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2075 Out of Seclusion

Translator: Legge

Divine Firmament Immortal Domain, Great Jin Immortal Kingdom.

Solar Luna County, Astral Sect.

It had been more than 1,500 years since Su Zimo entered seclusion.

All these years, he had not appeared.

Even the vicinity of his cave abode was filled with weeds.

Furthermore, they grew extremely well and covered the cave abode.

If not for the fact that they could sense a faint lifeforce within the cave abode, many people would have thought that the drunkard from back then had already died within.

Back when he joined Astral Sect, the changes that happened on the stargazing platform were gradually forgotten by everyone as well…

Except Shangguan Qian of the Shangguan family.

Her cave abode was near Su Zimos cave abode.

Every once in a while, she would come over to take a look.

“This person sure knows how to stone.

Hes probably in a drunken stupor in his cave abode and has long lost track of time,”

Not far away, a young man laid on a green stone and crossed his legs.

Another person said, “In my opinion, its useless for us to waste time here.

Who knows when that drunkard will come out of seclusion.”

Xie Yong, a clansman of the Xie clan.

The other was Lin Gong, a clansman of the Lin clan.

Both of them were Grade 1 Earth Immortals.

Back then, Xie Tianfeng and Lin Ming wanted to cause trouble for Su Zimo.

However, they were blocked by the array formation outside the cave abode and casually sent two clansmen to watch over Su Zimo instead.

In the blink of an eye, more than a thousand years had passed.

“This drunkard sure is strange,”

Xie Yong said, “Normally, cultivators who join Astral Sect would bear a sliver of hope of finding the legendary cultivation technique in Astral Sect.

However, this drunkard has never shown himself.”

“Thats right.

He hasnt participated in any of the events and fights held by the sect,” Lin Gong replied.

“Say, this person hasnt even done a sect mission before.

Where is he going to get Essence Spirit Stones and Major Essence Condensation Pills to cultivate”

“I reckon that even if this drunkard can complete any mission for the sect, hell definitely exchange the rewards for wine.”


Both of them burst into laughter.

Right then, a creaking sound came from the cave abode not far away.

Xie Yong and Lin Gong were stunned and looked over hurriedly.

The door of the cave abode that was overgrown with weeds was opening slowly.

Dust scattered and billowed.

Immediately after, a violent gust of wind surged out from the cave abode and dispersed the dust at the entrance.

A tall figure swayed out—it was the drunkard called Mo Ling!

“This person has actually come out of seclusion!”

Xie Yong heaved a sigh of relief.

When he saw that this person was out of seclusion, he could finally return to report and no longer have to watch over him.

“Brother Xie, something doesnt seem right,”

Just as Xie Yong was about to leave, Lin Gong suddenly grabbed him and said.


Xie Yong was in a hurry to report and asked impatiently.

Lin Gong asked, “I remember that the drunkard was only a Grade 1 Earth Immortal when he joined Astral Sect.”

“Thats right,”

Xie Yong nodded.

Thereafter, he could tell what Lin Gong was implying and could not help but jump in shock.

He asked hurriedly, “Why Has he broken through to the Level 2 Earth Essence realm”

Anyone who could break through a level in 1,500 years was a genius among geniuses.

Even for disciples groomed by sects or successors of aristocratic families with sufficient cultivation resources, it was difficult for them to reach this level.

“He didnt break through to the Level 2 Earth Essence realm,”

Seemingly scared out of his wits, Lin Gong shook his head.

“Take a look for yourself.

I might be seeing things.”

Xie Yong turned around and released his spirit consciousness to check.


Xie Yongs expression changed starkly!

Level 4 Earth Essence realm!

Three levels in 1,500 years!

Xie Yongs mouth was agape in disbelief.

“H-How is this possible…”

Xie Yong could not accept it and murmured repeatedly.

When he wanted to check on the drunkards cultivation again, he raised his head and realized that the latter had already flown into the air and disappeared from their line of sight.

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