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Chapter 58: Pierced Through The Heart By Countless Arrows Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


Zhou Dingyun seemed to have gotten a big shock.

He jumped up, retreated a few steps, reaching his palm toward the storage bag at his waist.

He narrowed his eyes and looked solemn.

“Calm down, calm down!”

Zhou Dingyun assured himself.

“I am a Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior.

I underwent a total transformation and am no longer the same person two years ago.

I will never be frightened by a scholar.

Su Zimo is a mere mortal, what could he count on”

“Arent you going to drink”

Su Zimo smiled, shaking his head.

“If you dont drink, you wont have the chance anymore.”

“You are bluffing!”

Zhou Dingyun gave a loud shout.

He slapped his palm on the storage bag, maneuvering a flying sword, shooting out a ray of spirit qi from his fingertip.

The flying sword shone brightly.

Inferior-grade spirit weapon.


Zhou Dingyun had the flying sword in his hand.

He calmed himself and pointed forward.

Right then, the flying sword turned into a ray of light, reaching Su Zimo within seconds!

Su Zimo did not move a single inch.

He seemed like a monk who was in meditation.

The flying sword was right in front of Su Zimos glabella.

It would pierce into it if it went one inch further.

However, Su Zimo maintained his composure, and he did not bat his eyelids at all.

Zhou Dingyun thought that Su Zimo must be scared stiff.

He could not help but grin hideously.

“Su Zimo, if you kneel down to beg me for mercy, I can consider not killing you.”

“I think you have gotten something very wrong here.”

Su Zimo stretched out his palm, gently holding the flying sword in front of him as he said calmly, “It is the same place, the same season, the same night, and the two of us, but there will not be too much of a difference in the outcome.”

There was a look of malice in Zhou Dingyuns eyes, as he saw how Su Zimo used his palm to grab hold of the sharp inferior-grade spirit weapon.

What a fool!

Su Zimo continued.

“If there are any changes, it would be that two years ago I let you off, but today, you wont be able to leave.”

“Damn, how dare you speak conceited nonsense.

I will maim one of your palms first!”

Zhou Dingyun yelled, ruthlessness in his eyes.

He maneuvered the flying sword, exerting force for it to spin!

In the meantime, Su Zimos palm wrapped and hit the sword.


There was a sound as loud as thunder.

Zhou Dingyun was given a shock.

It was not the flying flesh and spurting blood that he was expecting.

Instead, Su Zimos palm was intact!

Zhou Dingyun was even more surprised that he had lost control of the flying sword!

How could this be

The next moment, Zhou Dingyun turned from shock to aghast at the sight that he witnessed.

Su Zimo spread his palm and the flying sword lay quietly on his palm.

It was covered with cracks.

Su Zimo released his hand and the inferior-grade spirit weapon turned into fragments, scattering onto the ground.

An inferior-grade spirit weapon was deemed useless!

Zhou Dingyun stared at Su Zimo whose eyes had gradually turned cold.

His heart sank deeply to the bottom as well.

He finally realized that two years had passed and he had become a Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior, but Second Young Master Su who was in front of him was no longer the frail scholar back then!

He suddenly realized that when Su Zimo said that everything had changed tremendously just now, Su Zimo was not referring to him but to Su Zimo himself!

The bowl of wine on the round table was really meant to send him on his way!

But Zhou Dingyun still could not figure out why Su Zimo could shatter his inferior-grade spirit weapon with his blood and flesh.

Zhou Dingyun did not wish to find out the reason.

Right now, his only thought was to leave this place and try his best to steer clear of Su Zimo!

Zhou Dingyun took out a flying sword from his storage bag.

This was a pseudo spirit weapon.

It was already unimaginable for outer sect disciples to receive inferior-grade spirit weapons in Iridescent Clouds Palace.

However, it had been shattered by Su Zimos palm.

Zhou Dingyun stepped onto the flying sword, rose into the air and flew out of the mansion.

Before he left, Zhou Dingyun could not help but look back.

Su Zimo was not in a hurry to get up.

He drank the bowl of strong wine on the stone table unhurriedly before he stood up, tied the long saber to his waist, carried the quiver on his back and took the sanguine bow in his hands.

Zhou Dingyun swallowed his saliva, feeling nervous.

He turned and used all his energy to maneuver the flying sword, speeding toward the far distance.

The wind howled in his ears.

Zhou Dingyun could not help but shiver as the wind blew at him.

He did not know since when he broke out in cold sweats.

Zhou Dingyun left Ping Yang Town in no time.

The Cang Lang Mountain Range was not far in the distance.

It was pitch dark and he could vaguely hear growling sounds made by the spirit beasts.

Zhou Dingyun let out a long breath, putting his heart at rest.

Right then, Zhou Dingyun heard a cold voice coming from behind him!

“Do you still remember the vow you made on that night two years ago when you knelt down to beg for mercy”

Zhou Dingyun was terror-stricken upon hearing this.

He almost lost control of the flying sword, causing him to lose his balance and almost fall off from mid-air.

Su Zimo!

This was Su Zimos voice!

How was that possible

How did he manage to catch up

Zhou Dingyuns face was as white as a sheet, breaking out in cold sweats.

He tried all his best to maneuver the flying sword to speed forward while he looked backward.

Su Zimo was right behind him.

He looked calm, as if he was just casually walking.

However, every stride that he took was as far as 20 to 30 feet!

“He… he is not using his full force!”

At the thought of this, Zhou Dingyun seemed to have descended into an icehouse, he felt chills all over his body.

Su Zimos voice was heard again.

“On that night two years ago, you swore that even if you were lucky enough to join the immortal sect, you would never seek revenge on me.

If not, you will suffer a painful death where countless of arrows pierced through your heart.”

“Well… since that was the case, you will get what you wished for.”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Dingyun finally understood what the sanguine bow on the round table was meant for.


Zhou Dingyun turned around quickly.

He had just uttered a word and he was shrouded by a black shadow in front of him.


Dozens of arrows pierced through the air one after another!


Zhou Dingyun felt pain in his chest.

It was as if he had lost something in his body.

He felt weak all over and he dropped from mid-air.

Zhou Dingyun made a loud thumping sound as he flopped down onto the ground.

He was covered with mud and the ground that he lay on had turned blood-red.


Zhou Dingyun lowered his head to look at his chest.

It was a bloody mess.

There was a bloody hollow as large as a bowl on his chest.

His heart was pierced through and shot away by dozens of sharp arrows.

Pierced through the heart by countless arrows!

Everything seemed to be fated and predestined.

There was a breeze in the air.

Zhou Dingyun could see a corner of the fluttering green robe in front of him.

Zhou Dingyun lay on the ground, looking up at Su Zimo who stood in front of him.

There was a strange smile on his face, as he spoke, but his words were indistinct.

“I, I am Iridescent Clouds… Palace, since you, you killed me, you wont be able to escape.

One… day, Perfected Cang Lang… will come looking for you…”

Su Zimo squatted down and smiled.

“I will go look for him before that day comes.

You will be the first to go, Perfected Cang Lang will be next in line!”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Dingyuns head dropped to a side, as he took his last breath.

Su Zimo pulled the storage bag from Zhou Dingyuns waist and kept it.

He then grabbed his corpse, took a few steps forward before he threw it directly into Cang Lang Mountain Range.

It would not take a day before Zhou Dingyuns corpse was devoured by the spirit beasts.

This was getting rid of the corpse to destroy the evidence of ones crime.

No one would know what happened tonight.



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