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Chapter 225: Blood Escape

Qin Yu turned back and looked in Su Zimos direction with tightly gripped fists and a complicated gaze.


Little fatty could not help but exclaim.

Leng Rou let out a reluctant expression.

Everyone of Ethereal Peak knew that this sliver of life was obtained singlehandedly by Su Zimo with his life on the line!

Right now, none of the Golden Cores bothered if they were dead or alive.

Even the Foundation Establishment Cultivators blocking their way were reduced by more than half.

Almost everyones attention was drawn by Su Zimo!

“Hurry, lets go!”

Qin Yu clenched his teeth and waved his arm, shouting in a low voice.

If he were to be hesitant and indecisive at a moment like this, he would only cause everyone to die!

Joining forces, Qin Yu and Ji Chengtian walked at the front and released their spirit arts continuously.

With the help of the sects secret skills, their flying swords shuttled through the battlefield, splattering blood everywhere.

Even though the people of Ethereal Peak were covered in injuries, all of them endured their pains and gathered their spirits.

They followed closely behind the two of them and charged their ways out of Dongling Valley.

On the other side.

Su Zimo was in a bad state.

When he used the Fiend Suppression Seal previously, almost all the spirit energy in his dantian was drained.

Thereafter, he was mentally and physically exhausted resisting the corrosion of the Blood Slave Art.

Finally, he burst forth at his peak and killed the blood-robed youth cleanly in three rounds, expending the last of his stamina.

Su Zimo was at his weakest right now!

Not far away, four Golden Cores sped over with a boiling killing intent followed by a dense swarm of blood-eyed crows and hundreds of Foundation Establishment Cultivators from Blood Crow Palace.

Dust and smoke billowed as murderous intent filled the skies.

Despite the circumstances, there was no sign of panic on Su Zimos face.

His eyes were calm and his expression was composed.

He was channeling a secret skill!

There was a Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra etched on the lid of the coffin of the fiend sects inheritance ground.

Originating from the Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra, this secret skill was called Blood Escape.

The Blood Refinement Fiend Sutra detailed the use of bloodlines and described how one should activate the power of bloodlines.

Blood Escape was no exception.

Once released, Blood Escape would burn up a third of the bodys bloodline in exchange for a momentary speed burst, allowing one to escape hundreds of kilometers away!

Of course, there were extremely obvious side effects to Blood Escape as well.

By burning up a third of ones bloodline, be it humans or demons, they would turn extremely weak.

Their limbs would go cold and breathing would become significantly difficult.

In fact, they might even faint.

How long a person would remain in that weakened state depended on their individual physiques.

The stronger ones physique was, the faster they would recover to normal.

However, given ordinary circumstances, it would take at least 10 to 14 days of recuperation for a complete recovery.

With the onslaught of the massive army ahead, Su Zimo could only choose to turn and escape.

However, the direction behind him was in the opposite direction of Ethereal Peak.

If he were to Blood Escape hundreds of kilometers in that direction, the distance between Su Zimo and Ethereal Peak would only increase even further.

Left with no other choice, Su Zimo could only turn and escape!

Channeling the mental cultivation technique of Blood Escape, Su Zimo conjured hand seals and bit his tongue gently, causing a stream of essence blood to spray.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

His heart suddenly started to beat rapidly, as if it was about to leap out of his chest.

It was as though someone was drumming from the heavens, giving off a dull and powerful sound.

Each time his heart beat, it would circulate a fresh stream of blood around his limbs.

On that stream of blood, a flame burned in secret.

It was extremely strange and emitted endless power!

Su Zimo took a deep breath of air and activated Divine Steed Fleeting, dashing out of Dongling Valley.


He turned into a sanguine flash of light and in almost the blink of an eye, disappeared from everyones sights.

It was too fast!

Everyone was stunned for a moment, looking lost and confused.

Several seconds later, the four Golden Cores were the first to realize what happened.

They released all their strength and chased in the direction where Su Zimo vanished.

“A secret skill as such is definitely using his vitality in exchange for a momentary burst in strength.

He wont be able to last long.

Chase after him!”

“Thats right.

Using that secret skill will definitely weaken him extremely once he comes to a stop!”

The several Golden Cores in midair were sharp and quickly saw through the essence of Blood Escape.

One of the Golden Cores yelled, “Blood crow army, track that man down! After you find him, dont alert him! Just stay on his trail and wait for our reinforcement!”

“Caw, caw!”

An ear-piercing screech broke out from the sea of blood-eyed crows in the skies, as if responding.

Soon, many blood-eyed crows delved into the voids and disappeared.

Even though the blood-eyed crows were only Foundation Establishment spirit demons, their speed of flying through the air was not inferior to Golden Cores.

Su Zimo ran with all his might.

Although he did not turn back, he could guess that the group of unknown cultivators would definitely not give up – they were definitely hot on his tail.

His blood was still burning.

Su Zimo had to ensure that he broke free of their pursuit before a third of his blood was burnt up!

Blood Escape could increase his speed by multiples in a short period of time.

However, it wasnt an infinite increase and it was based on the cultivators foundation.

At the end of the day, Su Zimo was only a Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

In other words, even after using Blood Escape, Su Zimo may not be much faster than Golden Cores in terms of speed.

Golden Cores were an entire cultivation realm above him!

Before long, Su Zimo arrived at a dense forest.

After sprinting for a while, he suddenly stopped in his tracks and with a flash, pounced onto a leopard nearby that could not dodge in time.

That leopard could only be considered as a wild beast that had just gained sentience.

Even though it bore some intellect in its eyes, it did not know how to cultivate yet.

Wrapping the head of the blood-robed youth around the tail of the leopard, Su Zimo threatened it, “The further you run, the better! Dont take it off!”

The leopard could read the killing intent in Su Zimos eyes and it trembled in fear, nodding furiously.

The moment Su Zimo released his grip, the leopard left in fear.

When it saw that it was far enough, it fled like the wind.

Su Zimo turned back and sneered coldly.

He had to do something to distract his pursuers.

Su Zimo believed that the leopard was enough to disturb his pursuers and send them into panic such that they could not track him down!

Taking a deep breath of air, he continued sprinting ahead.

After some time, the energy produced by Blood Escape was expended thoroughly.

This meant that Su Zimos bloodline had been burnt by a full one third!

The moment he came to a stop, Su Zimo felt the entire world spin and he almost fell to the ground.

He tried his best to compose his breathing, clutching his fists to maintain the clarity in his mind as he staggered forth.

He could not just sleep there.

He had not gotten out of danger just yet.

Su Zimo had to look for a relatively secluded place and set up some simple array formations before he could rest assured that he was concealed.

Before long, he found a cave at the foot of a mountain not far away.

Heading in, Su Zimo took a look inside and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that there were no demon beasts.

Given his current state, even if he encountered a spirit beast, he would probably have to engage in a tough battle.





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