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Chapter 698: Three Major Sects

“Fellow Daoist Leng Ming, this place where were at is where the tomb is”

A man behind the scrawny cultivator walked over.

He had a haughty expression and a frightening aura as his eyes flashed with electric currents!

A sect badge hung on his waist with the words Zephyr Thunder.

The person who spoke was the legacy disciple of one of the nine immortal sects, Zephyr Thunder Palace – Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng was also the leader of more than a thousand Zephyr Thunder Palace disciples who had entered the ancient battlefield!

The scrawny cultivator was the other legacy disciple of Tomb Sect this time round, Leng Ming!

Leng Ming withdrew a geomantic compass and started calculating.

A moment later, he nodded.

“There should be no mistake.

This should be where the tomb is.”

He glared down coldly at the formation of the terrain beneath him.

Gradually, a look of realization flashed in his eyes as he nodded.

“No wonder its so secretive.

Its the Astral Dragon Sputum Lair!”

“Since weve located the tomb, lets head down,” Xu Cheng said.

“Theres no need,”

Leng Ming shook his head.

“The dragon vein here has already dispersed, meaning that someone has arrived before us.

Theres no need for us to barge in.

We can just wait outside to collect the rewards.”

“That works too,”

Xu Cheng nodded and surveyed his surroundings, raising his voice intentionally, “The treasures in the tomb are secondary! Theres a cultivation technique in there that Im determined to get my hands on! Nobody shall fight me for it!”

“The legendary Purple Thunder Manual, right”

Another voice sounded behind the two of them.

A man with a deathly aura arrived beside the two of them.

The person was extremely ugly with a pale face and purplish lips – he resembled the malevolent ghosts in Hell!

Behind him was a towering giant that was a full 30 feet tall.

The giant was draped tightly by a silver-white skin from head to toe such that even his nose and mouth were covered!

Even so, a faint rotting stench could still be smelled emanating from the giant.

The ugly man was the legacy disciple of Corpse Refinement Cult this time round, Situ Shi!

The giant behind him was his battle corpse!

Situ Shi said, “Do you think that I dont know In the cultivation techniques passed down in Zephyr Thunder Palace, the reason why many powerful Dharmic arts arent able to be unleashed is because you guys lack the Purple Thunder Manual.”

Xu Chengs eyes flashed with a hint of disdain as he said indifferently, “Im sure youre not here solely for revenge huh, Brother Situ”

“That cultivator of Puppet Sect murdered disciples of Corpse Refinement Cult! I definitely have to get my hands on him!”

Situ Shi remarked coldly, “I also want a share of the treasures in this tomb as well!”

“Fellow Daoist Leng Ming, Im here with hundreds of disciples from my sect to assist you.

Naturally, you have to give me my share of the treasures in the tomb as well.”

Another cultivator draped in white robes stood out, looking graceful and extraordinary.

He was the legacy disciple of another of the nine immortal sects, Chaos Essence Sect – Nie Hao.

The leader of the Chaos Essence Sect disciples this time round was the top of the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking who was publicly acknowledged as the number one Golden Core – Di Yin!

Naturally, against the reputation of Di Yin, it was easy to overlook Nie Hao.

However, in reality, Nie Hao was extremely strong and had cultivated the legacy phenomenon of Chaos Essence Sect.

If not for a monster incarnate like Di Yin, he would have been the leader of the Chaos Essence Sect disciples!

Leng Ming smiled faintly.

“Everyone, dont worry.

I only wish to retrieve the legacy utmost treasure of Tomb Sect.

You guys can split the remaining treasures among your disciples!”

He surveyed the ground and smiled indifferently with extreme confidence, as though he could peer through all the obstacles.

In order to prevent any accidents, he sought help from two major immortal sects, Zephyr Thunder Palace and Chaos Essence Sect!

Along the way, Corpse Refinement Cult of the five heretical doctrines joined them.

With the backing of the three super sects, Leng Ming was confident that the Yellow Springs Diagram was definitely his!

“My dear junior brother, I heard that you found some helpers for yourself too.

Lets see what sort of people youve sought help from, fufufu…”

Within the tomb.

Lin Xuanji, monkey, the spirit tiger, the Golden Lion and Qing Qing left the electric pool one after another.

Su Zimo was the final one to leave.

In part, it was because his physique could withstand the refinement of thunder for a longer duration.

At the same time, he was refining the sword formation!

Right now, he had already completed the sword formation.

Although the 27 flying swords were still at supreme-grade, each of them had streaks of purple lightning coiling them.

Aside from the sharpness of the blade itself, there was now the tough and righteous power of thunder that could suppress evil!

Su Zimo furrowed his brows gently.

“Fatty, put away the treasures of this place.

Lets leave as soon as possible, Ive got a feeling that something is amiss.”


Little Fatty nodded.

It was way too strange that his senior brother, Leng Ming, had yet to show himself!

Furthermore, they had spent a long time in this tomb – other things might happen if they continued staying here.

Little Fatty walked along the stone shelves and stuffed all the other treasures into his storage bag.

Apart from some of them that he would use for himself, he would hand the rest over to the sect.

It would be a huge merit on his part!

With that merit and the acknowledgment of the Yellow Springs Diagram, Little Fattys status in the sect would definitely surpass Leng Ming although he had joined later!

“Lets leave!”

Little Fatty waved his hand after wiping the treasures clean and everyone returned from where they came from.

Unlike when they entered, the group of them did not encounter any obstacles on the way out; even the Ancient Frost Crocodiles and Bloodthirsty Silverfishes seemed to be hiding themselves.

Everyone entered the lake and rose continuously.

When they were dozens of feet from the surface, Su Zimos eyes flashed as he whispered, “Everyone, watch out.

Theres a lot of people up there!”

“Fufu, the oriole stalks the mantis as it stalks the grasshopper.”

Lin Xuanji chuckled.

“Fatty, that senior brother of yours has already arrived.”

He looked extremely relaxed.

Su Zimo sneered, “It isnt easy being an oriole!”


Before long, splashes appeared on the lake as Su Zimos group rushed out and hovered in midair.

They were surrounded by several thousand murderous cultivators and all of them had endless greed in their eyes!

Four cultivators stood in four directions and looked down with a torrential aura.

They were none other than Leng Ming of Tomb Sect, Xu Cheng of Zephyr Thunder Palace, Situ Shi of Corpse Refinement Cult and Nie Hao of Chaos Essence Sect!

“Senior Brother, youve come indeed!”

Little Fatty glared at a scrawny cultivator and grit his teeth.


Leng Ming smiled faintly.

“Junior Brother, I truly hadnt expected you to arrive here a step before me, but…”

He changed the topic and retracted his smile, shaking his head.

“Everything youve done is for naught and merely to set things up for me! Youre too naive to fight with me!”

“Senior Brother, the sect master said that whoever gets their hands on the Yellow Springs Diagram wins.

Youve already lost the fight!” Little Fatty said deeply.

A series of exclamations broke out in the crowd at the mention of the Yellow Springs Diagram.

That renowned emperor weapon had been with the Underworld Emperor for many years.

Although its grade had fallen, it was still a rare utmost treasure!

Even Xu Cheng, Situ Shi and Nie Haos eyes flashed with temptation.

“How naive!”

Leng Ming shook his head with a mocking gaze.

“Junior Brother, youre still naive as ever.

Before you refine it to become your Destiny Dharmic Weapon, the Yellow Springs Diagram belongs to no one still.

I can naturally snatch it away from you!”

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