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Chapter 778: Illumination Dragon Eye

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Su Zimo could no longer defend against the incoming four God race beings and could only try his best to avoid taking damage to his vitals.

However, he received three heavy punches to his chest, abdomen and back!

He staggered three steps in retreat with a pale expression and his bones felt like they were on the verge of scattering.

His blood qi surged and his organs were immensely shaken.

Every single breath he took had a strong blood stench!

If it was any other cultivator, their bodies would have been split apart by a single punch from a God race being, let alone three.

On the other side, Night Spirits initially cold expression turned slightly anxious as he looked at everything unfold.

Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that in the depths of his eyes, there was a hint of conflict, hesitation and cautiousness still.

Night Spirit was still not in his true form.

Even so, the number of Rakshasas that died in his hands increased by the moment!

Even the Rakshasa leader could not stop Night Spirits slaughter!

As time passed by, the Rakshasa leader became increasingly alarmed.

He could vaguely sense that the black-robed man seemed to be repressing something.

It was as though there was an even more terrifying and frightening power hidden within the black-robed mans body – the only reason why it wasnt released was due to the black-robed mans considerations!

The Rakshasa leader harbored thoughts of retreating.

However, Night Spirit was distracted when Su Zimo was in danger and the Rakshasa leader seized the chance to cut a bloody gash on Night Spirits leg – the wound was so deep that his bone could be seen!

If Night Spirit was a tad slower in dodging that attack, his entire leg would have been severed!

Blood gushed everywhere.

Night Spirit did not say anything but his expression turned frostier.

The Rakshasa leaders mind was activated once again upon the sight of Night Spirits injury.

“The situation at Su Zimos side is fixed.

Once hes killed, I might be able to kill this mysterious black-robed man with the help of the God race!”

At that thought, the Rakshasa leader declared, “Everyone, lets persevere for a little more! Once our friends from the God race are here to assist us, this lowlife will definitely die!”

There were less than 20 Rakshasas remaining.

They released a wave of ferocious attacks under the lead of the Rakshasa leader.

However, despite his injury, Night Spirit could still render the attacks useless one after another!

On the other side.

Su Zimo was pushed back by the four God race beings.

He barely managed to stabilize himself and had yet to catch his breath when a golden figure streaked through the air with a suffocating pressure!

A dreadful aura charged towards him!

Although he could only see afterimages, Su Zimo could guess that the God race leader had attacked!

This was an attack filled with rage!

His punch contained the boundless wrath and fury of the God race!

Su Zimo had almost no stamina left and struggled to raise his heavy right hand to shield himself.


That punch landed heavily on Su Zimos right hand.

The tremendous force sent Su Zimo flying!


His right arm snapped and was completely bent out of shape!

Even with his indestructible body, Su Zimos arm was snapped by the terrifying power released by the God race leader!


His almost invincible and unparalleled body smashed heavily onto the ground like a meteor and created huge dust clouds.

Filled with injuries, he laid on the ground motionlessly with his fate unknown.

Mud stuck onto all the blood that drenched his body in a horrifying sight!

The eyes of many cultivators dimmed.

They were clear about the situation.

Su Zimo was defeated.

In other words, this meant that none of them would be able to leave Myriad Phenomenon City alive!

The God race leader had a dark expression.

His initially handsome face had turned incomparably menacing and there was no eyeball in his left eye – in its place was a bloody, hollow socket!

The area around his injury was burned completely by a scorching power!

Ta! Ta! Ta!

The God race leader strode forward step by step with a boundless killing intent in his lone eye.

The killing intent was not only targeted at Su Zimo, but at every single cultivator present!

“Since he destroyed my eye, I shall have all of you die together!”

The chilling voice of the God race leader echoed through every single corner of Myriad Phenomenon City.

Everyone from the God race were incomparably good-looking and were extremely concerned about their appearances.

Now that his right eye was destroyed, he would definitely fall out of favor – it was worse than disfigurement.

His status within the God race would definitely fall rapidly!

Nobody would place him in high regards!

Somebody had to pay the price for that!

The many cultivators were devastated.

“Young Master!”

Little Fox cried so badly that her eyes were swollen as she dashed out of the crowd towards Su Zimo.

Monkey and the others could not hold back any longer and charged forward as well.

“Dont come!”

Suddenly, Su Zimos voice sounded.

Although it was weak, his tone was resolute and unquestionable!

Everyone stopped in their tracks.

Immediately after, in front of countless gazes, the figure that laid in the mud pushed his battered body up with a single arm and slowly rose!

Su Zimo strode over slowly.

His broken right arm was slumped to the side.

Su Zimos broken arm, connected by a single layer of flesh, swayed gently as he walked as though it could snap at any time!

A moment later, Su Zimo walked in front of the cultivators present and shielded them from the God race leader once again!

His back view looked frail and wretched.

In fact, it seemed as though it could collapse at any moment.

However, at that moment, all the cultivators were in reverence!

Some of them sniffled and could not help but tear.


Monk Yin Lu sighed deeply.

“Patron Su, youve tried your best.”

Perfected Lord Yu Jun had a forlorn expression as he said, “It isnt the sin of war.

This is a calamity! This is fate!”

Su Zimo remained silent with his back facing everyone.

“I dont believe in fate,”

A moment later, he slowly spoke, “Even if this is fate, Im going to alter it!”


The God race leader on the other end suddenly laughed.

The socket on his face looked even more gruesome!

“Illumination Dragon Eye!”

He snarled and remarked, “To think that youve managed to cultivate the Illumination Dragon Eye!”

Su Zimo was momentarily stunned.

The visual technique he cultivated was incredibly strong and was imparted to him by the red-headed ghost at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

The red-headed ghost did not mention its name and merely named it Illumination Eye based on the Illumination Stone in his right eye.

“Could the true name of this visual technique be Illumination Dragon Eye”

“If its called the Illumination Dragon Eye, why did the red-headed ghost have to hide it from me”

“How does the God race know about the origin of this visual technique”

“Illumination Dragon Eye, Illumination Dragon…”

Su Zimo furrowed his brows as questions filled his mind; everything was chaotic and couldnt be explained simply.

However, it was not his fault either.

The consecutive battles took an immense toll on his body and mental state.

If this was during normal times, he would have understood the meaning behind it.

“Stop pretending,”

The God race leader sneered, “On Tianhuang Mainland, the most ferocious and frightening visual techniques belong to the Heavenly Eye race! Apart from the Heavenly Eye race, only the Illumination Dragon Eye can destroy my Gods Eye!”

The Heavenly Eye race, one of the Primordial Nine Races!

The God race leader did not conceal the killing intent in his eyes as he barked frostily, “I dont care how you are related to the Dragon race or how you managed to cultivate that secret skill of the Dragon race.

It doesnt matter who they are, nobody will be able to save you today!”

“Dragon race”

Su Zimo had a blank look on his face.

His only connection to the Dragon race was the half dragon egg he consumed back in the Dragon Bone Valley.

What has his visual technique got to do with the Dragon race

“Dragon race, Dragon race…”

Su Zimo frowned and muttered groggily.

A terrifying power deep within his bloodline rumbled and slowly awakened…

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