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Chapter 969: Tea Served by the Sect Master

Upon hearing that, Dao Lord Lan Yue panicked.

“Hehe, inform Lan Yue”

Elder Gu sneered, “If she doesnt remove our heads, well be thanking the gods!”

“Shangguan, thats quite a poor candidate to be a sect master youve got there.”

Elder Ge pouted.


Shangguan Zis expression changed slightly.

She narrowed his eyes and surveyed her surroundings.

Gradually, she noticed something unusual.

When she saw the dozens of Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords around her, her first assumption was that these cultivators of the sect had only rushed over because they were alarmed by the Sect Protection Formation.

But now, it seemed like there was more to it!

Dao Lord Lan Yues mind raced as she forced a smile.

“Master, I-I dont know who those two seniors were.


“Shut up,”

Shangguan Zi interrupted Dao Lord Lan Yue and turned to look at the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords behind her.

She said indifferently, “Both of you, tell me everything that happened earlier.”

The two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords looked hesitant as they exchanged glances, seemingly in a dilemma.

Shangguan Zi said slowly, “If you hide anything, the sect will punish you accordingly!”

Both of their hearts skipped a beat.

Without hesitation, they recounted everything that happened at the Thousand Crane Tea Party without missing any details.

At first, Shangguan Zi even hummed twice.

Towards the end, she was already silent and expressionless.

However, her gaze turned increasingly cold and Dao Lord Lan Yue who was standing beside her felt her heart skip a beat!

This was the first time Dao Lord Scarlet Star, Elder Gu and Elder Ge had heard about everything that happened at the tea party as well and they were extremely excited.

The two old men looked at Su Zimo and nodded from time to time without concealing the admiration in their eyes.

Su Zimo lamented internally, “Judging from the backgrounds of those two old men, they must be experts from thousands of years ago.

Its unlikely that Dao Lord Scarlet Star could have summoned them given his status.

Could it be…”

Before long, the two Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords recounted the many conflicts that happened during the tea party.

After hearing that, Shangguan Zi remained silent for a long time.

The atmosphere was extremely tense, like the calm before a storm!

“Lan Yue…”

After a while, Shangguan Zi sighed and said word by word coldly, “How dare you!”

Dao Lord Lan Yues heart skipped a beat as she knelt on the ground with a thud.

With a horrified expression, she said hurriedly, “Master, l-let me explain!”

Shangguan Zi said, “The purpose of the Thousand Crane Tea Party is to invite Nascent Soul realm paragons from Tianhuang Mainland and foster a good relationship with many sects.

The only thing Thousand Crane Sect has to do is to be fair!”

“Ask yourself honestly, were your actions even fair!”

Dao Lord Lan Yue shuddered and was rendered speechless.

Shangguan Zi continued, “You sacrificed your disciple and arranged a marriage with Chaos Essence Sects cultivators to obtain Chaos Essence Sects support.

How can you do something like that Youve really done Thousand Crane Sect proud, eh!”

“Theres more!”

Shangguan Zi pointed at Su Zimo and shouted, “I dont care if this child is a cultivator or a fiend demon.

If Thousand Crane Sect is indebted to him, we cant lay our hands on him! But, what were you doing!”

“I-I only wanted him to stay in the sect as a guest.


Dao Lord Lan Yues voice trembled with fear.


Shangguan Zi waved her hand and slapped Dao Lord Lan Yue heavily on the cheek, interrupting the latter.

No matter what, Dao Lord Lan Yue was a sect master.

Now that she was punished in such a manner in front of everybody, her reputation in the cultivation world in the future will definitely be tarnished!

None of the cultivators present pitied her.

Chaos Essence Sect and Sword Sect cultivators blamed her for not attacking in time to suppress Su Zimo.

Little Fatty, Ji Chengtian and the others who were on Su Zimos side would definitely not pity her.

Only Leng Rou could not bear it and took half a step forward.

She raised her hand slightly, wanting to say something but stopped.

Shangguan Zi shook her head and said, “How dare you still try to play games in front of me It seems like I was wrong about you back then!”

“Calm down, Shangguan.”

Elder Gu said, “Were here because we have good news for you.”

Dao Lord Scarlet Star hurried forward and handed over a letter, saying softly, “This is personally written by a senior of Hundred Refinement Sect.”


Su Zimo muttered to himself internally.

As expected, this letter should have been written by Dao Lord Extreme Fire!

The two old men before him should have been invited by Dao Lord Extreme Fire as well!

“To Shangguan Zi only,”

Shangguan Zi took it casually and her gaze froze when she saw the words on it.

“This handwriting…”

Her palm trembled slightly.

She seemed to have thought of something and her heart wavered.

She opened the letter hurriedly and focused.

The first line of the letter read, “Shangguan, Im still alive and have returned.”

Upon seeing that, Shangguan Zis eyes welled up and her vision blurred.

If not for the fact that there were too many cultivators present, she would have lost control of her emotions and burst into tears!

Many cultivators noticed Shangguan Zis emotional fluctuation.

The crowd could not imagine what was written on the letter that could make a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure lose control of her emotions!

“Is this true”

Shangguan Zi turned to look at Elder Gu and Old Man Ge, still unsure.

The two old men nodded.

Taking a deep breath, Shangguan Zi composed herself and read through the entire letter before putting it away carefully, as if it was something extremely precious.

Shangguan Zi turned to look at Su Zimo with a warm gaze.

There was no hint of arrogance or dominance from a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure as she asked gently, “Youre Su Zimo”

“Im Su Zimo.

Greetings, senior.”

Su Zimo hurried forward and bowed.

“Your master and I are… yes, were good friends.

Theres no need for formalities.”

Shangguan Zi smiled and waved her sleeves gently, helping Su Zimo up.

Shangguan Zi said, “I heard about what happened in Myriad Phenomenon City from your master.

Thank you for helping us.

Countless paragons were spared and we managed to protect the last bit of dignity of the human race!”

The cultivators were moved!

This was a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure!

Normally, nobody could even catch sight of them.

But now, this Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was thanking a Nascent Soul!

It could be seen that the battle a hundred years ago was absolutely true!

“From the start of the tea party till now, no one has dared to question your title as the number one Perfected Lord.”

Shangguan Zi said, “Only you are qualified to drink this supreme-grade Mystic Tea.”

After saying that, Shangguan Zi waved her hand gently and the remaining tender leaf on the top of the Mystic Tea Tree fell into the teacup.

Thereafter, she injected boiling spring water and a steaming cup of fragrant tea was ready!

“Lan Yue, serve the tea!”

Shangguan Zi placed the teacup on Dao Lord Lan Yues palm and said calmly.

At that moment, Dao Lord Lan Yues expression was extremely terrible!

As the sect master of Thousand Crane Sect, she now had to offer tea to a Nascent Soul!

This was a humiliation that she would never forget for the rest of her life!

The crowd was envious.

A Conjoint Body Mighty Figure making tea and a sect master serving it – who could enjoy such treatment

Dao Lord Lan Yue did not dare to disobey and received the teacup respectfully with both hands.

She walked to Su Zimo expressionlessly and said through gritted teeth, “Please!”

“Thank you, sect master.”

Smiling gently, Su Zimo took the teacup and drank it!

The moment Su Zimo raised his head to drink his tea, a hint of viciousness flashed through the depths of Dao Lord Lan Yues eyes before vanishing swiftly.

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