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Chapter 719: Regret

Xiaoning sprinted the entire way and threw herself into Su Zimos embrace, ignoring everyone else.

Although she had already grown up after 20 years, his embrace was spacious, warm and familiar as ever.

Just like in the past, it could shield her from any storm and protect her from all dangers!

Su Zimo patted Xiaoning on the back and he could barely conceal the emotions in his eyes as well.

Most of the people present had seen Xiaoning before and naturally knew how close the siblings were.

This was Little Foxs first time seeing Xiaoning and her gaze was filled with curiosity and surprise.

She had never seen such emotions coming from Su Zimo throughout all these years.

Everyone stood and watched quietly at the side without approaching to interrupt them.

A long time later, Xiaoning broke free from Su Zimos embrace and looked up at him, wiping away her tears.

The siblings smiled at one another.

Xiaoning seemed to have recalled something and slapped her storage bag.

She retrieved an elixir and pinched it between her fingers before looking at Su Zimo joyfully.

The elixir gave off a faint fragrance and Su Zimo merely took a quick whiff before he felt life surge into his body.

“This is…”

Su Zimo asked instinctively.

Xiaoning waved it off casually and smiled.

“This is a Longevity Elixir, dont you recognize it It can be used to help our brother extend his life!”

When he heard that and saw the smile on Xiaonings face, Su Zimos eyes dimmed dejectedly.

“Brother, whats wrong”

Xiaoning was sensitive and asked curiously when she sensed the change in Su Zimos mood.

Su Zimo lowered his head slightly in silence.

For some reason, Xiaoning panicked and the smile on her face stiffened as well.

She opened her mouth slightly and wanted to speak, but stopped.

She could vaguely sense something but she did not dare to ask.

A long time later, she forced a smile and continued, “The medicinal power of a normal Longevity Elixir is too strong and its meant for Golden Cores.

Ordinary mortals wont be able to endure it and they will explode and die.”

“For all these years, Ive been researching on how to milden the effects of the Longevity Elixir.

I tried to replace and fuse with different spirit herbs and I finally succeeded last year!”

“I guarantee that big brother will definitely not be injured or exposed to any side effects after consuming it.”

Su Zimo remained silent.

Gradually, the smile on Xiaonings face disappeared.

Her eyes reddened once more as her petite frame trembled.

She continued rambling incessantly, as though that was the only way she could hide her fear and panic.

“As long as big brother consumes this Longevity Elixir, he will be able to extend his lifespan by 50 years at least and we can be reunited once more.”

“Ill have more time to research other elixirs that can extend his lifespan using that 50 years!”

“Brother, dont worry, Im now a legacy disciple of Elixir Yang Sect.

As long as I have sufficient time, Ill definitely have the capability to refine better elixirs.”

Silence ensued in the palace.

Xiaonings quivering voice was the only sound that reverberated.

“The three of us siblings will stay together forever without being separated, shall we”

Xiaonings heart was in pain and she could no longer continue.

Finally, Su Zimo lifted his head and looked in Xiaonings reddened eyes, saying slowly and gently, “Big brother has passed away.”

There was a boom.

Xiaoning felt her mind go blank as she shuddered from her sadness and almost fainted!

Tears gushed out of her eyes.

“Why… why!”

Her lips trembled and her face turned pale as she sobbed silently while murmuring repeatedly, “How did this happen Why did this happen!”


Everyone sighed emotionally at the sight of that.

This was the cruelty of cultivating.

There would eventually come a day when ones kin left them.

Longevity was sought from cultivation – while seeking power, one would lose many other things!

Xiaoning felt her heart wrench and her head spin.

Her vision blurred and she lost consciousness completely soon after.

Su Zimo supported Xiaoning and his expression only softened after he scanned her body with a trace of spirit energy.

She merely fainted due to the great shock from her sorrow.

Her body was not affected.

Su Zimo was probably the only person who could empathize with Xiaonings pain.

Xiaoning only had a single goal for cultivating, refining elixirs, and even leaving her hometown to join Elixir Yang Sect that was far in the Middle Continent – it was just so she could refine an elixir that could extend ones lifespan and do it for Su Hong!

Now, she has succeeded.

However, Su Hong was gone.

The most regrettable thing was that the two of them did not manage to see the other for one last time.

The last time the two of them met was more than 20 years ago in Ping Yang Town when Xiaoning left with Ji Yaoxue.

Who would have thought that the goodbye at that time was an eternal farewell!

This might probably be a pain in Xiaonings heart forever.

Su Zimo was helpless regarding everything.

However, each time he was reminded of his older brother and the citizens of Yan Country who lost their families and homes in the raging flames of war, Su Zimos resolve grew firmer!

He was no saint and had never thought of saving the masses singlehandedly or changing the world to create a grand era of peace.

All he wanted to do was to give all living beings a choice!

A chance for them to change their fates!

Even without spirit roots, they can cultivate and escape the underworld to live long lives!

In this chaotic world, as long as one couldnt cultivate, they had no control over their lives.

Cultivators, bandits, beasts and birds… were all threats and dangers for them!

In this chaotic world, the outcome of the masses was destined to be tragic.

Su Hong was one of them.

If Su Zimo had not met Die Yue, he would have been one among many.

That was why Su Zimo wanted to establish a Dao!

Die Yue altered his fate for him.

He wanted to alter the fates of the masses!

Im going to allow all lives in this world the ability to cultivate and become immortals!

Su Zimo carried Xiaoning carefully and brought her into his cultivation room.

He placed her down gently before returning to the palace and looked at everyone from Elixir Yang Sect.

Tang Yu was not much different from 20 years ago and was still dressed as a man, looking flirtatious and casual.

“Fellow Daoist, thank you for taking care of Xiaoning for all these years,”

Su Zimo cupped his fists towards her and nodded to express his thanks.

“Fu, you dont have to thank me,”

Tang Yu replied, “Xiaonings talent in elixir formation is above mine and is now the most regarded in the sect.

If she continues cultivating, there are no limits to what she can accomplish in elixir formation!”

“Within the sect…”

She paused for a moment before pointing to a black-robed man at the side and smiled with pursed lips.

“With Night Spirit guarding Xiaoning, nobody dares to bully her at all.”


Su Zimos heart skipped a beat at the mention of Night Spirit.

He swept his gaze across earlier on but did not catch sight of Night Spirit in the crowd from Elixir Yang Sect.

Normally speaking, Night Spirit should always be by Xiaonings side.

Su Zimo was not the only one.

At the mention of Night Spirit, the Golden Lion at the back rubbed his palms in secret and his ears propped up.

Why was he ranked behind this Night Spirit that he had never seen before after they became sworn siblings

Furthermore, the Golden Lion heard that this Night Spirit character was merely just born slightly more than 20 years ago.

In that case, Night Spirit was nothing more than an inexperienced cub.

The Golden Lion snickered coldly in his heart and was prepared to teach this cub a lesson!

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