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Chapter 240: Earth-Shattering

Under the guidance of the blood curses power, the Blood Crow Palaces Lord arrived at a cave in the middle of the godly mountain.

“This cave…”

Raising his head, he looked at the massive entrance and a hint of fear and hesitation flashed through the depths of his eyes.

“Could that lad have really ran inside”

Frowning, the Palace Lords eyes flickered and he was momentarily at a loss.

Given his identity, forcefully crossing the primordial forest and sea of bones might not anger the terrifying beings of this place.

At most, he would just reveal his identity.

However, stepping foot into this cave would definitely lead to fatal trouble!

Right as the Palace Lord was hesitating, an extremely terrifying aura and a lethal killing intent suddenly came from behind the godly mountain!

When he sensed that aura, the Palace Lords expression froze.

The depths of the cave.

The gray robed cultivator licked every single piece of eggshell thrice.

The eggshells were so clean that they could reflect figures and could be used as mirrors.

Su Zimo was dumbstruck.

He lowered his head and looked at Night Spirit, thinking to himself, “Even if Night Spirit were to lick it, it probably wouldnt be able to lick this cleanly.

This persons zodiac sign must be a dog.”

There was no way Su Zimo could have known that just the egg juice stuck on the shell alone was enough to have the gray robed cultivator go crazy!

The energy was extremely pure and rich without a single bit of impurities.

If it was completely absorbed by the body, the changes to ones physique was obvious.

Grinding his teeth, the gray robed cultivator glared at Su Zimo and Night Spirit at the side begrudgingly.

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got.

That man and beast had eaten so much that their bodies could not take it in completely such that they spewed out light the moment they opened their mouths – what a waste!

It was one thing for someone else to eat the juice, but a dog!

At the side, Su Zimo frowned as the uneasiness in his heart intensified.

He had long wanted to leave this place, but the gray robed cultivator had no intention of letting him do so.

Out of helplessness, Su Zimo could only stand there and wait while watching the gray robed cultivator lick the eggshells in a frenzied manner.

Seeing that the gray robed cultivator was about to lick them once more, Su Zimo could not help but probe, “Fellow Daoist, why dont you bring those eggshells with you so that you can continue licking when you get back”

The gray robed cultivator paused in his actions and his mouth cramped while fire burned in his eyes.


Why the f*ck am I left with just the eggshells!

Its all because of you and that black dog of yours!

Before the gray robed cultivator could get angry, Su Zimo reminded him, “I truly did not know what the life form in that egg was, but what I know is that if we dont leave right now, were definitely going to be dead!”

Pouting his lips, the gray robed cultivator licked his lips, unsatisfied.

He glanced askew at Su Zimo with disdain and waved off his hand casually, “Lets correct that statement.

Youre the one thats definitely going to be dead, not me.”

Su Zimo frowned.

Seemingly thought of something else, the gray robed cultivator continued, “Right, Ive got to correct that even further.

Even if you were to escape now, its too late.

By eating that egg, youve already alarmed the life form in this place.

Even if you can fly into the heavens or burrow into hell, you will still die!”

“Dont forget, you ate it too.”

Su Zimo pointed to the eggshell in the hands of the gray robed cultivator and sneered, “I dont believe that the life form here will spare your life.”


Chuckling, the gray robed cultivator shook his head.

“You dont have to worry about that.

I naturally have my own means of leaving this place.

You can just wait here for death obediently.”

When he heard that, Su Zimos mind went rampant even though he looked indifferent on the surface.


Right then, an extremely terrifying aura descended and enveloped the surroundings of that entire godly mountain, surging in from outside the cave!

Roar! Roar! Roar!

Right after, a loud and clear roar rolled from the sky behind the godly mountain.

It was extremely fast and came close almost in an instant!

Su Zimo had lived in Cang Lang Mountain Range for an entire year and had seen countless demon beasts.

However, he had never heard a roar as such.

It was reverberating and its magnitude swept through the nine heavens in all directions!

A boundless power and anger was contained within that roar!

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The entire godly mountain began to shake as cracks appeared in the cave, causing countless rocks to roll down into dust clouds.

This was what earth-shattering truly meant!

A mere roar could cause the godly mountain to crack apart and even show signs of collapsing!

Under the terrifying roar, Su Zimos body burst out with a bloody mist – his muscles and flesh were cracked with bloody lines in a frightening manner.

Grunting, Su Zimos head was splitting and his face was pale.

The power of the sound was way too terrifying!

Su Zimos body was stronger than most Golden Cores.

And now, under this roar, his body was actually showing signs of breaking apart!

His tendons were snapped and cracks appeared on his bones while his organs were dislocated from the shock.

If this was before Su Zimo cultivated the Organs Refinement section, he would have burst into a mist of blood without a corpse instantly against that roar!

However, when Su Zimos body was seriously injured, the essence energy that was running rampant in his body gushed into his flesh, tendons, bones and organs.

Initially, Su Zimos body could not accommodate that much life essence.

However, the injury indirectly sealed all the excess essence energies within Su Zimos flesh and blood.

In the future, he would be able to absorb that energy slowly.

Night Spirits situation was not much better.

Its body was stained with blood from the roar and it was barely breathing.

Despite that, Night Spirit did not show any signs of fear.

If Su Zimo were to pay attention at this moment, he would discover that Night Spirits gaze was extremely terrifying right now – pitch black and deep, it was emanating a cold, killing intent!

At the same time, a hazy mist appeared around the surroundings of the gray robed cultivator.

There was an ancient aura to the mist, as if they had returned to the beginning of the universe where chaos had yet to develop.

Enveloped by it, the gray robed cultivator was the only god within!

“Golden Core phenomenon!”

While Su Zimo was not a Golden Core, he could determine the origin of the haze right away by sensing its aura.

He had witnessed two Golden Core phenomenons before.

The first was Spirit Peaks master, Wen Xuans Ethereal Sword Rain.

The second was the Bone Corroding Black Wind from a Golden Core of the mysterious faction.

This haze phenomenon was the third that Su Zimo had seen.

Sensing the energy feedback coming from the gray robed cultivators Golden Core phenomenon, Su Zimo could tell that it was much stronger than the two he had seen before!

In fact, he had a feeling that even the first two Golden Core phenomenons combined might not be a match for the gray robed cultivators Golden Core phenomenon.

The gap between them was obvious.

“So, this person is a Golden Core.”

A thought crossed Su Zimos mind.

The early-stage Foundation Establishment that was displayed when making use of the Spirit Peering Art to check out the gray robed cultivators realm was not accurate at all.

Under the roar of that powerful life form, the gray robed cultivator frowned and was forced to release his Golden Core phenomenon as a defensive measure.





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