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Chapter 761: Escape

Upon the arrival of the Rakshasa race, Di Yins eyes first flashed with shock.

Thereafter, he gradually realized something and was delighted!

“The heavens are on my side!”

Di Yin was way too smart and realized before long that this might be his only shot at escaping!

Su Zimo did not have much of an impression towards the Primordial Nine Races.

After all, that was an era long forgotten.

In Su Zimos opinion, there were good, bad, kind and evil people from every race.

That was the case even among the human race.

However, the Rakshasa before him targeted his Great Qian Imperial Seal and Coiling Dragon Seal from the get go – that ignited Su Zimos killing intent!

It was clear that this intruder was hostile and wanted to kill for his treasure!

Su Zimo was expressionless and put the Great Qian Imperial Seal and Coiling Dragon Seal away in his storage bag.

“You have a death wish!”

The Rakshasa in midair was enraged when he saw what Su Zimo did.

He smirked coldly and revealed bloodstained fangs as he declared with a cold voice!

Suddenly, Di Yin spoke and said darkly, “Su Zimo, lets stop fighting and escape to survive respectively.”


Su Zimo shook his head.

“Be it up in heaven or down in hell, theres nowhere left for you to run.”

“Fufu, the Rakshasa race has already arrived and you cant even guarantee that you can get out alive.

Yet, you want to kill me”

Di Yin laughed coldly.

“Additionally, even if you can survive, can you guarantee the same for your friends back in Myriad Phenomenon City”

Su Zimos heart sank.

In truth, the moment the Rakshasa appeared, he thought about how many of them there were.

If this was not the only one, where were the other Rakshasas

The God race that abducted Nian Qi had not shown themselves as well – where were they now

Could the appearance of the Rakshasa and God race in the ancient battlefield be the reason why the Phenomenon Ranking was brought forward this time round

Uneasy thoughts bubbled in Su Zimos mind.

“Su Zimo, Id advise you to hurry back to Myriad Phenomenon City as soon as possible to check up on your friends and spirit beasts.

You might be able to salvage their corpses if you get back earlier!”

Di Yin said as he retreated.

Su Zimos expression darkened instantly and a furious glint flickered through his eyes.

He strode forward and said coldly, “Ill make sure I kill you before I return!”

“How dare the two of you ants ignore me!”

The Rakshasa in midair widened his eyes and shrieked, feeling as though his dignity had been challenged severely.

There was no way he knew that the two people before him were the top two of the Phenomenon Ranking – they could be considered as the strongest paragons of this generation and rare monster incarnates of history!

Even Di Yins first reaction upon seeing the Rakshasa was not to escape, let alone Su Zimo.

Di Yin believed that if he was in peak condition, he was definitely strong enough to defeat this Rakshasa before him!

What truly threatened Di Yin was Su Zimo still!

Di Yin retreated rapidly while Su Zimo chased hot on his heels.

The two monster incarnates ignored the Rakshasa completely!


A dark streak of light tore through the air.

Before it arrived, Su Zimo already felt his scalp prickling!

The Rakshasa had attacked!

He was furious that Su Zimo ignored him and put away the Great Qian Imperial Seal and Coiling Dragon Seal – as such, his first target was Su Zimo!

“How fast!”

Su Zimos heart skipped a beat.

Even if he was in peak condition, he might not be able to reach that level!

However, Su Zimo cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and possessed the ability of precognition.

The cicada senses autumn coming before the wind even starts to blow!

His body flattened and he was almost stuck to the ground like an anaconda.

While he dodged the dark light, he slithered through the grass in Di Yins direction without a decrease in speed!

In Di Yins view, Su Zimo had vanished from sight and was hidden in the grass.

Click! Clack! Click!

The grass swayed, as though an ancient anaconda was slithering through it with a ferocious aura!


Di Yins expression changed and he felt his scalp prickle.

Without hesitation, he punched in reverse violently!

Su Zimos body suddenly turned soft against that incomparably tough attack.

He propped both arms onto Di Yins body and wrapped around him!

He released Anaconda Coil right after avoiding Di Yins punch!

Di Yin was petrified and hissing sounds echoed beside his ears, as though a massive wind box was being pulled constantly!

It was Su Zimo opening his mouth to breathe in!

Su Zimos body expanded at a visible speed and blood qi surged as he released a terrifying pressure to constrict Di Yins body continuously!

That was a killing move from the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness.

The number one Perfected Being of the North Region, Xi Wuya of Glass Palace, died in Su Zimos hands from this technique as well!

Today, Su Zimo was going to murder the once number one Perfected Being of Tianhuang Mainland using Anaconda Coil as well!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A jarring sound echoed from the light barrier around Di Yin and it flickered as though it could shatter at any moment!

There was no way he would be able to defend against the constrictive power if the light barrier shattered!

All of a sudden!

A cold glint flashed and sliced towards the throat!

This was a rare opportunity to kill Di Yin and there might not be another chance as such if this was missed.

Although he sensed the danger, Su Zimos body continued wrapping around Di Yins body while exerting strength.

At the same time, he struck towards the cold glint with his left hand!

“You must have a death wish!”

The voice of the Rakshasa sounded.


A metallic sound could be heard.

The cold glint froze and revealed its appearance – it was a chilling saber that curved with a shocking degree!

Right now, Su Zimo grabbed the curved saber in his palm.

However, his palm was perfectly fine without any wound at all!

Su Zimos left hand was equipped with the connate-grade spirit glove he obtained from the Glass Palace paragons and would naturally not get injured.

The Rakshasa was momentarily stunned.

However, he broke out of his stupor instantly and sliced again with a cold gae towards Su Zimos throat at an extremely fast speed!

With no other choice, Su Zimo withdrew Blood Quencher with the back of his hand and slashed forward!


The blades of the sabers collided.

The Rakshasas body shuddered and a look of shock flashed through his eyes.

The strength of this human cultivator was boundless like the ocean and impossible to defend against!

Although it was merely a single slash, he could already feel his arms go numb and his curved saber nearly flew from his hands!


“Humans are innately weak with a cheap bloodline.

Theyre the most inferior ants around.

How can there be a cultivator as such”

“I cant fight against him in terms of strength!”

In a flash, the thought crossed the Rakshasas mind and he stopped underestimating his opponent.

In the blink of an eye, he appeared behind Su Zimo!

His movement technique was absolutely unfathomable!

In order to defend against the Rakshasa, Su Zimo had to free both hands.

However, he could no longer restrain Di Yin with just his arms and waist.


Di Yin grunted deeply and the sound of bones cracking echoed from within his body as his tendons and bones sounded together.

Suddenly, his body shrank and he seized the opportunity to escape from Su Zimos coil!


Di Yin sprinted into the distance and laughed sinisterly.

“Su Zimo, well meet again in the future.

Ill definitely take my revenge during our next encounter!”

“What a pity,”

Su Zimo looked at Di Yins fleeing figure and lamented internally.

He was entangled by the Rakshasa and could not afford to continue his pursuit of Di Yin.

Furthermore, he was indeed worried about Myriad Phenomenon City.

There was no way to determine how much more time he had to spend if things with Di Yin continued to drag out.

“Ive got to kill this Rakshasa and hurry back!”

At that thought, Su Zimo shrugged his wrist and Blood Quencher buzzed loudly with an immense blood qi!

Su Zimo caressed the blade gently and said with a murderous tone, “Brother, today, Ill let you know what the blood of a Rakshasa tastes like!”

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