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Chapter 434: Suppress!

A tall and mighty figure had unknowingly appeared behind Demoness Ji.

Reaching out, that person grabbed Demoness Jis arm and yanked her backwards before throwing his left fist out to meet the bedazzling golden fist of Monk Jue Chen in a heavy clash!

That punch was domineering and seemed as though it was going to carve a hole in the heavens to shoot down the sun!

There were not many people who could go head-on against the successor of Diamond Monastery barehanded in melee combat.

Apart from the successor of the Immortal Sect, Glass Palace, the fiend heir of Overlord Palace had the capability as well.

Any other cultivator from other sects would have to avoid him!

From her side eye, Demoness Ji saw that the person did not have any sect badge on his waist.

Furthermore, he was wearing a rough linen shirt and was clearly not a cultivator from Glass Palace or Overlord Palace.

If that was the case, that person was definitely bound to suffer immensely if he chose to take on Monk Jue Chens fist head-on!


Demoness Ji tried to warn him but it was too late.

She had a pained expression, as though she could already envision the tragic scene of the arm of the burly man snapped into a bloody mess.

“Youre asking for trouble.”

Monk Jue Chen revealed a mocking expression.


Their fists collided with a dull thud of defeat!

The mocking expression on Monk Jue Chens face disappeared as quickly as it appeared as his eyes narrowed into a thin line!

Demoness Ji was dumbfounded in shock.

The golden light on Monk Jue Chens fist was dispersed by the burly mans fist, scattering everywhere like sparks!

As the fists collided, a visible air fluctuation spread out along with a heatwave that possessed an astonishing aftershock!

The burly man did not even take a half-step back and his fist was completely undamaged!

On the contrary, Monk Jue Chen staggered three steps back and his expression gradually darkened.

The burly man pulled Demoness Ji by the arm and brought her behind him.

With a calm expression and a sharp gaze, he glared at Monk Jue Chen.

The situation came to a momentary calm with the appearance of the burly man.

Both Monk Jue Chen and Demoness Ji were trying to size up the burly man, wanting to make out something from him.

He had rough facial features, thick eyebrows, large eyes and a wide nose and mouth.

Bulky, he was two meters tall and his palms and arms were thick as were his fingers.

His gripped fists resembled a pair of hammers!

Demoness Jis brow raised slightly – she could not see anything familiar about the burly man.

She was certain that prior to this, she had never seen this man before, much less know him.

However, for some unknown reason, she felt that something was amiss.

She tilted her head, deep in thought.

After looking at the burly man from head to toe a couple of times without any conclusion, Monk Jue Chen could not help but ask with a deep voice, “Patron, what sect or faction are you from”

“Ive got no sect or faction,”

The burly man replied indifferently.


Chanting a Buddhist proclamation, Monk Jue Chens gaze gradually turned cold as he said icily, “Since youre an itinerant cultivator, Id advise you not to get involved in this lest you attract trouble for yourself!”


The burly man smiled and replied aggressively, “If I insist on interfering, what can you do”

“You do know that the girl behind you is the Pure Maiden of the fiend sects.

She is someone that kills without batting an eyelid and her hands are deeply soaked in blood!” Monk Jue Chens voice turned increasingly louder along with his divinity of Buddhism.

“Youve got plenty of blood on your hands too, reverend.”

“Im from the Buddhist monasteries but shes from the fiend sects!”


The two of them spoke in a tit-for-tat manner and instantly, the atmosphere on the battlefield turned tense, filled with killing intent.

However, at that moment, Demoness Ji felt an unprecedented calmness in her heart!

It was as though the mighty back view of the figure in front of her could defend her from any danger!

Even if… she was someone from the fiend sects.

“Well, well, well…”

Monk Jue Chen nodded repeatedly.

When he opened his eyes, two golden beams of light shot out and his aura surged.

The secret skill of the Buddhist monasteries, Enraged Diamond Gaze!

Eye secret skills could not only affect the minds of cultivators, they were also released instantly, making it difficult for opponents to defend against.

“Watch out!”

Demoness Ji had already sensed that something was amiss the moment she saw Monk Jue Chens gaze shine.

However, just as her warning came forth, her voice was drowned by Monk Jue Chens sacred voice of the Buddhist monasteries!

“Since you choose to protect that girl, youre choosing to be enemies with Diamond Monastery, the Buddhist monasteries and all the righteous immortal sects!”

Monk Jue Chen berated and every single word of his struck at ones mind like a heavy bell.

That was a sound secret skill unique to the Buddhist monasteries, the Lion Roar.

These two skills were what Monk Jue Chen used earlier on to injure Demoness Ji instantly and seize the advantage.

Under normal circumstances, ordinary cultivators would suffer blinding pain in their eyes and buzzing in their ears against these two instantaneous techniques.

In a moment of panic, they would definitely reveal openings.

However, the burly mans expression was unchanged and a demonic glint shone in his eyes.

The two incoming streaks of gold light disappeared in midair.

Taking a deep breath of air, the burly mans chest puffed up and his body swelled a little as if he was a balloon.

The next moment, he opened his mouth and interrupted Monk Jue Chen with an immensely powerful shout, “Fight!”


The moment he said that, the heavens shook!

An explosion like thunder crushed over heavily, as if a massive army was trampling through everything.

Before Monk Jue Chen could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by the burly man and the air in his chest was blocked.

It was extremely unbearable as his face turned pale, impacting his aura.

The two of them were extremely close and with a single huge stride, the burly man arrived before Monk Jue Chen almost in the blink of an eye.


He stomped his feet heavily on the ground and the earth and mountains shook.

In fact, two gigantic ravines appeared in the ground behind him as the mud was overturned!

Demoness Ji was shocked and her alluring lips spread open slightly as she watched everything in disbelief.

Just who was this person

Even pure-blooded ferocious beasts wouldnt cause such an impact if they crossed rampantly!

The pure-blooded ferocious beast, Lu Wu, who was standing behind Monk Jue Chen was initially watching coldly from the sidelines.

However, it was shocked when it sensed the aura of the burly man and its fur stood on end, causing its entire body to expand greatly!

This was the natural reaction of a demon beast when it sensed extreme danger.

At that moment, in terms of aura, the burly man had already crushed Monk Jue Chen completely!


The burly man reached out with his palm and descended from above, slapping towards Monk Jue Chen with an aura that threatened to engulf the vast lands.

His fingers spread open and his massive palm seemed like it was about to consume the heavens and suppress the eight desolates!

Now that he lost the initiative, Monk Jue Chen was shocked.

He did not have time to dig out his Buddhist spirit weapons from his storage bag and could only prop up his arms in defense against the colossal force.


The burly mans palm crushed heavily against Monk Jue Chens arms.

Instantly, Monk Jue Chen seemed like he had turned shorter as his feet sank deep into the ground beyond his knees!

At that moment, Demoness Ji felt like she was witnessing a great demon god that stood tall in the sky, looking down at the vast world as he crushed an ant with his gigantic palm!

At this moment, the successor of Diamond Monastery had lost all his aura and was akin to an ant squashed in the mud!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Both sides were still in a deadlock.

However, the sound of bones shifting could be heard from within Monk Jue Chens body, as if his bones were about to fall apart, grinding endlessly in a jarring manner.


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