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Chapter 237: Extinct Primordial Life Form

The gray robed cultivator tiptoed his way through the mountain, looking nervous and furtive.

He held his folding fan in one hand and a metal rod as thick as a finger in his other.

At the tip of the metal rod, a slender needle passed through it, constantly spinning and guiding his direction.

Once in a while, the gray robed cultivator would stop in his tracks and wait for the needle to stabilize in a certain direction before heading in that direction.

With the constant pauses, the gray robed cultivators speed was not fast.

“This old mans Earth Spirit Ruler is not reliable at all.

Spinning here and there, its not even giving me a fixed direction.”

The gray robed cultivator mumbled as he walked.

On the other side.

Night Spirit brought Su Zimo through the forest of the godly mountain at an extremely fast speed.

Its nose twitched as it sprinted, as if smelling for something, as it walked further and further into the godly mountain.

After a long time, Night Spirit came before a gigantic cave and stopped.

Su Zimo raised his head and looked at the cave in shock.

His mouth was slightly agape and he was speechless for a moment.

The size of the cave was way beyond his imagination!

In front of the cave entrance, Su Zimo was like an ant before a majestic palace hall – he felt incomparably small.

Just who was it who could have opened up such a massive cave in this godly mountain

There were no signs of any saber or axe marks at the boundaries of the cave.

Such a method could be considered as a work of god!

What sort of a purpose did this cave hold with its size

“Oo, Oo!”

Night Spirit bit the hem of Su Zimos shirt and continued to tug at him, gesturing for him to enter the cave quickly.

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo could not help but turn and look back before entering the cave.

That single look caused Su Zimo to stare fixedly, unable to shift his gaze away.

The massive cave was halfway up the mountain.

Su Zimo had the high ground vantage from where he was and he naturally had a wider view of the sea of bones behind him.

He could vaguely see that there were two rows of stone pillars in the sea of bones and they were nearly as tall as half the mountains height!

The top of the two rows of stone pillars leaned towards the middle, embedding into a huge, thick beam that was full of spikes and was several times thicker than the stone pillars.

“What exactly is this thing”

There was a flash of doubt in Su Zimos eyes.

He had a nagging feeling that the stone pillars and beam resembled something when combined.

After pondering for a while, Su Zimo had no clue and followed Night Spirit into the cave.

At the same time, the Blood Crow Palaces Lord crossed the sea of bones safely and let out a heave of relief.

The Palace Lord was motionless as he focused his senses and could not help but sneer, “Still fleeing! I want to see where you can flee to!”

Following the guidance of the blood curse, the Palace Lord rushed up the godly mountain.

Before long, a figure with gray robes appeared in front of a huge cave on the middle of the mountain, wielding a folding fan in one hand and the Earth Spirit Ruler on another.

“Hehe, the old man did not lie.

Even though the Earth Spirit Rulers a little slow, it didnt get it wrong.

I really found it!”

Looking at the gigantic cave before him, the gray robed cultivator could but help but chuckle with a smug expression.

“If its meant to be, its meant to be.

If its not, theres no need to force things.”

Shaking his head, the gray robed cultivator waved his folding fan and sang softly in delight as he entered the cave.

Su Zimo had long realized that ever since they stepped foot into this primordial ruin, Night Spirit had been different from usual.

It was a little excited and nervous at the same time.

This was the first time complex emotions as such appeared on Night Spirit.

Back when Dao Lord Extreme Fire perished, he did not make it clear whether Night Spirit came from a primordial or ancient ruin.

Su Zimo had the suspicion that Night Spirit might have some intricate connection with this primordial ruin.

A bolder assumption would be to guess that Night Spirit originated from this primordial ruin!

After all, Night Spirits behavior had been peculiar along the entire journey.

The cave was extremely empty and there was almost no obstruction.

Rushing for a long time, the man and beast finally arrived at the deepest part of the cave.

“This is…”

At the end of the cave stood a grayish-white oval object that was as tall as a person!

Su Zimo stared in disbelief as he muttered to himself, “Thats an… egg”

What sort of a demon beast would lay such a massive egg

Su Zimo came before the gigantic egg and reached out to touch and feel it.

There were no patterns on the egg, which meant that it had not been born for long; a month at best.

In that case, the phenomenon that the many cultivators witnessed a month ago should have been caused by the birth of this demon beast egg.

Su Zimo recalled all the information he had regarding demon beast eggs.

After a moment, he still could not recall anything about the sort of demon beasts that could possibly give birth to this frighteningly massive egg.

Night Spirit navigated through Su Zimos robes and arrived at his chest area before long, watching him with blinking eyes, seemingly showing off.

Gazing at the egg before him, Su Zimo frowned and pondered.

He had the feeling that if he were to connect the scattered pieces of information along the entire journey, he should be able to obtain an answer.

The stone pillars, the beam, the cave, the egg…

A flash of light flickered through Su Zimos mind.

At the thought of that possibility, Su Zimos expression changed starkly.

Back when he first saw the gray stone pillars in the sea of bones, Su Zimo was puzzled.

Why would there be so many stone pillars in the sea of bones

Furthermore, the surface of those stone pillars were smooth as jade – why wasnt there any trace of aging despite the gap between the primordial era and present times

What sort of stone could be so resolute

It was till this very moment that Su Zimo finally understood.

Those were not stone pillars at all!

Those were… bones!

It was the skeleton of an incomparably strong being in the past!

The two rows ofstone pillars were in reality the ribs of this powerful life form!

As for the even thickerbeam in the middle that was filled with spikes, that was the spine of the life form!

The reason why it was in the sea of bones was because they were bones to begin with!

This cave that he was in right now should have been opened up by the race of that terrifying life form!

Just what sort of a being was it that could have possessed such a frighteningly massive body

Even after dying for so many years with its flesh decomposed, the bones were still smooth as jade and were immortal – what sort of cultivation realm did this life form possess in the past

A primordial life form!

To think that primordial life forms which were already extinct in Tianhuang Mainland were buried here!

If there were no surprises, the gigantic egg before him should have been laid by that massive primordial life form.

At that thought, Su Zimo gulped.


Suddenly, a crisp sound reverberated in the cave behind him.

Su Zimos pupils constricted instantly.

Sprawled against his chest, Night Spirit had actually reached out with its claws and… pierced the huge egg in front of them!





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