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Chapter 404: Movements

The moment Du Kai opened his mouth, Heart Seeking Spikes as thin as a cows hair had already arrived before Su Zimo in a cluster.

The distance between them was too close!

By then, it was already too late for Su Zimo to dodge, let alone use Blood Quencher to defend.


Du Kais chest was slashed first.

The massive wound almost split his body into two as fresh blood gushed!

However, as if he couldnt feel any pain, Du Kais eyes were fervent as he laughed menacingly.

“Even if I have to die, Ill drag you…”


Suddenly, Du Kais sentence was interrupted by a loud shout and he could no longer continue.

A boom sounded in his mind as his ears rang repeatedly, as though he was struck by lightning.

The stinging pain was unbearable and his mind went momentarily blank!

If there was a mirror that Du Kai could see himself in at this moment, he would find his ears gushing with fresh blood and his eyes ruptured!

Thunderclap Kill!

Su Zimo knew of a sonic secret skill that although couldnt match with the power of his blood qi and spirit arts, could be used instantaneously and produce mystifying effects.

Initially, the might of Su Zimos Thunderclap Kill would have never been able to get to this stage.

However, after clearing his seven orifices, the strength of his mouth orifice increased exponentially and the might of Thunderclap Kill evolved to a state where it couldnt be ignored.

Furthermore, the two of them were too close together and Du Kais seven orifices bled instantly against the shock of Su Zimos voice!

The true terror was still awaiting!

Su Zimo had not only used his mouth orifice for that roar, but also the immense power of his five organs.

The moment he opened his mouth, there was a massive air current.

The Heart Seeking Spikes that were about to strike Su Zimo paused in their tracks and reversed at an even faster speed!

Du Kais pupils constricted as he was blinded by a bright blue light.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

The sounds of sharp objects piercing into flesh echoed as the chain of Heart Seeking Spikes buried themselves into Du Kais face, disappearing in an instant without any blood at all.

Du Kai staggered in retreat.

He had barely taken a few steps when his face turned ink-black with blood oozing from the side of his lips.

Collapsing stiffly, he died on the spot.

Since he was young, Du Kai had been playing with poison and there were countless cultivators who had died against that move of his.

However, he had never expected himself to die in the hands of his own ultimate move!

Su Zimos figure descended as well as he heaved a sigh of relief.

What happened earlier had given him a shock as well.

If he hadnt had a secret skill like Thunderclap Kill, he would have been the one lying on the floor right now!

Turning around, Su Zimo smiled coldly at the Poison Sect cultivators that were watching from outside the hall.

In a flash, he charged into the crowd with Blood Quencher.

Poison Sect had crossed Su Zimos bottom line by laying their hands on Xiaoning.

The moment he stepped into this place, he had no intention of letting anyone off.

Ji Chengtians guess was right – Su Zimos motive was to exterminate them from the roots!

Su Zimo had to remove every single trace of danger from Xiaonings side.

Night Spirit was imperceptibly strong.

At the very least, even Su Zimo wouldnt dare to claim that he would be victorious in a life and death battle against it.

However, he had only entrusted Night Spirit with a single task upon entering the ancient battlefield – to take care of Xiaoning.

Even if he was facing immense danger, he did not need Night Spirit to assist him!

That fact alone was enough to tell how much Xiaoning mattered to Su Zimo.

The massacre continued.

Although Su Zimo was alone, the remaining Poison Sect cultivators had already given up all thoughts of retaliating and scurried hurriedly.

Citys East, Glass Palace.


A Glass Palace cultivator sprinted the entire way and arrived at a mansion.

Greeting the handsome man before him with cupped fists, he said, “Senior Brother Pei, a massive battle has broken out at the citys south in Poison Sects territory.

Somebody witnessed Su Zimo returning to the city early this morning.

Not long after, he arrived at the citys south and barged into Poison Sect!”


Pei Chunyu raised his brow with a slightly curious expression.

“Barging into the territory of Poison Sect How many people did Su Zimo take along with him”

The person replied, “Hes alone.”


Frowning, Pei Chunyu pondered for a moment.

He couldnt help but shake his head in light laughter as he remarked in a leisurely manner, “Poison Sect is filled with traps and there are more than a hundred cultivators standing guard.

Theres even Du Kai, that poison man, around.

Su Zimo definitely has a death wish for barging into Poison Sect alone.”

“Fufu, if I had known that Su Zimo would be so reckless and dumb, I wouldnt have needed to waste my efforts on him.”

Pei Chunyu could not help but feel a tinge of regret as he thought about Liu Yun who had yet to return from the hunt of Su Zimo.

It was more than ten days and Liu Yuns radio silence probably represented his doom.

The thought of Liu Yun failing and being killed by Su Zimo instead had crossed Pei Chunyus mind too.

However, he felt that Liu Yun was at seven meridian Foundation Establishment after all.

In terms of strength, he was the only one above Liu Yun.

Given the strength that Su Zimo displayed in that battle on the long street, there was no way that person could be a threat to Liu Yun.

Pei Chunyu said, “Since weve got nothing on, lets go and watch the show.”

Citys West, Malevolent Earth Sect.

In a dark and sinister palace, a Malevolent Earth Sect cultivator knelt on the ground and said in a deep voice, “Su Zimo returned to the city today.

Not long after, he barged into Poison Sect alone and created a massacre.

The current state of the battle is unknown.”


The fiend heir of Malevolent Earth Sect, Xue Yang, opened his eyes with a flicker of mockery.

“Even the gods cant save somebody thats looking to die.

Barging into Poison Sect alone Fufu…”

Standing up, Xue Yang remarked darkly, “Go, lets go and help him collect his corpse!”

The long street connecting Xuantian Citys North and South.

More than a thousand cultivators of Elixir Yang Sect and Thousand Crane Sect flew towards the citys south on their flying swords.

The dense group attracted countless gazes.

That group of cultivators was around half of the sects strength in the ancient battlefield!

Their leaders were Tang Yu of Elixir Yang Sect and Feng Manman of Thousand Crane Sect.

Ji Chengtian and Leng Rou followed behind the two of them with grim expressions silently.

In truth, Thousand Crane Sect did not have to be involved in this.

Part of the reason why Feng Manman was able to lead so many cultivators forward was due to the close ties between the two sects and as a favor for Tang Yu.

At the same time, it was due to Leng Rous insistent pleads.

Tang Yu was flustered and there was sweat on her forehead.

She declared as she rode on her flying sword, “Fellow Daoists, please follow my orders later on.

Our priority is to rescue Fellow Daoist Su! Lets try our best to avoid fighting the Poison Sect cultivators head-on!”

“Thats right.”

Feng Manman added, “This is a rescue mission, not a battle.”

Thereafter, Feng Manman whispered consolingly, “Xiao Yu, dont be worried.

Fellow Daoist Su is extraordinarily strong and the heavens will bless him.

Perhaps we might be able to make it in time.”

In truth, Feng Manman no longer bore any hope despite what she said.

To her, they would only make it in time to help Su Zimo collect his corpse.

“Thank you, Sister Manman,” Tang Yu forced a smile and expressed her thanks.

In a split second, all the factions in Xuantian City were alerted and moved towards Poison Sect at the citys south one after another!

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