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Chapter 486: Unable to Leave!

The moment the five Void Reversions above the clouds started fighting, the Nascent Soul battlefield continued on as well.

Both factions were in the heat of the battle.

“You guys, go and kill Su Zimo! The faster, the better!”

Realizing that something was amiss with the situation, the Blood Crow King did not dare to be careless and ordered 10 Nascent Souls for that task!

In terms of numbers and strength of Nascent Souls, Blood Crow Palace possessed an absolute advantage.

From the side of Ethereal Peak, the remaining dozens of Nascent Souls that were led by Sect Master Ling Yun were filled with injuries and exhausted – they were almost unable to fight on anymore.

The Blood Crow King transformed into his true form, which was a pitch-black crow with bloodshot eyes, and led the remaining Nascent Souls in a fiery battle against Ling Yun and the others.

Unable to withdraw themselves from the situation, Ling Yun and the others could only watch as the 10 Nascent Souls charged towards Su Zimo.

Su Zimos heart skipped a beat.

No matter how strong he was and how many trump cards he had, he could not withstand the might of Nascent Souls.

At Nascent Soul realm, one could cultivate an Essence Spirit and could make use of the Heaven and Earth powers to release Dharmic arts!

Even the simplest Dharmic art was more than enough to kill Su Zimo who was at Foundation Establishment realm with ease!

As the 10 Nascent Souls charged towards him, Su Zimo conjured hand seals in midair.

A terrifying energy fluctuation spread through the void.

Not daring to be careless, Su Zimo released his spirit wings and chanted a sutra internally – he was already prepared to unleash the secret skill of the fiend sects, Blood Escape, to flee far away!

He could read the situation clearly.

The black-robed man had terrifying strength and was extremely domineering; as long as he could survive a little longer and wait till the Void Reversion battlefield to settle down, Blood Crow Palace was bound to lose!

All of a sudden!

A slender figure appeared in front of Su Zimo.

“Hmm Its her”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows slightly.

The person before him was the seductive woman with the gauze top.

“You must have a death wish!”

“Youre asking for death!”

The 10 Nascent Souls that were charging over shouted and had already released the Dharmic arts from their hands.

There were razor-sharp long swords with rainbow ripples, crystalline fingers as thick as stone pillars, horrifying fists as heavy as mountains…

The Dharmic arts filled the skies and surged over, almost engulfing the gauze-top woman and Su Zimo entirely!

The gauze-top womans expression was unchanged and her eyes flickered with ridicule.


She smiled brilliantly and a bedazzling and seductive glint shone from her eyes.

Although the gauze-top woman had ordinary looks, her smile caused all the stars and moon to dim in color.

Her eyes shimmered like the surface of water, causing everyones hearts to skip a beat.

In the blink of an eye, all the Dharmic arts vanished!

All the cultivators were shocked by the methods of the gauze-top woman when they saw that.

As for Su Zimo, he had a vague guess about the gauze-top womans identity after a moment of contemplation!

Only a cultivator of the fiend sects Pure Maiden Sect could bewitch all living beings with a single action and smile.

Although this woman wasnt Demoness Ji, she definitely had a deep relationship with the latter.

By adding those information together with this persons cultivation realm, her identity was revealed almost instantly.

It was the chief steward of Sky Treasure Auction House, Gu Xi!

With the secret skill of Pure Maiden Sect, Gu Xi removed all the Dharmic arts and seized the opportunity while the 10 Nascent Souls were distracted to raise her palm.

Instantly, 10 cold flashes of light shot into the glabellas of the 10 Nascent Souls!

After a brief pause, the eyes of the 10 Nascent Souls dimmed and they fell from midair one after another lifelessly.

For Nascent Souls, they wont die even if their hearts were crushed.

The true weakness of a Nascent Soul was their Essence Spirit!

Gu Xis counterattack did not show any mercy and she crushed all 10 of their Essence Spirits instantly, causing them to die on the spot!

Su Zimo nodded silently.

It was no wonder why she was of the fiend sects.

All the itinerant cultivators of Blood Crow Palace and the Nascent Souls of small sects could not deal with the secret skill of Pure Maiden Sect at all!

Back in the ancient battlefield, Demoness Ji was restrained by the paragons of the Buddhist and immortal sects and she even suffered a loss against the successor of Diamond Monastery.

However, if she were to face these Foundation Establishment Cultivators here, a simple smile and wink from her could charm them into losing their minds.

The Blood Crow King and the others were extremely grim when they saw the 10 Nascent Souls die.

“I dont believe that we wont be able to kill a mere Foundation Establishment lad despite our numbers!”

The Blood Crow King had a vicious gaze as he grit his teeth, prepared to attack personally.

The gauze-top woman spoke up; her voice was charming but her tone was indifferent, “Everyone, you dont have to waste your energy with me around.

None of you will get past me.”

Perfected Being Cang Lang and the others had indignant expressions.

What sort of merits and capabilities did Su Zimo, a mere Foundation Establishment Cultivator, have such that two experts showed up in succession to defend him!


Suddenly, a bang sounded from above the clouds.

All the Nascent Souls stopped subconsciously and turned to look.

They saw True Fire Sects Dao Being Liao Yuan and Southern Mountains Sects Dao Being Lao Yang fall one after another.

Suddenly, the tides changed on the battlefield!

Sensing that something was amiss, some people made an instant decision to retreat with the chaos and flee into the distance!

Although the Palace Lord and Dao Being Han Ming were able to defend against the impact of the black-robed mans blood sea, they were swaying and their expressions were pale as they grunted.

Dao Being Han Ming was thoroughly subdued by the methods of the black-robed man and kowtowed, declaring with a trembling voice, “Please be appeased, fellow Daoist.

I know now that Im in the wrong and Ill leave right now, never taking another step onto Ethereal Peak for the rest of my life!”

When they heard that, everyone from Ethereal Peak were emotional and almost wanted to roar into the skies as a pent up frustration was released from their hearts!

The feeling of a Void Reversion forced to the state of acknowledging his mistake while swearing never to step foot onto Ethereal Peak again for the rest of his life was ecstatic!

Right then, the black-robed mans voice sounded above the clouds once more.

“Its already too late for you to leave now!”

It was dead silent above and beneath Ethereal Peak!

Everyone was astounded by the black-robed mans aura!

Acknowledging his mistake


None of that mattered now!

Even if he wanted to leave now, he couldnt!

Dao Being Han Ming seemed to have been scared as well as he trembled.

“W-What do you mean by t-that I-Ive already apologized.”

He was stuttering by now.

“Its no use speaking now.


The black-robed man pointed at his glabella.

Instantly, it shone brightly and formed a blood sea vortex!

Reaching out, the black-robed man actually withdrew a saber from the blood sea vortex.

It was initially extremely small but by the time it was out completely, it had expanded with a torrential killing intent!

There were a series of blood patterns on its blade.

The black-robed man flicked his wrist and his saber shook.

Instantly, all the blood patterns rose, as though they were veins on the blade, and the stench of blood filled the air!

“He uses a saber”

Su Zimo froze momentarily when he saw the black-robed man withdraw a saber and a thought flashed through his mind.

Before he could think about it properly, his attention was drawn by the terrifying methods of the black-robed man.

The black-robed man took a step forward and slashed in reverse.

It arrived instantly and engulfed Dao Being Han Ming, sealing his escape path!

“Dont go overboard!”

Dao Being Han Ming shrieked and tapped his glabella, withdrawing a shimmering flying sword.

At the same time, he withdrew a shield from his storage bag and injected Dharmic power into it, causing it to expand and hover over his head!


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