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Chapter 671: Ill Break Your Eight Legs!


Su Zimos gaze turned cold.

“Trying to burrow away”

The Rainbow Wolf Spiders naturally had means that were superior to others for them to be able to survive from the primordial era, or they would have gone extinct a long time ago as well.

It was a demonic technique that was comparable to ground burrowing.

By shrinking themselves, Rainbow Wolf Spiders could enter the mud and travel through the cramped gaps underground at an extremely fast speed.

In a short period of time, they could escape more than a hundred feet away!

The troublesome thing was that Rainbow Wolf Spiders glided with their legs in the gaps in the mud and caused extremely small vibrations that were almost silent – it was extremely difficult for living beings on the surface to detect them!

Furthermore, there were many tiny bugs in the mud.

The sound released by those bugs crawling was enough to cover the tracks of the Rainbow Wolf Spider completely!

The only way to detect the Rainbow Wolf Spider was for a Nascent Soul to arrive and release their spirit consciousness.

Su Zimo stood on the spot motionlessly and suddenly closed his eyes.

He seemed to have entered a trance and the sound of bugs, ants and wind around him was filtered completely!

Universal hearing!

Su Zimos senses were way too sharp after cultivating the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

Although he did not have an Essence Spirit, he could sense everything by opening up his five senses and a clear image formed in his mind.

Three foot and seven inches underground, there was a spider the size of a fingernail scurrying and it was 280 feet away!


Su Zimo opened his eyes and a streak of lightning flashed through them.


Su Zimo had already vanished from where he was.

In the blink of an eye, he arrived above the Rainbow Wolf Spider.

Conjuring a hand seal, Su Zimos fingertips shuttled with an unusual movement.

Eventually, a gigantic palm was conjured and blanketed over the path that the Rainbow Wolf Spider was escaping on!


At the same time, Su Zimo opened his mouth and said a word in Sanskrit!

The Demon Subduing Seal was released together with the Daming Mantra!

The Rainbow Wolf Spider that was initially scurrying through the mud shuddered.


A massive palm descended from above with an apocalyptic might that threatened to subdue everything in its way!

The massive palm had yet to touch the ground.

However, a gigantic handprint had already appeared in the ground deeply embedded into the mud!

The Rainbow Wolf Spider was instantly exposed and it could no longer hide.

“Human, how are you try to kill me!”

The Rainbow Wolf Spider shouted, “Theres a Demon Emperor in the Rainbow Wolf Spider race, do you wish to die!”

“Demon Emperor”

Su Zimo sneered, “Do you think someone of the Demon Emperors level will stand out for a puny spirit demon like you Furthermore, were in the ancient battlefield!”

“Here, Im the emperor!”

The moment he said that, the world shook!

Who would dare to say something like that

A torrential aura surged from Su Zimo and the power of the Demon Subduing Seal intensified before crushing down!


The Rainbow Wolf Spider knew that it couldnt escape and screeched shrilly.

The blood qi in its body surged rapidly and it grew to the size of a hundred feet in the blink of an eye!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A series of rainbow silk threads shot out from its abdomen towards the palm in the sky.

The poison in the silk was extremely domineering and instantly corroded the palm that was formed from the Demon Subduing Seal with a sizzling sound.

The palms spirit light flickered and its power diminished.

Exerting strength in all eight legs, the Rainbow Wolf Spider bounced and took the Demon Subduing Seal in midair head-on.


There was a deafening sound.

The Demon Subduing Seal dispersed.

The Rainbow Wolf Spider fell heavily to the ground, creating a huge dent.

It was injured all over and one of its legs was snapped, oozing with green blood that stank.

“Not bad,”

Su Zimo nodded.

“Youre rather capable to be able to take on my Demon Subduing Seal.”

The Rainbow Wolf Spider struggled and crawled out of the pit, charging towards Su Zimo with bloodshot eyes and a menacing expression.

Its remaining seven legs were like sharp spears that were laced with poison.

There were even reverse spikes on the surface of the spider legs.

If they thrust into the flesh, they would pull out a huge chunk of flesh upon extraction, leaving behind a bloody hole!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Rainbow Wolf Spider looked down from above and thrust its legs in a flurry towards Su Zimos head!

Su Zimos gaze was cold and Blood Quencher that was in his hands buzzed.

Clang! Clang!

Its blood beam expanded!

Releasing a movement technique, Su Zimo shuttled through the chaotic spear shadows and circulated his blood qi.

Wielding Blood Quencher, he slashed viciously at the critical joints of the Rainbow Wolf Spiders legs!


Green, oily blood spewed out.

Three spider legs were sliced off by Su Zimo!

Apart from the spiderweb, another weapon for the Rainbow Wolf Spiders was their legs that could go against perfect-grade spirit weapons.

However, Su Zimos attacks were targeted at the joints of the legs where they were weakest.

Coupled with the sharpness of Blood Quencher, a single slash severed three of the Rainbow Wolf Spiders legs!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

The Rainbow Wolf Spider let out a heart-wrenching scream.

“Since you drank her blood, Im going to break all eight of your legs!”

There was no pity in Su Zimos cold eyes.

He was indebted to the old immortal crane of Ethereal Peak and little crane had accompanied him for a long time in his cave abode.

Su Zimo regarded monkey, the spirit tiger and little crane as his kin a long time ago.

If he hadnt returned earlier on, little crane would have been doomed to eternal damnation if she was brought away by the Rainbow Wolf Spider!

At that time, he would be immensely remorseful as well.

The thought of that gave Su Zimo a sense of trepidation.

Pshew! Pshew!

The Rainbow Wolf Spider had four legs remaining that were intact and could support its body.


Suddenly, it screamed and broke off two of its legs, turning them into long spears that shot towards Su Zimo at an extremely fast speed!

“Puny tricks.”

Su Zimo sneered and swung Blood Quencher in reverse, sweeping around gently like a Ripple to send the two spider legs flying!

The Rainbow Wolf Spider was completely despondent.

The killing moves that it used to dominate over the demon region were worthless in the face of this human!

How could such a terrifying monster incarnate exist in the human race

Before that thought was finished, the Rainbow Wolf Spiders eyes blurred with a flash of green robes.

Before it could react, a sharp pain surged through its body and its remaining two legs were severed!


Without any support, the Rainbow Wolf Spider fell onto the ground.

Due to the immense blood loss, its body shrank continuously and became the size of a human before long.

Slumped in the mud, the Rainbow Wolf Spider glared at Su Zimo with a venomous gaze.

Su Zimo took out a rope from his storage bag and tossed it at the Rainbow Wolf Spiders body.

Instantly, it coiled itself around the latter.

After the battle at the ancient city, he had gathered tens of thousands of storage bags.

There were way too many spirit weapons in his storage bag now and he could casually pull out a supreme-grade spirit weapon at any moment!

“Ill leave your life for little crane!”

Su Zimo dragged the Rainbow Wolf Spider and sped back where he came from.

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