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Chapter 681: Mighty Figure of Tomb Sect

Su Zimo was surprised when he heard that.

How extravagant!

This legendary master of the tomb was willing to painstakingly set up dozens of diversionary cave abodes so as to hide his treasures and legacy!

More than that, the diversionary tombs contained quite a number of treasures that caused countless cultivators and demons to fight for it, leaving corpses in their wake!

Su Zimo deduced, “Im sure the identity of the tomb master is far from simple if he has this many treasures.”

“The tomb master is a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure!” Little Fatty said with conviction.

“No wonder.”

Su Zimo nodded.

A Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was probably the only one who had the capability to disregard spirit and Dharmic weapons, planting them in diversionary tombs to confuse outsiders.

After hesitating for a moment, Little Fatty decided on revealing the truth, “This Mighty Figure was even the titular disciple of Tomb Sect in the past!”


Su Zimo was alarmed.

The old monk in the old temple had once warned him that apart from legacy disciples, the strongest successors of the super sects were the titular disciples!

Furthermore, there could only be a single titular disciple!

They were the elites among the legacy disciples of the sect.

In order to become the titular disciple of a sect, one has to defeat all the other paragons.

In the fiend sects, that was a path that was paved with fresh blood and corpses!

A single persons success came from the corpses of many others!

A titular disciple was a peerless paragon!

Titular disciples were the faces of the super sects and ruled over the world.

Their statuses in the sects were extraordinary and they could command all the disciples in the sect.

In fact, their status was even greater than most of the elders in the sect!

At this point of his cultivation, Su Zimo had only encountered a true titular disciple – the Asura, Yan Beichen!

Upon recollection of Yan Beichens methods in the battle at Ethereal Peak, it was obvious how strong titular disciples were.

In that generation, Yan Beichen was even the number one of the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking!

As a titular disciple of Tomb Sect in the past, this Mighty Figure must have been a glorious and peerless elite who roamed Tianhuang Mainland in the past and looked down on the rest of the world.

Little Fatty lamented, “Unfortunately, this senior was unable to advance to the Mahayana realm and was eventually buried here.”

The Mahayana realm came after the Conjoint Body realm!

For humans, there was an ancient saying – one is unable to comprehend divine powers until they enter the Mahayana realm.

In other words, as long as one advanced to the Mahayana realm, they could comprehend divine powers.

Dharmic powers were boundless but divine powers were vast.

Even for Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, they were not free from the shackles of Heaven and Earth and still had to utilize Dharmic powers and arts.

However, Dharmic powers were no match for divine powers!

In the cultivation world, spirit energy was weaker than Dharmic powers and Dharmic powers were weaker than divine powers.

What were divine powers

They were incredible and beyond imagination!

These were abilities to reach the firmaments that were beyond godly!

Divine powers came after one broke free of the shackles of Heaven and Earth and were at an even more terrifying level!

In the old temple, there was a saying in one of the ancient books describing the means of a Mahayana Patriarch – Mahayana was indestructible and could be reborn through a drop of blood!

This meant that experts of the Mahayana were almost completely indestructible!

Even if their bodies were destroyed and their limbs were snapped, a single drop of blood would suffice for them to recover to their original selves!

Those methods were truly unimaginable and sought after by many.

Only at that cultivation realm can one be barely worthy of the titleimmortal.

With a deeper understanding of the path of cultivation and the cultivation world, Su Zimo could understand what Die Yue said in the past, “What kind of immortals are Qi Refinement Warrior considered as Even the Golden Core dare not be so impudent to call themselves immortal!”

Even the titular disciple of Tomb Sect could not make the step forward and passed on before the Mahayana realm – it was imaginable how horrifying that realm was.

Little Fatty said, “Boss, Im not going to hide it from you.

The reason why I entered the ancient battlefield this time round was because of a test left for us by our sect.”


Su Zimo raised his brow slightly and asked, “You guys”


Little Fatty nodded.

“The senior carried with him an utmost treasure of the sect that was lost after he disappeared.”

“That remained the case until dozens of years ago when our sect master beseeched experts of Enigma Palace for help.

At that point, they divined roughly that the senior may have passed on and was buried in the intermediate ancient battlefield.”

Su Zimo understood.

“So, the test for you by the sect is to locate the tomb and retrieve the utmost treasure”

“Thats right,”

Little Fatty replied, “This utmost treasure belonged to the Underworld Emperor and is extremely important to the sect.

The reason why my Yellow Springs phenomenon isnt strong is also because of the loss of this utmost treasure.”

“I see,”

Suddenly, Su Zimo was enlightened.

When he saw Little Fatty release the Yellow Springs phenomenon earlier on, he already had the feeling that the true power of the phenomenon was not unleashed completely.

The true Yellow Springs phenomenon could definitely be ranked within the top 20 of the Phenomenon Ranking!

Little Fatty continued, “However, this test wasnt for me alone.

Theres another senior brother of mine.

Whoever gets their hands on this utmost treasure of the sect first will be qualified to become the titular disciple of Tomb Sect for this generation!”

Su Zimo realized what was happening.

The test for Little Fatty from Tomb Sect was not only to locate the tomb and the belonging of the Underworld Emperor, but also to do it before someone else!

This test would determine Little Fattys future!

Su Zimo asked, “You can receive help from others”

“Of course!” Little Fatty nodded.

Su Zimo urged, “Lets not waste time then.

Hurry, lead the way.”

Little Fatty wanted to speak but did not; he did not move immediately as well.

“Whats wrong”

Su Zimo was confused.

With a hesitant expression, Little Fatty said, “That senior brother of mine grew up in Tomb Sect.

He even traveled in the Middle Continent once and has deep connections, befriending disciples of super sects.

Im sure he will get some of them to help him for this.

Boss, you…”

Little Fatty did not continue but Su Zimo understood.

Little Fatty was worried about him.

He already had a grudge with Glass Palace.

If he were to offend another few super sects because of this matter, it would be equivalent to seeking death.

“Its nothing,”

Su Zimo smiled casually and patted Little Fatty on the shoulder, saying in a leisurely manner, “Im not afraid, what are you worried about”


Su Zimo interrupted with a laugh.

“Dont forget, if youre thinking that I might offend them, Ive already offended all the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects beneath the Human Emperors Palace 20 years ago!”


Little Fattys eyes brimmed with tears emotionally.

After all, he had arrived in Tomb Sect later on.

When they heard that he was going to compete with that senior brother for the utmost treasure, none of his fellow sect mates, including some seniors, stood on his side.

He did not know many people in the cultivation world either.

After entering the ancient battlefield, Little Fattys senior brother gave him a savage warning before leaving to seek super sects to back him up.

However, Little Fatty was left all alone and helpless.

It would be a lie to say that Little Fatty hadnt been suffering all these years.

However, he knew that he could only endure no matter how much he suffered!

The more he could endure, the greater his future accomplishments would be.

Right now, when he heard Su Zimos words, Little Fattys heart was filled with warmth.

He sniffled and mumbled to himself, “Ive also got my Boss helping me! Leng Ming, well see if you can still bully me now!”

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