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Chapter 519: Underground Palace


A golden divine dragon coiled around the Coiling Dragon Seal and descended with a terrifying might.

The air currents exploded with a resounding bang!


The Coiling Dragon Seal slammed heavily against the bronze square tripod, causing sparks to fly.

In the end, Xuan Yi and the other three were shocked!

The connate spirit weapon, the Coiling Dragon Seal, was repelled!

The golden divine dragon in midair let out a tragic cry, as though it was scared by something, and turned into a streak of golden light before retreating into the gigantic seal once more to hide.

The light of the Coiling Dragon Seal dimmed gradually.

Waving his sleeves, Su Zimo put away the Coiling Dragon Seal into his storage bag once more.

The bronze square tripod stood in its original spot, embedded deeply into the mud but without much changes to it.

Even after a full might smash of the Coiling Dragon Seal, the tripod looked the same, filled with cracks but it did not collapse entirely nor did it turn into a pile of scrap metal.

Even a supreme-grade spirit weapon would have shattered against the smash of the Coiling Dragon Seal!

Furthermore, given the Coiling Dragon Seals reaction, it seemed as though it suffered slightly in that clash.

“Its so tough”

Li Ziyue was secretly stunned.

Pondering for a moment, Su Zimo walked forward and placed his palm on the bronze square tripod, injecting a stream of spirit energy into it.

The bronze square tripod had no reaction at all.

No matter what sort of a treasure this was in the past, the fact that it was destroyed to such an extent means that it could probably only be used to toss at people in the future.

Whisking up the bronze square tripod, Su Zimo placed it in his storage bag.

After pulling the bronze square tripod up from the mud, the ground sank in once more.

Su Zimos nose twitched and he remarked softly.

“Whats wrong”

Xuan Yi could not help but ask when he caught sight of Su Zimos expression.


Frowning slightly, Su Zimo murmured.

Xuan Yi and the others could not smell it but his senses were extremely frightening after cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness constantly – he was even sharper than pure-blooded ferocious beasts1

Su Zimo caught sight of a whiff of medicinal fragrance from underground.

“Strange, why is there the smell of spirit herbs underground”

Narrowing his eyes, Su Zimo thought to himself, “Could there be another world beneath this forbidden grounds”

After a moment of contemplation, he made up his mind and stomped heavily on the ground!

It was a deafening crush.

The ground shook and countless mud slabs and dust collapsed.

Su Zimo dodged to the side and a gigantic crack opened where he stood, spanning more than a hundred feet!

Rows of stone steps appeared one after another, leading downwards.


Xuan Yi and the other two were dumbfounded with widened eyes.

As the crack surfaced, the medicinal scent from within was even more evident!

Su Zimo tilted his head and listened in.

After a moment, he turned to Xuan Yi and the other two.

“Go, lets head down and take a look.”

“Be careful, we dont know whats below,” Li Ziyue revealed a worried expression.

“Dont worry,”

Su Zimo shook his head.

Despite the massive commotion aboveground, it was still silent without any activity underneath – there should be no danger within.

The four of them walked down the stone steps and a long time later, they arrived at the bottom, surveying the place.

Before them was a gigantic underground palace!

Towering pillars stood one after another, filled with an ancient aura.

Lining up in a mysterious order, they formed a massive underground palace!

The palace was extremely spacious and was hundreds of feet beneath the ground – even Golden Cores wouldnt be affected if they soared into the air.

Furthermore, the air underground was refreshing and filled with a faint medicinal fragrance without any impurities – it was clear that there was another way for air to enter.

Compared to the sinister atmosphere in the ruins outside with little ghosts and otherworldly soldiers roaming everywhere, this place seemed like a paradise.

To think that despite the catastrophe 10,000 years ago that turned the capital into ruins, this underground palace was perfectly preserved.

In fact, it was even isolating the malevolent qi outside!

Without malevolent qi shrouding them, Xuan Yi and the other two looked evidently better and color was returning to their faces.

The four of them continued advancing.

The medicinal fragrance in the air was getting more intense and even Xuan Yi and the other two smelled it!

“Its so fragrant!”

“By the looks of it, there havent been any intruders in this place.

Perhaps there might be some spirit herbs preserved!”

Xuan Yi and the others were invigorated and continued forward hastily.

Before long, the four of them slowed down and stopped in their tracks.

Their mouths opened slightly and endless shock filled their eyes!

Before them was a magnificent medicinal field that was separated into blocks with different spirit herbs.

All of them grew in a splendid manner with a dazzling radiance, emanating robust spirit qi.

All of those spirit herbs swayed and let out a fragrant medicinal scent.

Even without any knowledge of elixir refinement, one could tell that those spirit herbs were already mature and were at least thousands of years old!

The Rain Frost Flower, Purple Cloud Lingzhi, Blood Ginseng and Qian Essence Grass that the Tribulation Tiding Elixir required were all present!

Furthermore, the Blood Ginsengs in this medicinal field were not just a thousand years old, but ten thousand years old!

The Blood Ginsengs shape was already humanoid with its feet and arms vaguely forming.

With another ten thousand years, the Blood Ginsengs would have turned into spirits!

Apart from the four types of spirit herbs, there were plenty of other rare materials such as the Scarlet Flame Bamboo, Scarlet Moon Grass and Scarlet Flame Fruit.

Su Zimo and the others were delighted.

The value of this medicinal field was unimaginable!

When they got closer, the spirit qi was thicker and the medicinal fragrance almost materialized.

With a slight whiff, Xuan Yi and the other two felt their injuries recovering.

Although they were in an underground palace, bright moonlight spilled down from above the medicinal field in a hazy and mysterious manner.

Raising his head slightly, Su Zimo caught sight of a series of magnificent crystals and gems at the top of the palace that could reflect the light from outside nicely onto the field.

From the outside, the underground palace could not be seen and it was merely in ruins.

However, through the crystals, everything outside could be seen from this palace!

It was truly an impressive design that was out of this world.

This was also the exact reason why this medicinal field was buried underground for 10,000 years without withering or being discovered by exploring cultivators.

Su Zimo took a walk around the medicinal field and was drawn to a particular spirit field in the middle.

Although it had a large surface area, there was only a single stalk of spirit herb in it.

It was scarlet all over and looked resplendent.

Swaying gently, there was a green and red fruit at the top that was the size of an infants fist.

“What is this”

Li Ziyue also took notice of the spirit fruit and asked instinctively.

“I think this is a Vermilion Fruit.”

Su Zimo replied with a smile and joyful eyes.

At the mention of Vermilion Fruit, Xuan Yi and the other two widened their eyes.

The Vermilion Fruit was one of the most famous spirit items in the world because it only bloomed once every 5,000 years before taking another 5,000 years to bear fruit.

It was also known as the 10,000 Year Vermilion Fruit.

After consuming it, Golden Cores would experience a burst in their spirit energies and could rise a single minor realm!

For someone like Su Zimo, although he had just formed his core, if he were to consume the Vermilion Fruit, he could advance to mid-stage Golden Core right away!

That was not all.

The Vermilion Fruit was a great tonic for Golden Cores with immense benefits.

It could change their physiques to a great degree and burn away all impurities in their bodies, extending their lifespans!

Of course, that was for Golden Cores.

If ordinary mortals or Foundation Establishment Cultivators were to consume the Vermilion Fruit, they would be burned to ashes in the blink of an eye!

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