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Chapter 599: What Is He Doing

Instantly, Si Junyu was scared out of his wits!


Si Junyu withdrew a cold, shimmering sword from his storage bag and his spirit energy surged wildly as he stabbed at the middle-aged monks head!

At the same time, Si Junyu crushed a protection talisman in his left hand.


A golden burst of light glowed around Si Junyu and formed an impenetrable barrier.

The middle-aged monk did not dodge or avoid the incoming sword and flicked his finger casually.

His fingertip met the swords blade.


Si Junyus sword was snapped by the middle-aged monks finger in a single strike!

With a ripped palm, Si Junyu could no longer hold on to his sword and let go.

Thereafter, his vision blurred and the middle-aged monk was already gone from his sights.

For everyone else, they saw the middle-aged monk take a step after snapping Si Junyus blade to wrap behind the latter.

The middle-aged monks movements were way too fluid.

It was like water – there was no delay between his movements ever since he first attacked.

The middle-aged monks entire body coiled around Si Junyus golden barrier like an anaconda and exerted strength massively!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A series of cracks appeared on the golden barrier.

After a brief pause, the golden barrier shattered entirely!

The middle-aged monk reached out and grabbed Si Junyus neck, exerting strength in his fingers.

Si Junyu merely felt his body and limbs go limp – he could not move at all and could only let the middle-aged monk lift him up!

“Everyone, stop!”

The middle-aged monk turned around and said coldly.

The two Great Xia guards and three Heavenly Piercing Sword Sect sword cultivators that were chasing after him stopped hurriedly with a deep look of fear in their eyes.

This middle-aged monk was way too brutal!

Ever since he started attacking, any Golden Core who stood in his path died – nobody was spared!

Rather than a benevolent monk, he was more like a demon with a murderous nature!

In the blink of an eye, Si Junyu wound up in the hands of the middle-aged monk and Gu Suqi and Perfected Lord Tian Chen could not help but stop their attacks on Perfected Lord Ming Ze.

With a relieved expression, Perfected Lord Ming Ze fell from midair in exhaustion.

Fortunately, Ji Yaoxue rushed forward and supported him.

Instantly, the situation became special.

On the side of the Great Xia Dynasty, there were five Golden Cores and two Nascent Souls with frightening strength remaining.

On the side of the Great Zhou Dynasty, Ji Yaoxues spirit energy was already drained after releasing Emperor Defensive Qi and did not have much combat strength left.

As for Perfected Lord Ming Ze, he was filled with injuries all over and could not fight any longer.

On the surface, it seemed like the Great Zhou Dynasty was completely disadvantaged.

However, the issue now was that Si Junyu had fallen in the hands of the middle-aged monk!

Suddenly, Perfected Lord Ming Ze and everyone else understood the middle-aged monks intentions.

In a head-on confrontation, he was definitely not a match for the two Nascent Soul sword cultivators.

The only way to break out of the situation and survive was to use all his might to capture Si Junyu alive, thereby gaining the upper hand!

“What an impressive monk!”

Perfected Lord Ming Ze thought to himself.

The fact that this middle-aged monk was able to discover the method of breaking out of the situation within such a short period of time was proof of his understanding of the circumstances and the sharpness of his mind!

In reality, even at that moment, Perfected Lord Ming Ze had yet to realize the middle-aged monks true intentions.

By the time he realized, what he felt was not just shock… it was fear!

It was an act that required an extreme amount of guts!

Ji Yaoxue supported Perfected Lord Ming Ze and gazed at the middle-aged monk not far away with a slightly raised brow.

For some reason, she felt that there was something odd about this.

If that middle-aged monk was only at Golden Core realm and they did not know one another, why would he want to undertake such a huge risk just to save her

Saving her was one thing, but the way he murdered them so decisively seemed like he was doing it out of rage.

She was the target of Si Junyu and the others.

If so, where did the rage of the middle-aged monk stem from

Could there be a deep feud between this man and the Great Xia Dynasty and he merely attacked after bumping into them by coincidence

Ji Yaoxue could not figure it out.

Gu Suqi and Perfected Lord Tian Chen glared at the middle-aged monk coldly from midair, as though they wanted to make out something from the middle-aged monks face.

He was expressionless without any fear in his eyes.

Gu Suqi narrowed his eyes and said coolly, “The Buddhist sects believe that the Bodhisattva is compassionate for living beings.

Monk, you are way too murderous for someone of the Buddhist sects!”

“The Buddhist sects also believe that the Vajras rage is required to subdue evil!”

The middle-aged monks gaze blazed and he was truly like a descended Vajra that was unavoidable!


Perfected Lord Tian Chen scoffed with a chilling killing intent.

“Monk, if you dare lay harm on him, Ill tear you into pieces and burn your bones into ashes!”

The middle-aged monk was unmoved by the Nascent Souls threat and even exerted more strength in his fingers.

Si Junyus expression turned purplish but he could not say a single word at all.

Suddenly, Gu Suqis gaze flashed and he asked, “Nothing will come out of this stalemate anyways.

How about we strike a deal”

“Oh” The middle-aged monk raised his brow slightly.

Gu Suqi said darkly, “If you let him off, well leave right away!”

The middle-aged monk pondered for a moment before asking, “How do I know you wont renege on your words.”

Perfected Lord Tian Chen and Gu Suqi exchanged glances and their eyes flashed with a sly intent as they gained a tacit understanding.

“Both of us are Nascent Souls and we value our reputation.

Theres no way we will go back on anything we say!”

When he heard that, Perfected Lord Ming Zes heart skipped a beat.

In the cruel cultivation world, nobodys promise could be taken at face value unless they were from completely trusted people.

Furthermore, even if the two of them reneged on their words and killed them, word of this would never spread and there would naturally be no impact on their reputations as well.

Initially, Perfected Lord Ming Ze thought that the middle-aged monk would be able to see through the dangers given his intellect.

However, he did not expect the middle-aged monk to be moved.

“For real”

The middle-aged monk raised his brow slightly before asking the two Nascent Souls once more.

“Our word is gold!”

Gu Suqi repressed the joy in his heart and replied with conviction without letting anything slip!

In his opinion, even though this middle-aged monk may be strong and sharp, he might have way too little experience in the cultivation world after chanting sutras in seclusion for the most part of his life.

As long as they saved Si Junyu, this middle-aged monk would definitely be dead!


Perfected Lord Ming Ze was flustered.

Right as he was about to speak, the middle-aged monk nodded.

“Alright, Ill trust you guys.”

With that said, he lifted Si Junyu and walked towards the two Nascent Souls.

Instantly, Perfected Lord Ming Ze was devastated.

He had already noticed that Gu Suqi and Perfected Lord Tian Chen could barely contain their delight and killing intents in the depths of their eyes.

Their gazes were burning, as though their bloodied mouths were already wide open, waiting for this gullible and ignorant monk to deliver himself to them.

Suddenly, a thought struck Ji Yaoxue and she whispered, “If he wants to release the hostage, why does he have to walk towards the two Nascent Souls”

Perfected Lord Ming Ze was stunned.

‘Thats right.

‘He could just release the hostage instantly, why walk over towards the two Nascent Souls

“What is he trying to do”

Perfected Lord Ming Zes eyes flashed with confusion.

“Could it be…”

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