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Chapter 83: The Mind of a Spirit Tiger

In order to avoid Zhou Weis gang, Su Zimo made a detour intentionally and he somehow ended up avoiding the elder of Spirit Peak as well as the disheveled old man too.

When he returned to Weapon Peak and wanted to hand in the mission, he realized that Elder Liu had disappeared.

“Wheres Elder Liu” Su Zimo asked some of the Weapon Peak disciples passing by.

“Im not sure either but I saw him quarreling with master before the both of them left in a hurry.

Ive got no idea where they went,” The disciple shook his head.

Su Zimo did not think too much about it and returned to his cave abode with the spirit tiger and leopard.

Both beasts had already attained spirit intellect and had wisdom equivalent to that of a grown man.

Their eyes revealed a deep fear as they were brought back to Su Zimos cave abode.


The beasts knew that even for human cultivators, their bodies were weak.

Yet, this man before them was different!

His body was even stronger than theirs!

Neither the spirit tiger or leopard knew why this man wanted to take them back to his cave abode.

“Kill us Eat us Force us to a blood oath to enslave us”


The spirit tiger shrugged its head as though it thought of something.

When it saw the strange look in Su Zimos eyes, shivers broke down its spine.

“Could this man have some sort of special fetish”


“Its over, its over! Ive kept my chastity for so many years! Am I going to lose it to a human…”

Suddenly, the spirit tiger was terrified after being convinced that it knew what Su Zimo was up to.

Indignant, the spirit tiger looked at Su Zimo with a sad and begrudging gaze containing complex emotions.

That gaze sent goosebumps across Su Zimos back as well as he slapped casually.

“Whats wrong with you.”

That slap merely made the spirit tiger feel even more aggrieved.

“Its really over! Not only does this man want to dothat to me, hes spanking me…”

An influx of emotions gushed into the spirit tigers heart as two hot streams of tears almost filled its face.


At the side, the spirit leopard stayed silently without budging.

However, its eyes would flicker with a ferocious look every now and then.

Su Zimo came before the two spirit beasts and said gruffly, “Both of you, cry out.”

Spirit tiger: “…”

Spirit leopard: “…”

The spirit tiger lamented in his heart.

“This mans fetish is really kinky.

He wants us to cry out before doingthat to us!”

The spirit leopard did not dare to wait as it cried out softly.

It was a sound as soft as a mosquito, unlike the earthshaking howls often made by spirit beasts in the forests.


The reason why Su Zimo had brought the spirit tiger and leopard back was because he wanted to unravel the secret behind their noises as required by the Marrow Cleansing section.

However, the spirit leopard was already terrified after being beaten up by Su Zimo.

How would it dare to roar in his face Wouldnt that be courting death

Su Zimo was stunned for a moment as he looked at the spirit tiger subconsciously.

It broke into a shudder and sighed internally.

“Sigh, look how imposing he is.

This is where my reputation ends.

From now on, Im his.”

Sprawled on the ground, the spirit tiger leaned towards Su Zimo and winked its eyes.

With slight embarrassment and shyness, it cried out.


After crying out, it even looked at the spirit leopard with glee as though it was implying.

“See that Thats the way you cry out!”

For some reason, Su Zimo felt all his goosebumps rising with that cry as he kicked out instinctively!



Before the glee disappeared from the spirit tigers eyes, it was sent flying by Su Zimos kick.

The spirit leopards mouth opened widely as it nearly burst out into laughter.

Leaping up, the spirit tiger was enraged and hollered internally.

“Bloody hell! Im not giving in anymore!”

However, when it met with Su Zimos cold gaze, the spirit tigers courage disappeared as it sprawled on the ground and purred out coyly once more.

At this point, it had none of the ferociousness and might a king of the forest should have.

If he hadnt seen and heard it himself, Su Zimo might have thought that he had captured a large kitten instead of a tiger.

Even though the spirit tiger was indignant, Su Zimo was even more troubled.

He wanted to unravel the secrets of the Marrow Cleansing section through these two beasts but yet, he had caught two unusual beasts.

The spirit leopard was slightly more normal albeit cowardly.

But, the spirit tiger was just in heat right now…!

And the weirdest thing was that this spirit tiger was a male!

Looking at the two spirit beasts moodily, Su Zimo wondered if he should slay them for food instead.

The two spirit beasts had sharp senses.

As though they could sense Su Zimos killing intent, both sprawled onto the ground and cried pitifully in horror.

Sighing internally, Su Zimo knocked that thought out of his head for now.

Great Rock Forest.

Elder Pei Fu of Spirit Peak arrived at Great Rock Forest with 12 inner sect disciples and saw Zhou Weis gang.

By now, all of them had already woken up.

However, because they were injured severely, none of them could move and were moaning on the spot fraily.

After arriving, Pei Fu swept his gaze across them.

He only relaxed after ascertaining that they were not in mortal danger as he asked grimly, “What happened Who did this”

“I dont know!”

Guo Chong was on the brink of tears as he cried indignantly, “The five of us merely came by Great Rock Forests area for a stroll.

However, a burly man with a bare upper body appeared out of nowhere and without saying anything, beat the five of us up!”

“Whats his name”

“I dont know!”

“Which sect is he from”

“I dont know!”

Pei Fu barked, “What do you know then!”

“I only know hes a burly man…”

Pei Fu went silent for a moment before asking again, “Whats the cultivation of the other party”

“Perfected Qi Condensation,” Guo Chong replied instantly.

In reality, the five of them knew that the other party was only at Level 5 Qi Condensation.

However, if word were to spread within the sect that five disciples of Spirit Peak were beaten up by a burly man of Level 5 Qi Condensation, they would turn into a laughing stock!

That was why the five of them had already decided beforehand that they would insist the other party was a Perfected Qi Condensation.

Frowning, Pei Fu asked, “But your injuries dont seem like they were inflicted by a cultivator”

“Elder, you dont understand.

That person must have cultivated some sort of body tempering technique such that he is extremely strong in melee combat! My flying sword couldnt even scratch him!” Guo Chong explained hurriedly.

“Why arent you guys consuming any elixirs after being injured so badly then Youre waiting for death”

“The burly man robbed out storage bags clean and were only left with a couple of pseudo spirit weapons now…”

Sighing, Pei Fu gestured with his hand.

The inner sect disciples behind him rushed up right away and took out their jade bottles, pouring some elixirs to feed the five of them.

Right then, two figures appeared through the air and arrived before them with lightning speed.

They were Weapon Peaks master, the disheveled old man and Elder Liu.

The disheveled old man furrowed his brows.

“Why are you guys here”

Pei Fu sighed, “Our disciples met with an attack and were here for reinforcements.

Why are you guys here Dont tell me a disciple of Weapon Peak met with danger too”

The disheveled old man and Elder Liu exchanged glances as they cast a worried look at Guo Chongs gang before asking darkly, “Have you guys seen our trial disciple, Su Zimo”


Slightly guilty, Guo Chong pointed towards Great Rock Forest.

“I saw him entering Great Rock Forest and he hasnt come out yet.”

“Its over!”

Both the disheveled old man and Elder Liu felt their hearts sinking.




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