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Chapter 962: Fatal Trap

The cultivators were moved!

Was he threatening a Void Reversion

After killing Ye Tiancheng and Perfected Lord Pang Lan consecutively, Su Zimos combat strength had already surpassed all the Nascent Soul paragons present.

But now, the fact that Su Zimo said something like that to a Void Reversion of the Buddhist sects shocked everyone!

“Isnt Su Zimo way too arrogant Hes actually threatening a Void Reversion!”

“He must be getting cocky after killing two paragons in succession.

Hes just overestimating himself at this point!”

“Normally, given Su Zimos combat strength, he would definitely be able to challenge Void Reversions across major realms.

However, this is the successor of Formless Monastery of the Buddhist monasteries and not an ordinary Void Reversion!”

“He has just gone through two major battles and has expended a lot of stamina and mental strength.

If he still dares to provoke a Void Reversion at this moment, hes asking to be humiliated!”


The ground shook!

Just as the crowd was in doubt, Su Zimo had already attacked!

He was not threatening the Void Reversion; he chose to attack the latter directly!

Su Zimos feet landed on the ground and he charged forward.

There was a sonic boom behind him and he arrived before Monk Xuan Ming in the blink of an eye!

“Let go!”

Su Zimo flipped his palm and smashed down on the head of Monk Xuan Ming with a terrifying might, covering the skies!


“Back down!”

Among the six Buddhist monasteries, the three major monasteries of the Middle Continent had arrived and were standing together.

When Hollow Monastery and Wisdom Monastery saw Monk Xuan Ming being attacked, they shouted without hesitation and struck one after another!

“Hollow Finger!”

“Wisdom Palm!”

There was a finger attack and palm strike.

“Formless Dharmic Seal!”

Monk Xuan Ming harrumphed coldly.

Unhurriedly, he conjured a Dharmic seal with both hands and smashed it towards Su Zimo.

The three Void Reversion monks retaliated at the same time with terrifying strength and torrential Dharmic powers – it was a frightening sight!

“Fufu, Su Zimo was the one who was courting death.

He cant blame anyone.”

“To think that he would dare to take the initiative against a Void Reversion.

Fufu, he truly thinks too highly of himself and doesnt take the heroes of the world seriously!”

“He probably did not expect himself to be attacked by three Void Reversions!”

Some shook their heads, some sneered, some gloated and some were worried.

“Master, what are you waiting for”

Leng Rou turned around and questioned Dao Lord Lan Yue loudly.

Dao Lord Lan Yues gaze flickered.

Just as she was about to raise her hand, she pondered for a moment and closed her eyes.

In the end, she did not interfere.

This meant that Dao Lord Lan Yue had tacitly agreed to the three Void Reversions ganging up on Su Zimo!

Dao Being Yu Ding was quite a distance away from the Buddhist monasteries and it was a little too late for him to help.

Right then, the situation on the battlefield changed!

Dao Being Chi Gai of Zephyr Thunder Palace as well as the Void Reversions of Chaos Essence Sect, Sword Sect, Hellfire Hall and Heavenly Dipper Sect who were watching the battle from not far away rose at the same time.

The five Void Reversions remained silent with cold expressions as beams of light shone from their glabella.

Suddenly, an extremely terrifying spirit consciousness burst forth, condensing into sabers, swords and spears in midair before smashing towards Su Zimo!

Instantly, the void trembled and ripples appeared one after another!


The crowds expressions changed when they saw that!

The five Void Reversions attacked at the same time.

Furthermore, they did not test the waters by getting close to Su Zimo or using any Dharmic arts.

Instead… they released Essence Spirit secret skills right away!

A fatal trap!

The Void Reversions had used Essence Spirit secret skills against a Nascent Soul!

Furthermore, five Void Reversions attacked at the same time!

This was equivalent to not giving Su Zimo any chance to survive or retaliate!

They wanted him dead!

It was a fatal trap!

This was much more terrifying than the spirit consciousness attack released by Perfected Lord Pang Lan earlier on.

A single Essence Spirit secret skill was enough to kill Perfected Lord Pang Lans Essence Spirit, let alone five at the same time!

The timing of the five Void Reversions was perfect.

They had waited for this opportunity for a long time!

That was because there were three Void Reversions of the Buddhist monasteries attacking Su Zimo, attracting his full attention.

To be more precise, this was a hopeless situation!

Eight Void Reversions working together to kill a Nascent Soul was something that had never happened in history.

Fairy Luo Xue of Snowdrift Valley was enraged and stood up with a shocked expression.

By now, it was too late for her to help.

The only person who could stop everything was Dao Lord Lan Yue.

However, she closed her eyes at that moment.

The crowd fell silent at the sight of that.

So what if he was the number one Perfected Lord

It was just as Dao Lord Lan Yue had said – if ones edge was too sharp, it was easy to die.

The thought of the fact that three people who were on the top of the Phenomenon Rankings would die here today was rather ironical.

However, who would have thought that the Thousand Crane Tea Party that was held once every thousand years would become the burial ground of these monster incarnates

Just as everyone was lamenting internally, Su Zimo who was in the center of the storm retracted his palm.

His gaze was as deep as the sea and he was frighteningly calm!

His black hair fluttered without wind.

In the blink of an eye, strands of scarlet hair were mixed in between his black hair.

Su Zimos eyes turned scarlet and black respectively!


The sound of bones cracking could be heard from within Su Zimos body.

His body expanded and rose!

A shuddering aura of destruction emanated from his body.

It was savage and primitive, as though it came from the primordial era.

Demonic qi surged and a torrential ferocity engulfed the world!

Su Zimos clothes were torn and scarlet scales appeared on the surface of his skin like metal plates that were burning red!

His eyes were filled with killing intent, as though they were the doors and windows to hell!

“Heavens, what sort of monster is that”

“Why cant I circulate my bloodline What bloodline does this person have thats suppressing my bloodline”

“I-Is that a dragon”

The group of cultivators trembled with endless fear in their eyes.

Fairy Luo Xue, Hang Qiuyu and the others shuddered.

Back in Myriad Phenomenon City, they witnessed Su Zimo transforming into a dragon and were extremely shocked.

It was also because of his dragonification that Su Zimo was able to kill the God race completely!

But now, the Su Zimo before them was even more frightening than the existence who turned into a dragon in Myriad Phenomenon City a hundred years ago!

“Someones going to die!”

Almost at the same time, Fairy Luo Xue, Hang Qiuyu and the others murmured.

In Su Zimos consciousness, the two Essence Spirits had already fused into one!

Since the eight Void Reversions attacked at the same time, he could not care less and could only fuse his Essence Spirit to defend against this fatal trap!

The attacks of the five Void Reversions from Chaos Essence Sect, Sword Sect, Heavenly Dipper Sect, Zephyr Thunder Palace and Hellfire Hall had triggered the killing intent in his heart entirely!

Since Dao Lord Lan Yue wanted to feign ignorance, nobody could blame him for going on a massacre!

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