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Chapter 799: Slaying the Protectors!

The speed of the scale and dagger slowed down before they even approached Su Zimo!

After the seven ancient Demon Kings descended, the two Dharmic weapons could not push forward and trembled endlessly in midair as though they were under tremendous pressure.

The expressions of the Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tiger changed starkly.

Both of them could clearly sense that their controls over their Destiny Dharmic Weapons were weakening rapidly!


The Sanguine Ape and Hell Tiger roared at the same time and opened their massive mouths.

As the demonic qi rumbled, the two of them devoured the two Dharmic weapons!


The Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tiger grunted deeply and their faces turned paler.

Both of them lost their connections to their Dharmic weapons!

The Dharmic weapons were their Destiny Dharmic Weapons and had been refined for several hundred years using their Essence Spirits after they became fiend demons.

Even if their Dharmic weapons were lost, they could sense them from thousands of miles apart.

That was unless somebody was able to erase the spirit consciousness that they had imbued into their Destiny Dharmic Weapons!

But, how was that possible

The two of them had refined their Destiny Dharmic Weapons for several hundred years.

If anybody of the same cultivation realm wanted to erase the imprint of their spirit consciousness from the Dharmic weapons and use it themselves, they would have to spend several hundred years as well!

That was also one of the benefits of a Destiny Dharmic Weapon – it was not easily lost.

Even if anybody stole their Destiny Dharmic Weapons, they would have to spend a long time erasing the spirit consciousness on the Destiny Dharmic Weapon – it was truly not worth the trouble.

In fact, the Destiny Dharmic Weapon itself would pose a huge problem if the other party were to escape with it!

The Destiny Dharmic Weapon was connected in a mysterious manner with its cultivator.

By carrying the Destiny Dharmic Weapon of an enemy, one was exposing their current location and they would not know when their enemy would come knocking!

The Destiny Dharmic Weapon would lead to ones death if its owner came searching for it with powerful enemies!

Of course, if ones cultivation realm was far superior to the other party, they could make use of supreme Dharmic powers to erase the spirit consciousness in the Destiny Dharmic Weapon with ease.

For example, if a mid-level fiend demon such as the Howling Moon Territorial Lord were to make a move, he could probably erase the spirit consciousness within the Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tigers Destiny Dharmic Weapons in less than 6 hours.

However, that was why everything was bizarre!

The person before the Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tiger was not a mid-level fiend demon.

To be precise, this person was not even a fiend demon!

Although he was powerful with rumbling demonic qi and a torrential ferocity, there was a bright Inner Core that circulated within its chest.

It was clear that this man was a spirit demon!

How could a spirit demon erase the spirit consciousnesses of two Destiny Dharmic Weapons

Right then, the ancient Demon King that devoured the scale and dagger spat out the two Dharmic weapons once more.

The Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tiger were delighted.

“I dont know what method this lad used to casually create a few beasts, humph! However, all of them only look strong but have no substance.

Now that they know the pain, they have no choice but to spit our Dharmic weapons out!”

“Fufu, the power of a Dharmic weapon isnt something that a mere spirit demon can challenge!”

The two of them sneered internally and a thought crossed their minds – they wanted to retrieve their Destiny Dharmic Weapons using their spirit consciousnesses.

The moment they looked at the two Dharmic weapons, their gazes froze.

The joy in their eyes had long vanished.

In its place was endless shock!

When the demonic qi dispersed and the two Dharmic weapons reappeared, they were riddled with holes and dim without light.

It no longer mattered whether the imprints of their spirit consciousnesses were still within.

After all, both Dharmic weapons were crippled and extremely battered in the blink of an eye!

It was no longer just bizarre, it was frightening!

Neither of them knew that the beasts they assumed were casually summoned were actually from the Bloodline phenomenon of Su Zimo after he cultivated the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

Although the two of them were low-level fiend demons, they had never heard of a Bloodline phenomenon.

Less than that, they did not know of the terror of the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness!

What was the Mystic Classic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness

It was a supreme demon classic that could overturn the world, twist Yin and Yang and steal creation by itself!

It was the only copy within this world!

The reason why Su Zimo was able to reach where he was step by step was all thanks to this cultivation technique left behind by Die Yue.

That was why he could remain standing against the crushing tides in Myriad Phenomenon City and kill the Rakshasas and God race leader overwhelmingly despite successive battles and depleted spirit energy!

The two low-level fiend demons were truly dreaming to think that they could injure Su Zimo with those two low-graded Dharmic weapons!


Su Zimos expression turned cold and he gave a deep roar.

The seven ancient Demon Kings around him roared and charged in all directions into the crowd with devastating killing power!

There were more than 30 low-level fiend demons around them and the presence of the seven ancient Demon Kings was a disaster for them!

Some of the fiend demons were indignant and wanted to take on the incoming anaconda foolishly.

Instead, the anaconda coiled around them and ruptured their internal organs!

A look of fear flashed through the Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tigers eyes when they saw that and they wanted to retreat.

All of a sudden!

They felt their scalps prickle and their hairs stood on end.

They were already targeted by Su Zimo!

They felt chills run down their spines when his overwhelming killing intent engulfed them!

As though he could read their minds, Su Zimo said coldly, “Dont dream of escaping since youre the ones that came knocking!”


An evil gust of wind blew before his sentence was completed!

Su Zimo had already closed in to them in a flash!


He spoke with a thunderous boom.

The two of them were rattled.

After all, the Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tiger were protectors of Howling Moon Mountain.

A decisive look flashed through their eyes and they chose to take the attack head-on together instead of turning to flee!

At that moment, if the both of them were to flee, they would definitely die!

The two of them had already reverted to their true forms and had ferocious gazes.

A ball of blinding light intensified within their gigantic mouths that were opened!

The ball of light gave off a powerful energy fluctuation!

It was a demonic art!

Demons would awaken their lineage memories when they advance to fiend demons.

Some rare fiend demons would find secret skills that made use of Dharmic powers within their lineage memories and those secret skills were referred to by human cultivators as demonic arts!

In other words, demonic arts were Dharmic arts used by fiend demons!

All of a sudden!

A blood-colored butterfly appeared behind Su Zimo.

There were two round moons etched on the wings of the blood-colored butterfly that resembled a pair of eyes, glaring coldly at the Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tiger.

The Dharmic powers in the mouths of the Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tiger dissipated when they were stared upon by the pair of eyes!

Immediately after, the wings of the blood butterfly flapped gently.

Bang! Bang!

There were two dull thuds!

The light balls in the mouths of the Soaring Leopard and Intermediate Tiger exploded instantly!


The two protectors cried tragically and fresh blood streamed from their mouths that were ruptured into a bloody mess!

Su Zimo reached out and slapped the two of them on the head violently!


The sound of bones cracking could be heard.

The two protectors shuddered and their gazes went blank before dimming.

The palm strikes ruptured the Essence Spirits of the two protectors!

With the death of the two protectors, the accompanying demon army was gradually defeated as well.

A gigantic path appeared in the encirclement that surrounded them initially!

Monkey and the others were invigorated and wanted to give chase to fight to their hearts content, but they were held back by Su Zimo.

“Dont crave for battle! We have to leave this place first!”

Su Zimo had already reverted to his original form and had a calm expression as he brought monkey and the other three with him to break free of the encirclement and escape far away.

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