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Chapter 509: Turtle Snake Reappearance

Su Zimo continued reading.

‘The Chaos Ocean was created by the Human Emperor using everything he learned after he entered the Extreme Foundation Establishment realm and observed the secrets of heaven and earth while pursuing the origins of the universe.

Its the top among thousands of phenomenons and is the number one across history!”

Top among thousands of phenomenons and number one across history!

What an incredible evaluation!

Su Zimo was secretly shocked.

Although he had also cultivated to the Extreme Foundation Establishment realm, the Golden Core phenomenon he cultivated did not depend on the number of spirit meridians he had unlocked, but his experiences and his comprehension of his cultivation.

There was a high chance that this Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking was from a hundred years ago.

Su Zimo did not know what sect or background Di Yin was from to be able to comprehend a Golden Core phenomenon created by the Human Emperor.

Any cultivator that could occupy the top spot of the Phenomenon Ranking was definitely not someone to be messed with.

It was clear judging from Yan Beichens methods.

Su Zimo continued reading.

Phenomenon Ranking No.


Heartless Ye, Corpse Mountain Blood Sea.

When he saw Corpse Mountain Blood Sea, Su Zimo knew that the cultivator was the successor of Asura Sect.

In that battle at Ethereal Peak, the same phenomenon appeared behind the Asura Yan Beichen and it had a tremendous might.

With a single strike, it killed two Void Reversions!

Su Zimo continued reading.

Corpse Mountain Blood Sea, created by the first Asura of the ancient era.

Initially two different Golden Core phenomenons, Corpse Mountain and Blood Sea.

Although there have been many fiend heirs in Asura Sect, few of them could fuse the two together.

Once fused, it possesses terrifying might and can be ranked in the top ten of the Phenomenon Ranking!

Su Zimo nodded silently.

According to Yan Beichens words, he should have become number one of the Phenomenon Ranking a thousand years ago by relying on this Corpse Mountain Blood Sea!

Although Chaos Ocean was the number one phenomenon throughout history, the ranking on the Phenomenon Ranking wasnt determined solely on ones phenomenon, but the strength of the cultivator as well.

Even for the same Golden Core phenomenon, the strength displayed by two cultivators releasing it would be worlds apart if they had different levels of comprehension towards it.

Phenomenon Ranking No.


Monk Pujian, Green Lantern Ancient Buddha.

The appearance of the ancient Buddha accompanied by a green lantern booms loudly in Sanskrit across all directions, incinerating all living beings and suppressing all demons, ghosts and fiends.

Cultivated to its peak, it can be considered as a top ten on the Phenomenon Ranking!

There were a bunch of other Golden Core phenomenons behind the Phenomenon Ranking and they were dizzying.

Su Zimo was extremely curious as he hadnt heard of them before.

Eternal Kingdom, Meandering River Sunset, Glass Divine Light, Underworld, Thousand Swords United, Amplifying Fog, Limitless Hell, Endless River Mountains, Eastern Purple Qi, Seven Floor Pagoda, Buddhas Radiance, Incinerating Embers, Yin Yang Double Fishes…

Every single Golden Core phenomenon had a detailed introduction.

Su Zimo continued browsing and could roughly deduce the sects or factions the phenomenons belonged to judging from their names and descriptions.

For example, Glass Divine Light should be a Golden Core phenomenon of Glass Palace.

The description displayed high regards for Glass Divine Light and if it was released at its peak, it could be considered as a top ten on the Phenomenon Ranking!

Underworld and Limitless Hell should be Golden Core phenomenons of the fiend sects.

As for Seven Floor Pagoda and Buddhas Radiance, those should be phenomenons of the Buddhist monasteries.

Gradually, Su Zimo realized that the Phenomenon Ranking was mostly occupied by the super sects of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects as well as the various powerful factions of Tianhuang Mainland.

Of the top 108 spots on the Phenomenon Rankings, there were only around 60 Golden Core phenomenons.

Most of them were repeated, coming from different cultivators of the same sect.

After reading through the Phenomenon Ranking, Su Zimo did not discover any Golden Core phenomenon similar to his.

Frowning slightly, he felt somewhat dejected.


Suddenly, his expression changed.

At the end of the Phenomenon Ranking was another page.

When Su Zimo flipped over, he saw that there were also some Golden Core phenomenons listed on the last page.

Those were phenomenons that had appeared once without reappearing or had gone extinct.

First row.

World Cleansing Green Lotus.

Originally a phenomenon of Fahua Monastery, the eternal green lotus glowed brightly and had a terrifying strength that could cleanse all evil in the world.

This was something that could be considered as a top ten on the Phenomenon Ranking!

However, 10,000 years ago, the North Region met with a catastrophe and the Great Qian Empire was destroyed along with Fahua Monastery, leading to the loss of the World Cleansing Green Lotus.

At that point, Su Zimo was enlightened.

“So, one of the two great monasteries that was destroyed in that catastrophe 10,000 years ago was Fahua Monastery.”

Su Zimo shook his head, a little stunned.

Now that 10,000 years have passed, how many people could still remember that flourishing empire and monastery

If that was the case for a destroyed super sect, a fallen paragon would probably be lost in the sands of time and be forgotten by everyone after a hundred years.

As Su Zimo continued reading, he could not help but shudder as his eyes lit up.

Primordial Divine Turtle.

An amphibious divine being that is lost.

Primordial Soaring Serpent.

A fire divine being that is lost.

Legend has it that in the primordial era, the thousands of races fought one another and all life was in turmoil.

Blood was shed everywhere as corpses lined the ground.

That massive battle caused the skies to topple and the ground to collapse.

Void currents surged everywhere; meteors crashed; the ground caved in while lava spurted everywhere, killing countless lives.

Su Zimo was in deep thought at this point.

The battle royale of the primordial era was something that he had heard Uncle Liang of Elixir Yang Sect mention before.

However, he did not know the reason for it.

What he knew was that the battle was the reason why only a hundred races were left with thousands of races going extinct.

Because of that, the human race gained a respite and managed to rise up!

Su Zimo continued reading.

Finally, that battle alarmed two divine beasts of the primordial era, the turtle and serpent to descend at the same time!

The divine turtle managed to carry the heavens with its shell and suppress the void currents with its limbs.

The soaring serpent rose from beneath the ground.

With a snakes head, anacondas body, dragon scales, phoenix wings, no horns nor legs and strength comparable to a True Dragon, it devoured all the lava and suppressed the volcanoes everywhere.

The appearance of the turtle and snake saved all lives!

Experts of the human race who witnessed that were moved and created the two phenomenons by comprehending them.

Throughout history, there would occasionally be cultivators who managed to comprehend the two Golden Core phenomenons of the primordial era.

However, none of them could display the same might of the past.

There were rumors that when the Phenomenon Ranking was just created, the two Golden Core phenomenons were listed among the top ten.

Upon seeing this, Su Zimo suddenly had an epiphany.

He finally understood the meaning behind the two phenomenons.

When he was forming his core, his dantian contained the energies of fire and water which were starkly different.

Both of them clashed repeatedly with neither side willing to relent.

As such, the two energies intensified continuously while contesting against one another!

Finally, with the risk of Su Zimos body exploding, the two different energies finally stabilized and reached a balance.

At that moment, the energies of fire and water were already at their limits.

That was also the reason why Su Zimo managed to witness the two shocking scenes of the primordial era!

The divine turtle represented water while the soaring serpent represented fire.

The reason why the Primordial Divine Turtle and Primordial Soaring Serpent was not in the previous iteration of the Phenomenon Ranking wasnt because they werent strong enough, but because both of them had gone extinct for many years.

Smiling gently, Su Zimo felt a sense of pride.

No matter the past of the two Golden Core phenomenons, now that the both of them were in his hands in this generation, he was certain that he would definitely be able to release them to an unparalleled degree!


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