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Chapter 227: Jishui River

This time, Su Zimo was no longer running aimlessly.

There was only one place to escape from the blood-eyed crows surveillance.

Jishui River!

Blood-eyed crows were Foundation Establishment spirit demons after all.

They did not have Inner Cores and could not internalize their breathings.

As such, they naturally could not dive into Jishui River.

Su Zimo was different.

He had both immortality and demonic cultivations.

Although he did not have an Inner Core, he could use his spirit energy to form a protective barrier and repel water.

The map indicated that Jishui River ran through the entire territory of the Great Zhou Dynasty.

No one knew where Jishui River began and ended – the map did not indicate it as well.

However, that was not important.

What Su Zimo had to do was to dive into Jishui River and drift with the flow – that was how he could escape the tracking of the blood-eyed crows entirely.

Su Zimo sprinted the entire way, running through the night.

The next morning, he finally arrived at the riverbed of Jishui River.

The moment he arrived, Su Zimos expression was pale and his consciousness was gradually blurring.

If he had not consumed that demon beast Inner Core, he would have been a dead man by now making use of Blood Escape twice.

No matter how strong ones physique was, they would not be able to withstand burning two thirds of their blood essence!

This time, he was almost completely exhausted.

Su Zimo staggered and lost control of his body and balance, falling forward head first into the river.

“Broop, broop, broop!”

A series of bubbles appeared on the water surface.

Stirred awake by the waters, Su Zimo shook his head and struggled to stand up – his mind was slightly cleared up.

Night Spirit tunneled out of Su Zimos robes and after swimming a little in the river, it actually began to float!

From the looks of it, Night Spirit was pretty adaptable to water as well!

Su Zimo grit his teeth and carried Night Spirit, conjuring a barrier of spirit energy with great effort.

Finally, he leaped and disappeared completely into Jishui River.

The river was cold.

For someone who had burned most of his bloodline, that level of coldness was already seeping into his bones!

Su Zimo trembled from head to toe, hugging Night Spirit tightly with widened eyes as he dived down.

He gathered his spirit and did not dare to be careless, wielding the supreme-grade flying sword in his left hand while surveying his surroundings constantly.

Jishui River was not a friendly place.

The danger inside was definitely not less than the forests in the vast wilderness!

There were many powerful demon beasts lurking within Jishui River as well.

If he was not careful, he might die here!

Su Zimo did not dare to dive too deep.

Typically, stronger demon beasts would lurk in the deeper waters.

Right now, Su Zimo was surrounded mostly by Qi Condensation spirit demons that had just learned how to cultivate.

The many aquatic demon beasts were truly dazzling to look at.

All of those spirit beasts merely looked from afar and none of them dared to approach casually.

All of a sudden!

As though they were frightened by something, the spirit beasts scattered at an extremely fast speed!

At the same time, a danger rang in Su Zimos mind.

The river surged in a slanted manner as a huge water column flowed in the opposite direction, filled with a ferocious killing intent and formidable aura!

It was a spirit demon!

A Foundation Establishment spirit demon had appeared!

Zeng! Zeng! Zeng!

Su Zimo endured the pain in his dantian and forcefully injected spirit energy.

His sword trembled continuously.

The reason why Su Zimo activated the flying sword right away was because he wanted to fight against that spirit demon.

However, he suddenly put away the flying sword on second thought.


The spirit beast emerged from the water and Su Zimo could finally take a good look at it.

Green Armored Crocodile!

The Green Armored Crocodile was one of the most common demon beasts in Jishui River.

It earned its name thanks to the massively indestructible armor that lined its entire body and its massive size.

Moving extremely fast in the waters, the Green Armored Crocodile appeared before Su Zimo almost in the blink of an eye.

At that moment, Su Zimo felt like he was facing a mountain instead of an aquatic demon beast.


The moment it arrived before Su Zimo, the Green Armored Crocodile opened its massive mouth without a second thought and devoured Su Zimo as a whole with ease alongside the river water.

Su Zimo stood inside the Green Armored Crocodiles mouth.

Even though he seemed incomparably small, he was extremely calm.

Just as the lower jaw of the Green Armored Crocodile was about to close, Su Zimo drew out his supreme-grade flying sword again and activated the four spirit patterns on it.

He said with a cold voice, “You better not move!”

At that moment, Night Spirit extended its claws and tapped its paws gently on the tongue of the Green Armored Crocodile.

It did not use much strength but the Green Armored Crocodiles tongue was already bleeding.

“Listen to me now!”

Standing in the Green Armored Crocodiles mouth, Su Zimo said slowly, “Swim down along with Jishui River.

Im going to borrow your stomach for the time being.”

“Once my body recovers, Ill leave.

Besides, I promise I wont harm your life!”

The Green Armored Crocodile had already cultivated to a spirit demon level and had gained sentience.

Su Zimo believed that it would definitely understand his words.

Indeed, after a momentary hesitation, the Green Armored Crocodile nodded its head.

That was a good choice.

It could either believe in Su Zimo…

Or it could die right away!

Hugging Night Spirit, Su Zimo slid down the Green Armored Crocodiles throat into its stomach.

At the same time, he crushed the protective talisman given to him by Leng Rou.

A barrier of light surrounded Su Zimo.

Even though it was slightly smelly in the Green Armored Crocodiles stomach, it was a place undisturbed by anyone – it was the perfect hiding ground for him to calm down and recuperate in peace!

If Su Zimo were to hug Night Spirit and continue flowing down Jishui River, he would have no time to recuperate.

This arrangement was killing two birds with one stone.

Su Zimo intended to stay in the Green Armored Crocodiles stomach for the time being.

After he and Night Spirits injuries were healed, he would leave and return to shore.

Shaking its head and tail, the Green Armored Crocodile disappeared from where it was, swimming down the river.

Three days later.

A large number of blood-eyed crows circled above Jishui River, densely packed and covering the skies.

Peng Fei and the other cultivators who had participated in the Dongling Valley battle stood by the shore.

They looked at the surging river with a terrible expression, remaining silent.

Before they set off, they had ten Golden Cores.

Now, they were only left with six.

Peng Feis face was slightly pale.

He seemed to be seriously injured and had rushed over before he could recover.

The number of Foundation Establishment Cultivators had decreased by half as well.

“Caw… caw!”

Before long, an ear-piercing screech could be heard from the distant horizon.

All the blood-eyed crows paused for a moment and split into two sides in the skies, as though they were welcoming a powerful existence!

Before long, a gigantic, pitch black Blood Crow King sped over.

On its back was a middle-aged man dressed in blood colored robes.

Hands behind his back, his face was thin and his eyes were gloomy.

“Greetings, Palace Lord!”

The masses of Blood Crow Palace knelt on the ground hurriedly, lowering their heads and shivering from head to toe – none of them dared to make eye contact with the Palace Lord.

Gritting his teeth, Peng Fei bolstered his courage and said, “Palace Lord, what happened was…”

Peng Fei recounted everything that had happened in Dongling Valley.

In reality, none of them saw how Yu Fei died.

That was also the most confusing part of the entire situation!

If Yu Fei did not die, the young master would not have died as well with the protection of a Golden Core spirit demon.




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