotus Platform to recover to their original state.

However, the bald monk and the iron tower man did not know about the changes.

The two of them had initially conjured Essence Spirit secret skills as well.

Before they could release them, the middle-aged Daoist was killed by the Green Lotus Sword.

The two of them were so scared that they dispersed their Essence Spirit secret skills hurriedly, afraid that they would attract the killing power of the Green Lotus Sword.

“Monk, stop holding back,”

Suddenly, the iron tower man grinned and a cunning look flashed across his honest face.

“At this point, if we continue to hold back, well probably be killed by this person!”

“Thats right!”

The bald monk nodded as well.

“Since thats the case, lets join forces and kill this person first before we determine who the jade talisman belongs to.”

Tang Ziyi frowned slightly.

She had not expected the bald monk and the iron tower man to be holding back!

But soon, she understood.

On the surface, the four paragons worked together in harmony.

However, the four of them were also scheming against one another.

The reason why the bald monk and iron tower man held back was definitely because they wanted to catch one another off guard during the final fight for the jade talisman.

When she attacked the blue-dressed woman, the two of them were far away and did not arrive in time.

Now that she thought about it, they might have done it intentionally to make use of her to get rid of another competitor!

However, neither of them had expected that Su Zimos strength was unfathomable.

If they held back any longer, they would all die here!

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