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Chapter 233: Sea of Bones

Tens of thousands of cultivators had entered the forest at the back.

However, Su Zimo believed that less than one percent among them could leave that forest alive!

As one of them, Su Zimo should be happy.

However, the sight of the many beasts that were slowly returning to the forest, Su Zimo suddenly realized that the moment he rushed out of the forest was also the moment he had stepped foot on the land left behind from the primordial era.

The primordial ruin!

This was the location that was marked highly dangerous on the map!

All of those cruel, violent pure-blooded ferocious beasts were wary of this primordial ruin.

What sort of ancient secret was hidden in this place

Turning slowly, Su Zimo looked over.

That single look caused his pupils to contract and even his heart to stop beating.

There was an endless amount of white bones!

At a glance, there was no end and it filled the entire land.

Of those bones, many belonged to humans but there were many that belonged to remnant ferocious beasts as well.

Almost none of them were preserved properly, all shattered and scattered on the ground.

This was a true sea of bones!

Standing in the face of this sea of bones, Su Zimo seemed incomparably small.

It was as if he would be swallowed whole by the sea of bones the moment he walked in.

There was an inexplicable fear, an indescribable suffocation, an endless oppressiveness and a faint scent of blood!

Right then, Su Zimos chest moved and Night Spirit suddenly burrowed out, leaping down.

Looking at the sea of bones in front, Night Spirits nose twitched; it had a strange expression and its eyes shone with a mysterious glint.

All of a sudden!

Not far away at the edge of the primordial forest, two figures were the first to run out.

They were covered in blood and looked terrible.

“Its them!”

Su Zimo swept his glance and recognized their identities.

The two of them were Nascent Souls from Heaven Asura Sect and Purple Cloud Sect.

Both of them glanced at the forest behind them with lingering fear.

When they turned back and saw the sea of bones, they were also rooted on the spot, unable to contain the shock in their eyes.

Even Nascent Souls felt minuscule in the face of this sea of bones!

What sort of a tragic battle could it have been that left such an intimidating ruin

“Hurry and escape!”

“Its right up ahead! Hurry, hurry!”

“Help me!

A series of cries sounded from the forest nearby.

Not long after, another group of cultivators came forth from the forest.

More than a hundred in numbers, they bore disheveled hairs and tattered clothes as they fell and sat on the ground, panting heavily.

There were Golden Cores and Foundation Establishment Cultivators among them.

Of the massive tens of thousands of cultivators army, including the Nascent Souls and Golden Cores, there were only more than a hundred who survived.

The others had all died in the forest without getting a chance to even catch sight of the primordial ruin!

Su Zimo merely cast a single glance in that direction before turning back.

He did not wish to attract the attention of those cultivators.

All of a sudden!

Night Spirit let out a whimper.

Opening its mouth, it bit on Su Zimos shirt gently and kept pulling in the direction of the sea of bones.

“You want to head in”

Su Zimo frowned and asked in a soft voice.

Night Spirit nodded.

“This sea of bones is not simple and we dont know what dangers lurk within.

Lets wait for them to scout the area first.

Theres no hurry,” Su Zimo said.

Night Spirit shook its head.

Suddenly, it raised a hind leg and peed on Su Zimo.

Of course, Su Zimo could dodge it with ease.

However, a realization struck him – Night Spirit had already gained sentience and was extremely intelligent.

It would definitely not try to dirty him for no reason; if it chose to do so, there must be a meaning behind it.

“What sect are you from Whats your name”

Right then, the two Nascent Souls walked over.

They looked at Su Zimo with superiority, their tone cold and unquestionable.

“Im Su Zimo.

Im not of any sect.”

Su Zimo replied indifferently, half in truth.

“Thats perfect.

Go take a spin in this sea of bones.

If you come back alive, you can take your picking from our Heaven Asura Sect or Purple Cloud Sect.

Both our sects will be willing to take you in,” One of the Nascent Souls said.

“Thats right.”

The other Nascent Soul nodded his head.

“Su Zimo, this is a huge opportunity for you.”

Su Zimo sneered in silence and did not reply.

No matter what, he would have to go through the sea of bones.

The difference was whether he was going to do it now or later on when his pursuers arrived.

By the looks of the situation now, if he did not enter the sea of bones, the two Nascent Souls beside him would kill him on the spot!

Furthermore, Night Spirit was still insistent, looking at Su Zimo with expectant eyes and urging the latter to head in.

At that thought, Su Zimo no longer hesitated as he strode towards the sea of bones.

Night Spirit followed beside Su Zimos feet like a small black dog – there was a vague hint of excitement in its eyes.

The moment Su Zimo stepped foot into the sea of bones, he sensed something unusual.

The spirit energy in his dantian seemed to be sealed by an invisible force.

Although it had a similar effect to the spirit lock formation, it was even scarier than that!

Taking a deep breath, Su Zimo walked towards the depths of the sea of bones.

Surrounded by bones, it was eerie and scary, yet unusually quiet.

A half hour later, Su Zimo had already walked far into the sea of bones but nothing unexpected or untoward happened to him.

“Master, lets head in too.

If theres really something good, that lads going to beat us to it.”

Someone from Heaven Asura Sect suggested.


The two Nascent Souls agreed at the same time.

With an order, they led the remaining disciples into the sea of bones.

With their spirit energy locked, even Golden Cores could not tread through the air and had to walk on the ground.

Only Nascent Souls could fly at a low altitude above the sea of bones.

The two cultivators had already decided that they would just follow in Su Zimos tracks.

They wouldnt get too close nor stay too far.

If anything were to happen, Su Zimo would be the first to die and they would have a chance to get away!

However, an earth-shattering change happened in the sea of bones not long after the two cultivators entered!

Su Zimo looked back.

A series of massive waves surged in the sea of bones!

Seemingly triggered by something, the endless white bones bounced up from the ground and took on various forms through the augmentation of some mysterious power!

Some of them formed a gigantic palm of white bones, emerging from the sea of bones and grabbing at the crowd fiercely.

More than half the cultivators from the two sects perished once more.

A blood mist spewed out!

Some of the bones turned into ferocious beasts made of bones that bore immense strength, killing anyone they saw with a violent ferocity.

Bones started bouncing in the vicinity of Su Zimo as well.

However, the bones seemed to turn a blind eye to Su Zimo and Night Spirit and were all rushing to the cultivators of the two sects not far away.

“Could it be because of Night Spirits pee”

Although Su Zimo was unwilling to believe it, that seemed to be the only possibility.


A Nascent Soul fought head on with a white boned beast.

His expression changed drastically as he stumbled three steps back.

Right on the heels of that, the Nascent Souls body exploded into a bloody pulp, leaving nothing behind!

In the face of those bone beasts, even Nascent Souls could not withstand a single blow!

When he saw that, Su Zimo knew that it was over for Heaven Asura Sect and Purple Cloud Sect.

This sea of bones was going to be their resting place!




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