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Chapter 333: Retreat

Ji Fang was the name of the Emperor of Great Zhou.

It had been many years since nobody had dared call him by his name, let alone under such public attention!

Perfected Lord Ming Ze strode forward with a cold expression and hollered, “Blood Crow King, this is the capital of Great Zhou.

Its not a place for you to be impudent!”

Even though he said that, Perfected Lord Ming Ze did not make a move.

He was well aware of the Blood Crow Kings background.

Without the emperors orders, he did not dare act rashly either lest he brought forth unnecessary trouble for the Great Zhou Dynasty.

“Im going to repeat myself.

Im leaving with Su Zimo today!”

The Blood Crow King surveyed his surroundings before fixing his cold gaze on the emperor and saying slowly, “Anyone who stops me will be going against Blood Crow Palace!”


The emperors palm slammed down heavily, causing the table beside him to split.

He stood up slowly with a sharp killing intent in his eyes.

Just as he was about to speak, an old voice rang out in his mind.

“Ji Fang, lets… ignore this matter.”

The emperors heart skipped a beat when he heard that voice.

If it was anyone elses persuasion, the emperor would hesitate.

However, the person who spoke was the patriarch of the Ji Family! The founder of the Great Zhou Dynasty, this was an old monster who had lived for nearly 10,000 years!

It was also due to his existence that the Great Zhou Dynasty was able to remain standing for 10,000 years without collapsing and rule over the regions.

The words of Patriarch Ji were like an imperial edict that could not be denied!

Under the gazes of countless people, the emperor had just stood up when he slowly sat down.

His aura had vanished without a trace and he looked somewhat terrible.


Ji Yaoxue seemed to have realized something as she called out softly.

The emperor closed his eyes and shook his head, indicating that he was helpless.

Instantly, Ji Yaoxues expression turned incomparably pale.

Su Zimo narrowed his eyes as well, feeling secretly alarmed.

If the emperor refused to do anything under such circumstances, Xuan Yi and Liu Hui alone would not be able to stop the Blood Crow King!

In other words, the Blood Crow King was definitely going to take him away today!

It was needless to imagine the outcome of that.

Suddenly, Su Zimo realized that even though the man who had hunted him previously ended up in a pathetic state due to the might of the divine dragon, that man was way more terrifying that he had imagined!

At the very least, even the Great Zhou Dynasty had to avoid going against them.


The Blood Crow King chuckled and nodded.

“Not bad.

Thats the way.”

Noticing that the situation was not right, Demoness Ji hurriedly sent out a voice transmission and urged.

“Auntie Gu, quickly think of a way.

Su Zimo will definitely die if hes taken away!”

“What can I do”

Gu Xi shook her head.

“I told you earlier that the outcome inside the Five Elements Umbrella isnt important.

Su Zimo is doomed for offending Blood Crow Palace.”

“But we cant sit by idly and watch him get taken away! Do something, Auntie Gu,” Demoness Ji frowned lightly.

“Its useless.”

Gu Xi replied indifferently, “Even if I manage to save him this time, he will still have to die when he returns from the ancient battlefield.

Besides, Ethereal Peak will be implicated and might be annihilated!”

“Inform that senior…”

The moment Demoness Ji spoke, Gu Xi interrupted her, “Hes from Zenith Sect and what they cultivate is the Dao of heartlessness.

Do you think hes going to do anything”

Demoness Ji replied firmly, “Auntie Gu, well talk about the future later on.

But you must definitely save Su Zimo this time round!”

Gu Xi did not comment and merely sighed gently.

The Blood Crow King arrived not far away from Su Zimo and smiled coldly, revealing a sinister set of white teeth.

He said faintly, “Su Zimo, accept your fate!”


Reaching out with his palm that seemed to traverse through the endless void, the Blood Crow King arrived before Su Zimo in an instant.

Xuan Yi, Liu Hui and the others had no time to save him at all.

Furthermore, even if the two of them struck, they would not be able to go against the might of the Blood Crow King!


Suddenly, a slender and delicate hand appeared in front of Su Zimo.

Despite its frail look, the Blood Crow Kings palm was repelled with ease.


The Blood Crow Kings expression changed.

He narrowed his gaze and met with a pair of enchanting eyes that rippled like spring water.

In the blink of an eye, the Blood Crow King was lost in them and was dazed.

To everyone else, Gu Xis eyes did nothing and were merely staring at the Blood Crow King peacefully.

However, to the Blood Crow King, Gu Xis eyes seemed to be glowing with a bewitching light that possessed a mysterious power, controlling his mind and bewildering everything!

All of a sudden!

There was a flash of blood from the depths of the Blood Crow Kings eyes as another kind of power was produced within his body, one that was extremely evil.

Snapping to his senses in a shock, the Blood Crow King felt a sharp pain in his eyes!

“You dare go against Blood Crow Palace” The Blood Crow King regulated his breathing and asked sharply.

However, he did not dare look at Gu Xi again.

Gu Xi replied indifferently, “Go back.

This persons under my guard.”

“Can you afford to protect him!”

“At the very least, youre not going to take him away today.”

The Blood Crow Kings face was livid.

He stood on the spot and pondered for a long time before nodding slowly.

“Very well, very well! Once my master comes out a year later, well see whos able to protect him then!”

Soaring into the skies, the Blood Crow King transformed into a pitch-black crow with bloodshot eyes.

He sped into the horizons and vanished before long.

Everyone from Ethereal Peak heaved a sigh of relief.

During that clash, they truly thought that the Blood Crow King was going to take Su Zimo away!

Su Zimo turned around and bowed deeply to Gu Xi.

“Thank you for your help, senior.”


Gu Xi nodded and said nothing else.

However, everyone felt differently about what they just saw.

Most of the sects were interested in watching the drama of Su Zimo being taken away by the Blood Crow King.

There were even some like True Fire Sect that were gloating over his misfortune.

Furthermore, everyone could tell that even the emperor was unwilling to provoke Blood Crow Palace and instead chose to remain silent.

However, no one expected that Gu Xi would step forth to save Su Zimo!

Could Sky Treasure Auction House be even more powerful than the entire Great Zhou Dynasty to be able to go against Blood Crow Palace

Everyone could vaguely sense that Gu Xi was not as simple as she seemed, a mere chief steward of Sky Treasure Auction House.

Perfected Lord Ming Ze coughed gently and said in a deep voice, “Everyone, quiet down.

Cultivators of the ranking lists, follow me into the palace to select your rewards!”

Su Zimo escorted Xuan Yi, Liu Hui and the other Ethereal Peak cultivators to Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop before following Perfected Lord Ming Ze into the palace.

Nian Qi was about to break through a critical juncture in the past two days and did not go to spectate the sect competition.

She was relatively safe as Su Zimo had arranged for Night Spirit to stand guard in Mo Spirit Weapon Workshop.

This time round, Su Zimo obtained spots on both the Weapon and Spirit Rankings.

As such, he could select a spirit weapon and a secret spirit art.

Su Zimo did not have much interest in the spirit weapon.

There was no way the Great Zhou Dynasty was going to give out perfect or connate spirit weapons as rewards while Su Zimo was not interested in spirit weapons of any other grade.

However, the Great Zhou Dynasty had been established for close to 10,000 years and there were definitely many secret spirit art manuals hidden in the palace.

Su Zimo was truly interested to see if he could get his hands on some lost secret skill.

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