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Naturally, Su Zimo knew that the reason why the tiny golden flame was so terrifying was not because of the Essence Spirit Fire he released.

Or rather, that wasnt even any Essence Spirit Fire.

At best, it was an Essence Spirit Spark and was almost useless.

However, because his spark ignited the thin layer of oil in the lantern, it released the power of the Soul Lantern!

However, where did the oil come from

When he first obtained the Soul Lantern, he could clearly see that there was only the wordSoul in the lantern without any oil.

Furthermore, even if there was lantern oil, it would have dried up after countless years.

Su Zimo stared at the Soul Lantern and fell into deep thought.

A moment later, a thought flashed through his mind.


Although the black-robed old man severed his arm in time, much of his soul was still absorbed by the Soul Lantern.

There was a high chance that it became the lantern oil in the Soul Lantern!

This was an ancient bronze lantern that could only burn with lantern oil condensed from souls!

That should be the origin of the nameSoul Lantern.

That was not the only thing that shocked Su Zimo.

The flame of the Soul Lantern burned the black-robed old mans soul.

However, familiar faces appeared in the surrounding void.

Those faces were no longer menacing or terrifying.

They transformed into human forms and bowed deeply in the direction of the Soul Lantern before looking at Su Zimo gratefully and bowing as well.

Thereafter, the faces vanished completely.

Su Zimo looked at everything in a daze and was enlightened.

A moment later, he gradually understood.

Over the years, the black-robed old man had devoured countless souls to cultivate to this point.

Those souls were controlled by the black-robed old man and could not enter reincarnation.

But now that the black-robed old man was burned to death by the Soul Lantern, it was equivalent to purifying the souls and allowing some of them to be freed and be reborn.

That was the reason why those souls bowed to the Soul Lantern and expressed their gratitude to him.

At that moment, the Soul Lantern was still burning.

Although the golden flame was extremely small, it seemed like it would never extinguish and was filled with a golden glow.

Actually, Su Zimo was also standing in the light of the Soul Lanterns flame.

However, the power of the Soul Lantern did not cause any damage to his Essence Spirit.

Su Zimo could not confirm the reason either.

It might be because his spirit consciousness flame had ignited the Soul Lantern.

That was why the light of the flame did not hurt him.

A Dharmic treasure like this Soul Lantern must have long gained sentience if even the Hell Suppression Tripod could not devour it.

It was also possible that the Soul Lantern had sensed the aura of the Prajna Nirvana Sutra from him previously and did not hurt him.

However, Su Zimo was certain that he had yet to fully control this Soul Lantern.

Perhaps his cultivation realm was not high enough or his Essence Spirit was not condensed enough.

In any case, when he tried to touch the Soul Lantern, he could still sense a strong warning of danger!

Of course, Su Zimo was in no hurry.

He still had much time and opportunities in the future to slowly explore the secret of this Soul Lantern.

If he still failed after he became an Earth Immortal, he would try again when he was a Heaven Immortal.

One day, he would be able to control this Soul Lantern completely!

Up till now, the Soul Lantern could not be considered as a trump card and was not of much help to him.

That was because he could not control the Soul Lantern and could only roll it up with his robes.

It was too easy for others to resolve it.

Any immortal art, divine power or Dharmic treasure of the other party could knock down the Soul Lantern.

The reason why the black-robed old man was killed by the Soul Lantern was mainly because it caught him off guard.

Furthermore, the black-robed old man was a Ghost Immortal and was completely formed from souls.

Even the walking stick in his hands was transformed from souls.

For the black-robed man, the Soul Lantern was practically his natural enemy!


Right then, Su Zimo suddenly realized something.

He could not sense the power of the curse of the Emperors Tomb while standing under the envelopment of the Soul Lantern flames light!

It was as though a vacuum forbidden ground had been formed within the radius of the Soul Lantern flames light and even the curse of the Emperors Tomb could not penetrate it!


Su Zimo was secretly alarmed.

That was a little impressive.

The reason why this curse was terrifying was because even Immortal Emperors were not spared and died to it!

Furthermore, there were two Emperor realm experts!

But now, the flame of the Soul Lantern could actually repel the curse of the Emperors Tomb!

What was the origin of the Soul Lantern


Suddenly, Su Zimo recalled something.

According to the Immortal Emperor, he should have obtained this Soul Lantern long ago.

If so, how did the Immortal Emperor die from the curse

Right then, Su Zimo suddenly felt dizzy.

His body swayed slightly and he almost fell to the ground.

Earlier on, he was struck by one of the black-robed old mans ghost faces and his back was mangled with his organs shaken.

That was nothing.

Given the regeneration capabilities of the Green Lotus True Body, he would recover before long.

It was mainly the power of the curse that seeped into his flesh!

Earlier on, Su Zimo was tense and suppressed the curse of the Emperors Tomb temporarily.

Now that he was slightly relaxed, the power of the curse burst forth completely and began to corrode continuously, seeping into his organs and even his marrow!

Su Zimo finally understood why the Immortal Emperor died under the curse.

Although the flame of the Soul Lantern could block the curse of the Emperors Tomb, it could not purge the curse in his body.

Su Zimo felt weak all over and could not even support his body as he knelt on the ground.

If anyone else was around, they would be able to clearly see that green spots had already grown on Su Zimos face and skin in a terrifying manner!

The curse of the Emperors Tomb exploded completely in his body, destroying his lifeforce!

Green spots appeared on Su Zimos bones.

Right now, the reason why he could hold on and maintain his clarity was because the Green Lotus True Body had a powerful bloodline and was constantly regenerating blood to fight against the power of the curse of the Emperors Tomb.

However, everything would be over if the power of the curse seeped into his marrow!

At that time, his marrow would be tainted by the curse of the Emperors Tomb and the bloodline created would carry the power of the curse.

Su Zimo would be completely devoured by the curse of the Emperors Tomb and die!

Su Zimo realized the danger he was in but was helpless.

Although he still had half a Seven Glow Immortal Ginseng, it was useless.

The Seven Glow Immortal Ginseng could revive the dead and regrow flesh.

No matter how serious the injuries were, one could be healed.

However, it was useless against curses.

Initially, he could have purged the curse of the Emperors Tomb with the bloodline of the Green Lotus True Body.

But now, Su Zimos blood qi was weak from the consecutive battles and his stamina was depleted.

Coupled with the fact that he was severely injured by the Ghost Immortal, the curse of the Emperors Tomb seeped into his flesh, organs and limbs.

Even with the bloodline of the Green Lotus True Body, he could not defend against it!

Su Zimos body trembled slightly and the green spots on his face intensified in a terrifying manner!

His lifeforce drained continuously without stopping!

Even in his consciousness, the Creation Lotus Platform gradually stopped spinning.

Su Zimo had already used up all his trump cards in this series of battles and there were no methods that could help him tide through this calamity.

The curse of the Emperors Tomb was still corroding his organs and marrow wildly.

Su Zimos limbs were already tainted by the curse of the Emperors Tomb.

However, for some unknown reason, the curse of the Emperors Tomb could not seep into his marrow still!

It was as though there was a strange power in his marrow that was blocking the curse of the Emperors Tomb.

Su Zimos head was spinning and his consciousness was blurring—he could no longer sense the changes.

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